Video Recording

Video Recording


Almost everyone has a smartphone by now, and many use their phone’s camera not only to take photos but to record short or longer videos for themselves, social media, or even YouTube.

For a start, a smartphone camera can be enough to record your videos. What if you want to become more professional though? There are a few things you should know about recording with a video camera, DSLR, and also your phone. In the past, we have published many articles about recording and editing videos. Here’s the information we have collected over the years while working with video files and their conversion.


Information About Video Recording

Below, informative articles and tutorials are listed and split up in different segments:

  • using video cameras
  • different video files
  • video editing & handling

The last part will be further split into some information very specific to the multiple social media and video uploading platforms.


Video Recordings

Maybe you want to upgrade to a video camera or you are looking for the best tips and tricks to improve the videos you recorded with your phone. In any case, we have some interesting information for you. Different settings and recording tips will be listed below.


Video Files

Depending on the camera you use, your recorded videos will have different formats. For example, while an iPhone records MOV videos, most DSLRs save videos in the MP4 format.

Below, you will find many different kinds of information about all kinds of video files; the ones you can record and which ones are best to upload to social media.


Video Editing

After you successfully recorder your video, you can either further edit it or upload it to the net to share it with friends, family, and complete strangers. Below, check out information on video editing as well as platform-specific information for Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Videos For YouTube

Videos For Instagram

Videos For Other Apps & Platforms


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