How to Make a Video File Smaller

Online Convert - How to Make a Video File Smaller
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Everyone has a cell phone or some sort of electronic gadget which allows them to record just about everything these days. Furthermore, most of these devices now let you record the videos in HD format which can make them extremely huge in size. It is because of this that the size of the videos makes it almost impossible to upload and/or share via social media sites or with your friends and family. Here we have a how to make a video file smaller article which will tell you what to do in order to overcome that obstacle.



Why Go Smaller?

There are many reasons why you should compress or change the format of your videos in order to make them smaller. For one, most social media sites limit the size of the videos you can upload to their sites and rightly so. Take Facebook, for example, which limits the sizes of uploaded videos to 1 GB or 1024MB. While your video may only be about 2 GB or bigger, imagine what would happen if sites allowed millions of users to upload those huge videos all day? Before long their servers would overload and become full. Second, sharing the video with friends or family members can be a problem. If they do not have a fast speed connection or limited data usage from their carrier, it will make downloading those big size videos files from you take forever. They would also end up using all of their data packages before long while trying to download the video. Lastly, converting the videos to smaller sizes also saves you time and space on your device. Proof that videos do not really need to be large in size or length is the huge success that sites like Vine are having lately. These websites are dedicated to users uploading and sharing all kinds of videos all day. However, they are limited to just about 6 and half seconds.


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Convert and Make Adjustments

One of the first things you will need to do is convert your video to either .mp4 or .flv format. Both of these have smaller sizes than your other formats. You can also change your bitrates to a lower value or resize the dimensions of the video as well. Adjusting the bitrate works really well since bitrate constitutes the volume of data that can be processed in an appropriated amount of time. When it comes to videos, the higher the bitrates, the better the quality of the image and audio of the video. However, it also means that it will be a larger size as well. Compressing the video will reduce the overall quality of the video. Still, it will make sharing and uploading to social media sites that much easier and better in the long run. You can also or may have to change the resolution of the video as well. The resolution is represents the size of the video as far how wide and tall it is in terms of pixels.


Change the Format

Being able to change the format of your large size videos is a blessing which so many users appreciate being able to do. It used to be that in order to do so before, most people had to buy or use an expensive program or software. However, thanks to sites like Online-Convert, that is no longer necessary. Here you can quickly and easily change the format of your video; and it’s all free! Your video can be changed to MOV (QuickTime Movie) MP4, AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) WMV (Windows Media Video and other formats. If you do not want to convert your video or change the format for fear of losing quality then there there are other options as well. You can simply divide your video into several smaller clips. However, deciding what part of the video to divide it at can make this process an arduous and time consuming one sometimes.


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In the end, knowing how to make a video file smaller or how to convert it will save you and those you share your videos with a lot of time and space. Take advantage of sites such as this one which make conversion of your video files easy and quick.