How to Convert Video for Android Phones

The video world has exploded over the last few years. Almost everyone can record a video anytime they see something spectacular. They can even record something ordinary and edit the video to make it spectacular. Of course, sometimes you might want to record ordinary things so you can preserve them in the video format and have them forever. Creating the video really is as easy as clicking the “record” button. However, it can become much more difficult when you try to watch your video on your phone, or send it to your friends and family to see. That is why you sometimes need the ability to convert video for Android phones.

convert video to android
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In addition to creating videos on your phone, you can also make videos at home on your computer or tablet. The editing tools allow you to add music, adjust the look or speed of the video, or add text to your video. You can even get fancy and combine multiple videos together, edit out parts you don’t want included, or even add special effects to them.

However, you may be very disappointed when you’ve spent time creating your masterpiece, and then discover that when you try to show it off to people on your Android phone, it won’t work.

The problem is that Android phones only have the built in ability to play videos that are in a certain type of video format. If your video wasn’t created in the right format, your phone, or the phone of other Android users you send it to, won’t be able to play it.

You will likely get an error message that says “video file not supported”, or something similar. That simply means that your phone does not have the software support that it needs in order to play your video. If you still want to play your phone on your phone, you will need to learn how to convert video for Android. This is actually very easy to accomplish.

How to Convert Video for Android Phones

If you are contemplating adding a video to your Android phone, it is likely that you are at least somewhat comfortable using technology. However, even if you aren’t, the good news is that it is actually very easy to convert video for Android phones. In fact, if you have the ability to navigate on your computer and open a Word or Excel file, you have the ability to convert your video file.

The only thing you need to find if you want to convert video for Android is a good video converter. This type of tool will handle all of the “heavy lifting” for the conversion. All you need to do is tell it what video file you want converted, and tell is that you want the file converted to the Android format. The converter will do all the work and return to you a file that is in the type of format you can easily add to your Android phone.

If you use a video converter that can handle multiple types of conversions, you can also convert your video to a format that can be played on iPhones, iPads and even on Ninendo, Play Stations and Xboxes.