Simple Solutions for Playing Windows Media Files on a Mac

A woman converting Windows Media Files using Online Convert service

Sometimes, media content shared in friendly formats doesn’t play nice across different operating systems. If you’re a Mac user, encountering a Windows Media Audio (WMA) or Windows Media Video (WMV) file can be frustrating. QuickTime and other default players will throw an error, leaving you stuck. But don’t worry, you don’t need to abandon those formats just yet. There are several solid solutions to play Windows Media files on your Mac.… Read the rest

What Do 2K, 4K, and 8K Mean?

What do 2k, 4k and 8k mean?

Have you ever found yourself confused over how the letter “K” is used in marketing for TVs and computer monitors? Well, there’s no agreement on what a “K” actually is. A big part of the confusion among people shopping for a new screen is that terms like 2K, 4K, and 8K seem to imply specific resolutions and dimensions. This also leads to the belief that a 4K display must be twice as good as a 2K display.… Read the rest

All About Mac Image File Formats

All about Mac image file formats: a woman working with images on MacBook

When working on a Mac, you will encounter many image file formats. Whether you’ve taken a photo with a digital camera, scanned an image, snapped a picture with your iPhone, or downloaded an image from the internet, each will be in a specific format. If you want to understand different Mac image file formats and their uses, here are the most common ones!


What is JPEG?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.… Read the rest

All You Need To Know About Hashing

All You Need To Know About Hashing. A man using the hash generator on

So, you have heard of hashing—a fundamental concept in cybersecurity and data management—but want to understand more? This article will cover why hashing is crucial, its core principles, types of hash functions, important guidelines for algorithm selection, and techniques to enhance hash security.
So, let’s get started!

What is Hashing?

Hashing is the process of scrambling a piece of information or data beyond recognition. Hash functions perform mathematical operations on plain text to produce a fixed-size string of characters, known as the hash value or digest.… Read the rest

Top 5 Must-Know ChatGPT Hacks

Top 5 ChatGPT Hacks

By now, you have likely witnessed firsthand the limitless potential of ChatGPT. From personalized designs to providing in-depth tutoring on complex subjects, it has transcended its original boundaries. While the official ChatGPT app has made its debut on Android and iOS platforms, the desktop version continues to offer many opportunities for exploration and innovation. So, let’s explore some ChatGPT hacks that can transform your experience and redefine how you interact with AI!… Read the rest

The Best iPad Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

A man using the best iPad Tips and Tricks on his iPad device

The iPad is an incredibly versatile device that bridges the gap between an iPhone and a Mac. To get the most out of it, play to its strengths. For focused work with minimal distractions, the iPad is unbeatable. So, here are some productivity iPad tips and tricks to help you go pro!

1 The Home Screen

Your productive journey with the iPad starts with the Home Screen.

Setting it up properly can make a world of difference.… Read the rest

iPad vs. Kindle: Choose the Best Tech for Reading

iPad vs. Kindle, a woman reading on an iPad device

With so many reading options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From traditional physical books to modern e-readers and versatile devices, choosing the best method for diving into your favorite novels can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll hone in on the iPad vs. Kindle debate, examining two stalwarts of the reading world. Let’s analyze their convenience, aesthetics, note-taking capabilities, and durability to help you determine which one suits your reading preferences best!… Read the rest

AI Creator Studio: Unleash Creativity on Online Convert

AI Creator Studio, ai art generator

At Online Convert, you can find a comprehensive suite of services for converting your media files, compressing documents, images, videos, and more. We’re excited to announce the addition of popular AI tools to our platform, including the AI Art Generator and its AI Creator Studio – innovative software meticulously crafted to ignite your creativity.

Continue reading to discover how you can create stunning AI images with just a few clicks!… Read the rest

Simple Solutions for PS5 Wi-Fi Issues

Hand holding PS 5 game controller on dark background. Simple Solutions for PS5 Wi-Fi Issues.

Is your PS5 struggling to connect to Wi-Fi or experiencing frequent disconnections? No worries. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve these problems. Keep on reading. Find easy solutions for your PS5 Wi-Fi issues!

1. Check Other Devices

When your PS5 encounters network issues, it’s essential to rule out broader connectivity problems. Start by checking if other devices on your home network, such as computers, smartphones, or other gaming consoles, are experiencing similar issues.… Read the rest

How to Convert DALL-E 3 WebP Images to JPG or PNG

A man and a woman converting DALL-E 3 WebP images

If you’ve been using OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 lately, you might have noticed a change. Instead of the usual PNG or JPEG files, it’s now providing WebP files when you download your creations. Frustrating, right? But don’t worry, converting DALL-E 3 WebP to JPEG or PNG is easy!

Why DALL-E 3 Is No Longer Providing PNGs or JPEGs?

So, why the sudden shift away from PNGs and JPEGs? Well, WebP files do have their merits:

  • Enhanced Compression: WebP utilizes advanced compression techniques, delivering images 25-34% smaller than PNGs without sacrificing quality.
Read the rest