10 Great Ebook Apps For Ebook Lovers

10 Great Ebook Apps For Ebook LoversLet’s face it, Ebooks are here to stay. While there are those who don’t like to use them and rather stick to paper copies, others prefer the digital versions. No matter what, the truth is that ebooks are now a great big part of the book industry. These ten great ebook apps for ebook lovers will help make your reading experience that much better. One of the best things about ebooks is that you don’t even have to have a dedicated e-reader device. You can use tablets, smartphones and other means to read them. Below, are some of the best apps available for you to do so and many of them are totally free.


EBookDroid – (Android)


The EBookDroid app is an awesome eReader to use. It is especially designed for DJVU and PDF files. You can even use it as a document reader as well. Some of the features include annotations, text notes, text selection and an external dictionary support. There is a free version and a paid version for $2.99.


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Kindle – (iOS, Android)


The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular ebook readers on the market today. The Kindle app is a great way to have some of what a Kindle offers, without buying one. Some of the features include library management, font size customization, brightness and a marketplace reader. You can view free classics and the hottest bestsellers available at the kindle store. Best of all, the app is free.


Overdrive Media Console – (Android, iOS)


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on ebooks,  you should download the Overdrive Media Console app. This great application lets users borrow both audiobooks and ebooks from libraries. The participating libraries that have digital collections will let you borrow them without any hassle. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about returning the ebooks and audiobooks with complications or trouble. It is also free.


Aldiko Book Reader – (iOS, Android)


The Aldiko Book Reader app is an awesome ebook reader that lets users discover tons of free books. The app features global text search and support for Adobe DRM, EPUB and PDF encrypted ebooks. You also get support for any digital copies that you rent from public libraries. There’s a free version and a $3.79 paid version.


Bookari – (Android, iOS)


Once called Mantano Reader, the Bookari ebook reading app is a must have for ebook lovers. The app offers features such as text search, night mode, reader themes and annotation. For quick and easy jumping between pages, bookmarks and chapters, there is a pinable navigation panel feature. Bookari offers support for Adobe DRM, EPUB and PDF formats. There’s a free version and $4.99 paid version.


AlReader – (Android)


For those who need an app with tons of features and support of many common ebook formats, then AlReader is the one. You can use it on RTF, MOBI, PRC and other formats. It also supports EPUB but not DRM. Some of the cool features are page turning animations, alignment, viewing modes, scrolling and even several colorful profiles. There are 3 paid versions – $.99/$2.67and $9.72 as well as free version.


Scribd (Android, iOS)


If you want an app that offers unlimited access program for books then Scribd delivers. Often compared to the “Netflix app for books,” Scribd has a huge library for its users. There are over half a million books to choose from. They include a great selection of genres from more than 900 publishers. The curated editorial collections and customizable display are just two of the many features. Although the app is free to download, you have to pay a $8.99 a month subscription.


Cool Reader – (Android)


With tons of support for many different formats, the Cool Reader ebook app is very popular. There is LitRes, Doc, OPDS, HTML, PML, RTF, EPUB and FB2, support. The Cool Reader app has been around longer than most as well. Although the user interface may be a bit antiquated, it is still very easy to use. Best of all, it is totally free!


Bluefire – (iOS, Android)


The Bluefire ebook reading app has plenty of handy features to let you enjoy reading your favorite digital copies. There is a night mode, bookmarks, annotations and themes. You can also choose the margin widths and text size you want. The Bluefire app offers Adobe Content Server DRM, PDF and EPUB files support. For iOS users, if you want to switch to another reading device without losing your spot, then Bluefire has a reading location synch feature just for that. The app is free to download.


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FB Reader (Android)


Offering multiple format support, the FB Reader app delivers users a great reading experience. There is HTML, RTF, DOC, MOBI, EPUB and many other format support. Some of the handy features FB Reader has are margin, external dictionary support, page animations and text colors. The app also lets you play around with the font sizes and backgrounds as well as other features. It is only available for Android though and it is totally free.


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How To Find The Best E-Book Reader For You

E-Book Reader
Image by http://bit.ly/2dls4hv


When the very first handheld e-book reader came out in 1998 it was unsure if this kind of technology would ever really catch on. Today, when you decide on buying a reading device for e-books, the choice you have is huge! Since the first release in 2007, Amazon has launched 24 e-book reading devices as of September 2016. And that’s only Amazon, not mentioning the Nook or Sony Readers as well as other, more or less popular and/or successful e-readers.

This means when you want to switch from the good old “analogue” book to the digital version, you have the agony of choice. Which e-reader is the “best”? Or better: which one id the best for you? Does an e-book reader have to be expensive to be good? What do you have to look for to get the one that fits your needs? What is there to consider?

In this article, we will answer these questions. Find out what to consider when buying a (new) e-book reader and how to find the one for you!


How To Find Your Perfect E-Book Reader

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to buy an e-book reading device. Of course we can not make a statement about which e-book reader is the very best out there, and technology develops still and makes them better and more versatile with each generation. However, the following aspects should be guidelines for you to choose the one that fits your personal needs. Apart from costs, we will look at some aspects that may or may not have entered your mind.


The Screen

Image by http://www.iconarchive.com/
Image by http://www.iconarchive.com/

One of the most important things about an e-reader is the screen since it will be the thing you will be looking at all the time while reading. This means that it’s advised to take some time before picking the right e-reader for yourself. Even when you plan on buying your e-book reading device online, try to spend some time in a store to look at the different screens and let your eyes find out which one is the most pleasant to look at and non-straining for you. There are a lot of different screens to choose from:

  • e-ink
  • color or black & white
  • with or without backlighting
  • anti-glare
  • screen size

All of these functions have their advantages, with backlighting, you don’t need an external light source to read, however when you are unable to turn it off, it’s rather battery straining during the day. A smaller screen may be more practical for travelling, but it may be harder to read if you need to use a big font size. Maybe you prefer books will illustrations that are in color, or a black & white e-reader is enough for you.

Get your head around your preferences and see which e-book readers may fit them best. Furthermore, you can, nowadays, decide between navigating via buttons or a touch screen. Again, choose according to your personal preference.


Image Capability

As mentioned briefly above, you can choose between a purely black & white e-reader or one that is able to display colors. This is especially interesting if you are a fan of illustrated books or if you want to read magazines on your e-reader. The color display ability is also interesting if you are looking for an e-reader that has the ability to display images. In books, that’s not the problem since the illustrations and images are contained in the e-book file. If you wish to carry around images on your reading device, however, this function is something to take into consideration.


Audio Capability

Another feature that is heavily relying on your reading habits is whether the reader does have the ability to play audio files. If you like to listen to music or non-distracting ambient noise while reading, a reader that can store your soundtrack can come in handy. You wouldn’t have to carry around an additional MP3 player or bother the battery life of your phone.

On the other hand, it also allows you to store audio books on your device. One device for both reading and listening to books can be a major factor for your choice.


The Battery

Image by http://www.iconarchive.com/

Depending on the device, the notice you get when the reader runs out of battery life may enable you to read to the end of a paragraph or the letters will just fade right in the middle of reading. Luckily, most e-readers have a very long battery life. However, certain factors should be considered.

The newer readers typically have a better battery and thus advertise longer reading enjoyment than when you’d buy an older (used) version. However, many gadgets and features of the newer e-book devices are straining for the battery. Wi-fi, backlighting and full-color LCD displays are way harder on the battery than a simple black & white e-paper device. Keep in mind that, for the sake of your battery, turning of or going without these features should be an alternative.


The Library

Another crucial point in your process of choice should be how you would like to purchase and obtain your e-books. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble give users of their devices access to libraries with millions of books as well as magazines and even newspapers. However, it may be also interesting for you to check whether your device allows borrowing reading material, e.g. from a library or another e-book reader.

It’s also crucial to check whether you can get books from a free online source onto your device and whether you will be able to still get access to the files from the big vendors like Amazon without owning a Kindle.

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The E-Book Formats

This is most probably something you hardly take into consideration when buying an e-book reader, but there are indeed different e-book formats. Check out which formats are supported by the reader of your choice here. In case this is something you have not considered before getting your new e-reader, there is a way to convert your old or downloaded e-book files into a format that is supported by your reader. All you need is this online e-book converter.

You should also look out for files that are DRM protected. Especially AZW and AZW3 files (Amazon Kindle e-books) tend to be protected by DRM which makes it impossible to view them on devices that were not used to purchase the files or to convert them to another format.


The Additional Gadgets

The rule of thumb is that, the more your e-book reader can do, the more it will costs, probably. Thus, it’s important to really check what you expect from your reader, what you really need and what is negligible. Many modern e-readers already feature one or more of the following gadgets:

  • Internet support
  • Text-to-speech
  • Video capability
  • Cloud storage
  • Device synchronization

Naturally, the more your e-book reader can do, the more you’ll have to pay for it. And the more it will take a toll on the battery life. However, with the right e-book reader, you can have a handy all-in-one tool for watching YouTube, reading books, checking your mail and listening to music.



Tips For Selling Your Ebook

Tips For Selling Your Ebook
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/1KnMwVt

One of the great things about the technological breakthroughs we have experienced in the last decade is the many opportunities created. The invention of ebooks has been one of those doors opened for writers. Before ebooks, it was very hard for writers to be able to have their work published. Now, anyone can easily create an ebook and sell it. But if you are new to the ebook industry, there are many things to learn. That means how do you go about selling it and getting it out there for people to see it, buy it and read it. Here are some great tips for selling your ebook which can help you do it.



Make Your Cover Great –

We have all heard the quote to never judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to your book being sold, it does not apply. On the contrary, not having a great ebook cover page can end up costing you. A lot of ebooks never end up selling or generating buzz due to their bland covers. Writers need to keep in mind that the cover is most often the first thing a person sees. Take time and invest in getting an excellent and great ebook cover.


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Give Out Free Copies

While you may find this approach hard to understand since you are looking to ‘sell’ your ebook, it works. However, one of the best ways for new authors to make it is by giving away free copies. For one, it will allow people to see just how good your work is. Secondly, you will generate buzz for your it as well. Giving away something for free is the best way to produce word of mouth. If you give out 30 free copies to your friends, it can do several things for you. For one, you can see if your writing is good enough by the feedback. Also, if you are good, you will have those people send the ebook to their friends. Before long, as more readers continue to share your ebook, it will increase your readership, following and recognition. You can do a limited time offer from 30 to 90 days. By the time you get to your second or third ebook, it will make selling it much more easier and faster.


Blog It Online –

The internet is the best thing to have happen to ebook authors and entrepreneurs. It gives them a platform to showcase whatever they are selling. You can write articles about your ebook and blog it on websites. You can also offer excerpts of your ebook on sites and blog communities catering to this genre. Posting articles will also give you name recognition and advertising. You will also improve your reputation and gain followers too. Keep in mind that doing this will not offer instant results. This process takes some time to work, but if done right, it does.


Use Multiple eBook Stores –

Most people know about the top selling ebook stores such as Amazon, Apple and B&N. However, getting your ebook there can be difficult when you are just starting out. But there are many other smaller ebook stores out there. Using them can boost your sales significantly. The more places you use to promote your book, the higher your chances to sell it will become.


Make Sure The Price Is Right –

Too many new authors make the mistake of wanting to get rich from their first ebook. They end up offering their book at a high price. While most ebooks on Amazon are sold at around $9.99, that doesn’t mean yours will sell for that price. Keep in mind that these are established and well known authors. Many new ebook writers offer their ebooks at $0.99 to start. While it may not make you a lot of money at first, it will get your work out there for the next book.


Other Tips To Consider –

Some other great tips to consider is partnering with ebook blogs and websites. These are sites dedicated to ebook junkies. Since there are so many ebook readers out there, this community is very powerful. You can quickly get your ebook out there. Other people join affiliate programs to sell their ebook online as well. Authors can also use social media outlets to promote and share their ebook. Some ebook writers subsidize their work with a cosponsor as well. They can end up promoting your ebook for you. Lastly, you can do paid advertising and pay for book reviews. Having just one great review can end up giving you some credibility and recognition.


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Keep in mind that if you have an ebook which you need to convert to another format, you can do so for free on our Online ebook converter page.

24 Websites To Download Free E-Books

Image by http://bit.ly/1gRIhaR

E-books have made it possible for anyone to read on many different devices: on your phone, your e-reader, your laptop or your computer. You can carry your favorite books with you, read lecture notes and articles on the go—and also publish your very own fictional or scientific work yourself!

Getting e-books is becoming more and more easy as well. The biggest book distributors like Amazon or Barnes & Noble offer an online market for e-books, where you can purchase them along with the paperback or hardcover versions.

However, there are literally millions of free e-books available online, completely for free! Most of them are fictional stories, guides, or documentaries published by independent authors, or freely accessible lecture notes, text books and scientific papers by researchers and universities. In today’s article, we will present you with 24 websites where you can download or find free e-books in many different genres and categories!


Download E-Books Online

For your convenience, we have tried to sort the following websites into different categories. The first pages will contain all sorts of e-books for free download, containing fictional as well as non-fictional books.


1. Free-Ebooks.net – On Free-Ebooks.net you will find books beloning to many different categories, ranging from fiction to textbooks and academic work. They even provide some audiobooks, if you are interested in those as well.
Registering for a free account, you are able to download up to 5 ebooks per month in the PDF format. This free account is mandatory for any kind of download. A so-called VIP account (paid) will give you access to downloads in the EPUB and Amazon Kindle format, as well as the lifting of download limitations.

2. FreeBookSpot – The page provides books in many different categories in both fiction and non fiction. They also provide e-books in other languages than English, like German, French or Spanish.
Downloads are handled by different, third-party providers. In most cases, a slow download (linked to a certain amount of waiting until the link is available) is free. High speed download has to be purchased. Depending on the uploader, you will either receive the file directly in one specific format, or a ZIP archive containing the book in many different formats.

3. Bookyards – On bookyards, you can find books of different genres. They are all published by independent authors, thus it is also possible to find spam resp. advertisements. However, there are still quite some gems among the books listed.
Downloads are free and available in the PDF format only.

4. ebook3000.com – The books available at ebook3000.com range from fictional books over non-fiction to comics even.
The download of the books and comic is free. Depending on the book, the formats in which they are available may differ. Usually, they are provided in either PDF or EPUB, or CBR when it comes to comics. After registering for a free account, there is also a read online mode available.

5. manybooks.net – manybooks.com provides books in many different categories, fiction and non-fiction.
The books can be downloaded in many different formats, suiting your e-reader or e-book reader app. Furthermore, there is a possibility to read the books online in your browser. Both, the read online mode and the download are free and do not require registration.

6. Adobe Digital Editions – With Digital Editions, Adobe provides users with a versatile e-book reader. On the homepage of Adobe Digital Editions, they also provide a small library of sample e-books.
The download of the books in the library is for free, however they are only provided in the EPUB format.

7. SlideShare – SlideShare is a popular platform run by LinkedIn that allows users to upload slides and presentations. There, you can easily download lectures or other presentations on different topics, uploaded by other users.
To use SlideShare, you are required to register. You can easily login using your Facebook or LinkedIn account though. The downloads are all provided in PDF, and of course you can view the slideshows online as well.


E-Books On Specific Topics

The following websites provide e-books about certain, specific topics.


8. Project Gutenberg – As one of the most well-known distributors of electronic books, Project Gutenberg offers free scientific books and articles on their platform.
The books can be downloaded in in many different formats.

9. Planet eBook – Planet eBook is specified in classic literature.
All downloads are available in the PDF format.

10. Planet Publish – Just like the aforementioned, Planet Publish offers classic literature to it’s users.
Download are available in PDF only.

11. bookboon – On bookboon, you will find many different textbooks and books related to different business topics.
To be able to download the books, you are required to enter your e-mail as well as information about your studies or field of employment. Furthermore, by providing your e-mail address, you subscribe to their newsletter (which can be easily unsubscribed to again). Downloads are in the PDF format.

12. OnlineProgrammingBooks.com – As the name suggests, this website provides different books about programming in different frameworks and languages.
They also provide downloads in PDF only.

13. Tech Books For Free – If you are looking for different tech-related books you came for the right place.
Depending on the book, Tech Books For Free either links you to the original content to read it online, or provides a download link, either directly or using a third-party uploader. Depending on the book, the available format can differ.


Paid & Free E-Books

Some websites that offer e-books for purchase also have a list of books you can download for free. The following websites provide both: books you can buy and books you can download for free:


14. BookRix – BookRix offers e-books in many different categories ranging from fiction (Fantasy, Romance, Juvenile Fiction, Thriller, etc.) and non-fiction (Nature, Philosophy, etc.). The stories published are mostly by indie authors, however you will find some classical literature as well. Section for free books: here
BookRix offers a read online mode to their users as well as providing download in the MOBI or EPUB format (or both).
Furthermore, they offer a community section for authors that want to publish their work on BookRix or talk to other authors. Community: here

15. eLibrary – eLibrary provides paid and free books in different categories. Section for free books: here
The free books can be downloaded as PDF.

16. Bean – Bean publishing is specialized in fantasy books. Some of the books they offer can be downloaded for free. Section for free books: here
or the free books, Bean offers a read online mode as well as a download in MOBI, EPUB or other e-book formats.


Read E-Books Online

Some websites do not allow you to download the books available, however you can read them in your browser.

17. ReadEasily – ReadEasily provides e-books in different categories both from fiction and non-fiction, however the books mostly belong to the classic literature genre.

18. Issuu – On Issuu, you can read all kinds of magazines in different languages online.


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E-Book Link-Lists & Search Engines

The websites listed in this category do not offer direct downloads of e-books. Instead, they function as either a big list of links that lead to downloadable or online-readable content, or search engines that will direct you to the pages that offer the download of different materials.


19. Book Gold Mine – The Book Gold Mine is a collection of links to scientific books, lectures, notes, etc. The links lead to the original and freely accessible content, oftentimes provided by either the authors or universities and research facilities.

20. The Online Books Page – A search engine for scientific work. You can find lectures and magazine articles on different topics here. The links lead to other distributors like JSTOR or the original authors.

21. eBookLobby – A small selection of books, providing more non-fiction than fiction. The links lead  to other e-book distributors or the original authors of the books.

22. e-Books Directory – A search engine for different books of fiction or non-fiction. For some categories, they even provide links to freely downloadable audiobooks. Again, the links lead to the original sources or other distributors.

23. FreeComputerBooks.com – As the name suggests, the page revolves around books about computers, IT, programming languages and more. The provided links lead to purchase possibilities as well as read online modes or third-party downloaders, depending on the book itself.

24. Free Ebooks Download Links – A blog that lists scientific books about programming, biology, maths and more. The links provided lead to freely downloadable sources by the original authors.


Convert Your E-Books

Some of the pages listed above allow you to download the e-books in many different formats. However, not all sites proved to be as versatile. Thus, it may be necessary for you to convert your e-book into a format that your e-reading application or e-reader can support.

You may have to convert the downloaded books when:

  • the download of certain formats is only available for paid account (e.g. Free-Ebooks.net),
  • only PDF downloads are possible (e.g. PlaneteBook, bookboon, Bookyards, OnlineProgrammingBooks.com, Planet Publish, SlideShare),
  • or the format you need is not available (e.g. BookRix, FreeBookSpot, Adobe Digital Editions, Tech Books For Free).

The format you have to choose depends on your e-book reader or e-reader app. Here’s a helpful article that tells you which formats are used by which e-book readers: Files Supported by Your eBook Reader


And where can you convert your files? Online-Convert.com provides many different and free e-book converters. There, you can convert your downloaded book to MOBI, PDF, EPUB, AZW, FB2 or other e-book formats.

How Ebooks Are Better for the Book Publishing Industry

Online Convert - How Ebooks Are Better for the Book Publishing Industry
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/1n8TOWw

When most people think about an Ebook, they automatically assume that the ebook has ruined the book publishing industry. This is because when ebooks first came out, many in the book industry thought the ebooks would destroy them. However, that is not the case. You would be surprised to know how ebooks have been better for the book publishing industry, the writers and readers in the long run.









Ebooks Changed The Industry


The reality is that ebooks have changed the print book industry in its entirety. Still, there are those that think that because of the way ebooks have taken over the market, that they are or will be the death of the publishing company. Nevertheless, statistics prove otherwise though, as they account for some interesting numbers. While the sales of print books are actually down from years ago, they are only down by a slight margin. And even with that number, print books sales still outnumber ebook sales by a margin of 3 to 1. Ironically enough, most of these changes actually benefit writers since they receive about 20 to 25% of the profits publishers receive from the sale of an ebook. There are a few reasons for this. For one, publishing ebooks cost very little when compared to print books. This creates a higher profit margin for both publishers and writers.  Ebooks are also more easier to purchase since most consumers do not even have to leave their homes or workplace to buy them. Also, since ebooks are delivered electronically, they can be received instantly by the buyer which actually increases sales.


Have questions about ebooks? Then check out FAQ – Everything You Need To Know About E-Book Conversion


Why Ebooks Sell


Since printed books normally sell for about $12 to $30 for a new book, most readers are reluctant to purchase them. However, the low prices for ebooks make them a bargain when compared to printed books. Most ebooks sell for about $.99 to a few dollars. The difference in prices helped make ebooks sell easier and faster. Impulse purchasing of such bargain ebooks account for a huge number of the total sales. The last time purchasing like this went on was back in the 1970’s. Back then the mass market paperbacks were sold for about $.50 to $.95 cents each.


More Reasons To Buy Ebooks


There are those that love the printed book since they love the real feel of turning a page and how an actual book feels in their hands. These readers also look forward to adding these books to their bookshelves and collection. However, others out there actually love ebooks for the opposite reasons. This is because purchasing an ebook allows them to save space and storage. Ebooks also enable readers to be able to have multiple books at their fingertips without having to carry them like printed books.

Another reason why ebooks are cheaper is because they do not require shipping, storage, printing, binding or wholesaling since they are digitally or electronically delivered. Because of all of these factors, they are easier to publish for the writers and publishers since they do not require huge investments. The reality is that while most book publishers won’t admit it, ebooks ended up saving the book publishing industry.


Wondering what it takes to write an ebook? Then you should read about How To Write an eBook


The truth is most of us are always afraid of changes and new things that come around and threaten to do away with those things we are used to. Still, in many instances, the new changes end up benefiting us in the long run. Ebooks are the future and conclusively, the best thing to happen to the publishing industry and the reading public.

How To Read E-Books on Chrome & Firefox

E-book readers have gained more and more popularity in recent years. However, not everyone wants to buy an Amazon Kindle or Sony E-Book Reader. That doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish reading e-books!

Apps for your Android tablet or smartphone, iPad or iPhone enable you to read electronic books with mobile devices as well. And there are just as many programs you can download to read e-books on your computer or laptop. What if you don’t want to install a CPU and memory space wasting program to your computer?

For all of you that don’t want to clutter their PC or Mac with programs, we have gathered 8 extensions and apps for Google Chrome and Firefox that allow you to read EPUB files stored on your hard drive. EPUb is one of the best and most common e-book files and thus ideally suited for this purpose.


EPUB Reader Extensions & Apps for Chrome

If you install a new app to Google Chrome, you can access them by typing chrome://apps into the URL field of the browser. That way, you will open a page with all your installed Chrome apps. Just click on the one you want to open.

To find the apps and extensions mentioned, just go to the Google Chrome Webstore.


1. Simple EPUB Reader


Simple EPUB Reader is a Google Chrome app that works offline as well, meaning that no internet connection is necessary to use the app for reading.

The app has a library function in which you can load and store several books. The app also features a backup for recently read books and keyboard shortcuts to browse the pages. Clicking on the button on the upper left side opens a list of chapters for the opened book.

Text size and color as well as the background color for reading are customizable. Thus, it’s possible to choose a darker background when reading in the night.


The downside of the app lies within two of it’s features. One is “Text to Speech” which can be activated clicking the speech bubble icon on the upper right side. However, this feature doesn’t seem to work or requires additional installations because we couldn’t make it work at all.

The Text and “Text to EPUB Converter” and the “Image to EPUB converter” are, in theory, nice and useful features. However, there are several problems when trying to convert from PDF to EPUB with the app, resulting in an unreadable document. Thus, we do not recommend using the app for conversion. This should be a task for a reliable EPUB converter.



2. Cloud ePub Reader with Drive


The Cloud ePub Reader with Drive app has one striking disadvantage compared to the other ones in this list: it requires an internet connection to work. However, the app still offers some great features like a fullscreen mode and the possibility to browse a book by chapters.

The best feature, however, is the possibility to load EPUB files from Google Drive after allowing the app access to Google’s Cloud service.


3. Readiator EPUB Reader


Another Chrome app that works offline is Readiator EPUB Reader. In the app specifications, you can specify if you want the app to open in a new tab or browser.

The app comes with a library feature to store and save books in. The search function makes it easy to search for specific books in a large library.

Books can be browsed by chapter once in the “Viewer”. Of course, there’s also the possibility to change the font size of the currently read book.


However, instead of page flipping, the app only allows for vertical scrolling, and thus it can’ be operated using the keyboard.


4. MagicScroll Web Reader


What sets MagicScroll Web Reader apart from the aforementioned apps is that it is a Chrome extension rather than an app. Thus, it can only be used when there’s an internet connection. What sets MagicScroll apart from the other apps in this article is that it has two functions that are accessible in different ways.

Toolbar Icon:
The extension allows you to turn websites and articles into an easier readable format. Clicking on the toolbar icon turns the currently opened tab into some kind of temporary e-book.


Whether you have the extension added to Chrome or not, visiting MagicScroll.net allows you to read e-books online as well. Simply add books from a file or link to the library and open them using the web service. A list of chapters as well as a fullscreen mode are available.

Both versions of MagicScroll provide a number of customizable options. Font size as well as choosing one of four reader themes make reading easier with MagicScroll. A list of keyboard shortcuts for the handling of the extension and web service can be accessed when pressing H in an opened book. Furthermore, MagicScroll offers an autoscroll option with adjustable speed.

A nice little treat: on the bottom of the page you will see your reading progress in percent.




5. Readium


Readium is a Chrome app that works offline, without an internet connection, as well. The app is very easy to handle and provides the user with a library that can switch between list and thumbnail view.

Just like any decent e-book app, Readium allows you to change the font size for better readability as well as choosing from five different background color templates.

Additionally to a big list of keyboard shortcuts you can freely set yourself, Readium offers a largely customizable layout where you can choose between scroll mode, page format, page flipping effect and margin size.


6. EBook Offline Reader


The EBook Offline Reader app for Chrome does exactly what the name entails: it allows you to read e-books without the need of an internet connection. And that’s it.

Simply open an EPUB file in the application and use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate. Yes, it can be that easy!


7. Livemargin Reader


The first thing to notice when installing and running the Livemargin Reader app for the first time is that you are required to allow the app to access your Google account data. For some that may be a reason to not further consider this app, but for those willing to allow access, Livemarging offers an easy to use e-book reading app for Chrome users.


The library of the app comes with different sorting options and an easy and intuitive import of EPUB files from your computer.

Once you opened a book, you can browse by chapter. A progress bar both in reading mode as well as in the library shows your progress in the book. Font size and background color are customizable (with limitations) and you even have the option to share the book you are reading on several social media platforms and via e-mail.

The biggest advantage of Livemargin, however, is that it allows you to synchronize  settings and reading progress across platforms. For this purpose, Livemargin provides an Android as well as an Windows app.


EPUB Reader Extensions & Apps for Firefox

Add-ons and plugins for Firefox can be found here. Search for the add-on’s name or a keyword there and install the plugin or add-on to your browser.

1. EPUBReader


EPUBReader is the Mozilla add-on that allows you to read e-books using your Firefox browser, even in offline mode. It is launched from the Firefox toolbar and opens to a catalog of your uploaded EPUB files.

From the catalog, you have direct access to books from archive.org and gutenberg.org (you need to be connected to the internet to access those, of course). You can grab books from there or import them from your hard drive. All EPUB links opened in Firefox will automatically be opened in a readable format by the add-on as well. Exporting the whole catalog or library to your computer is possible as well.

When opening a book, you have access to the list of chapters. You can set bookmarks and save copies of the book you are reading. Furthermore, the add-on provides some customizations with regard to font-size, face and color, margin, and the appearance of links and the table of contents.


Convert Documents & E-Books to EPUB

All these extensions, add-ons, and apps have one thing in common though: they are optimized for EPUB e-book files.

Thus, if you want to read a MOBI, Amazon Kindle e-book (AZW), or other kind of document with one of these apps, you need to convert them to EPUB first.

Should I Convert To PDF Or EPUB?

Image by harderer17 http://bit.ly/1MWaM2e

Nowadays it is easy to carry your documents around without having to print them on paper. You can read them from everywhere, share them online or via email, and distribute them to a wide variety of people. Same goes for books that can be published easier and faster thanks to the growing e-book popularity.

For each purpose, there seems to be a dominant file format most people use to save, store, distribute, share, send, and download their documents and books in. The most common ones (if no further editing of the documents or manuscripts is needed) are PDF and EPUB. Both formats are supported by many mobile device, either natively or via cost-free apps. But what are the differences between those too? And which format should I choose for myself? Lets find out.


Before we concentrate on the differences, lets have a look at the similarities of the two formats.

  • Both can contain text as well as images, complex formatting, and even clickable links (depending on the device you open them with).
  • PDF as well as EPUB files can be opened by most e-book readers. Here you can see what files your e-book reader supports.
  • Both formats are supported by e-reader apps for your tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.
  • PDF and EPUB are open standard formats and can both be protected using DRM.

From a first glance, the two files do not seem too different. Yet, there are striking differences that you need to consider when you decide whether you want to save your file as a PDF or an EPUB.

  • Text is resizable, the page content is reflowable
  • Has to be created with a special program or converter
  • Supports XML data and CSS styling
  • Optimized for reading on a small screen
  • Special programs or an e-book reader is needed to read/open the files
  • Rigid (fixed) format
  • Can be generated by Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and more
  • Contains formatting of the original document
  • Optimized for printing
  • PDF reader for computer or mobile devices needed to read/open the files

What To Use?

Now that the similarities and differences have been laid out, it’s pretty obvious which format is the best to use for which purpose.

EPUB: Create or convert to EPUB if you want to read your document on a small screen where you can change the font size and the page flows with the size of your screen.

PDF: Create or convert to PDF if you want to read your document on a computer screen and maintain the formatting for printing and sending your files.

FAQ – Everything You Need To Know About E-Book Conversion

e-book converter
Image by photosteve101 http://bit.ly/1tjeWnH

Do you know this problem? You download an e-book and want to open and read it with your e-book reader or tablet and the book does not appear in your library. But when you open your e-reader’s directory on your computer, the file is there.

If this happens, your e-book is in a format your reader or app can not open. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean that you have to delete the file and will never be able to read the book, story, or article. It just means that you have to convert the file into a format your device supports.

Here are a few frequently asked questions and the according answers about e-book conversions. With those in mind, the conversion will be no issue anymore!

E-Book Converter FAQs

What’s an e-book converter good for?

It depends on the e-book reader or app for your tablet or iPad you are using which e-book formats you can use. Not all e-readers support the same formats, and not all apps can open and correctly display all files. This means that files you can open on your Kindle may not be supported by your Nook. To still be able to read an unsupported file, you can convert it to another e-book format. Let’s see which formats are supported by which e-readers.

  • The Amazon Kindle supports AZW, AZW3, MOBI, PDF, and unprotected PRC files.
  • The Barnes & Noble Nook supports EPUB, PDB, PDF, and even comic book files in the CBZ format.
  • The Kobo eReader supports EPUB, MOBI, PRC, PDF, and also CBZ files.
  • The PocketBook supports EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, and DJVU files.
  • Sony Readers support EPUB, FB2, and PDF files.
  • For more information and the support of document files, check out this article about Files Supported By Your E-Book Reader.

In this list, you can see that there are at least eight e-book files (and one comic book archive file) that can not be opened by all e-readers in the list. Thus, if you have an AZW file from an Amazon Kindle purchase, you have to convert it to, e.g., EPUB to read it on your Nook. If you have a DJVU file but no PocketBook, you have to convert the file, e.g., to MOBI to read it on your device.

And this is exactly what an e-book converter can do for you!

How do I convert my e-book files?

Well, we have good news for you! It’s very simple, really! Especially if you are

  • in a hurry,
  • don’t want to install a program on your computer,
  • or are not really tech-savvy

an online e-book converter is your place to go. The handling is fairly easy, you only have to download the converted file, and the conversion is rather quick. But the best of all? It’s completely cost free! So, how does it work?

You go to ebook.online-convert.com and choose the format you need for your reading device or app; for example the widely supported EPUB. Now, you have three possibilities to choose from:

  1. Upload a file from your computer
  2. Enter an URL to an e-book stored online
  3. Choose a file from a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox

Now you are good to go. Click on “Convert file” and wait until your download starts. Of course, you can also send the file to yourself or a friend via email, or save it to your cloud storage.

What are the Optional Settings?

If you checked out one of the e-book converters, you have surely seen that there are optional settings you can use when converting to e-book. You don’t need them for the conversion, but they provide some additional value other e-book converters may not be able to provide!

First of all, if you own one of the e-book readers from the given list, you can choose it to add additional information to the conversion. The converted e-book file will then contain information and settings for that particular device.

Furthermore, you can change the title and author information of the e-book. This can be very helpful if you received a file from the internet with crooked or incomplete information. Or if you want to find a certain book in a series faster than the title would let you. Furthermore, you can add a border (in cm) to the e-book file for easier reading or, if your device supports that option, for adding notes.

More formatting options are given as well. If you converted e-book contains strange signs, you can try changing the embed font. You can also choose the coding of the input depending on the language and coding style used in the original, as well as create an ASCII output. Those last two options should be used by experts though, because they could screw with the input of your ebook if you don’t know what you are doing.

What else can I do?

Using an online e-book converter, you can do more than converting e-book files from one format to the other! The keyword here is cross conversion. To read documents, notes, and scripts on the go, you can convert from many different formats to e-book. For example:

  • from Microsoft Word to e-book
  • from PDF to e-book
  • from a presentation (like PPT) to e-book
  • from image (JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG) to e-book

What e-book files can I convert to?

The most common and widely used e-book formats on the market are available as output formats. Some may be discontinued, which means they are not compatible with newer versions of the respective e-readers. However, if you have one of the older models, they may still be of interest for you.

  • AZW3 – Amazon Kindle format
  • EPUB – Open source, widely available and supported
  • FB2 – Open source, created and most commonly used in Russia
  • LIT – Microsoft reading devices format; discontinued
  • LRF – Readers format; discontinued
  • MOBI – Mobipocket format, but supported by a variety of other devices and apps as well
  • PDB – Palm PDA format
  • PDF – Version of Adobe PDF documents optimized for e-book readers
  • TCR – Psion Series 3 format

How To Write an eBook

Image by Maria Elena http://bit.ly/1giwa60
Image by Maria Elena http://bit.ly/1giwa60

You will soon find that the more words and time you put into writing content as a freelance writer, the more you are rewarded. But what if you wanted to get super efficient, or simply have a deadline that you are struggling to meet. Before you compromise on quality, check out these steps.

Break It Down

Start with your numerical goal. Not monetary figures, but words. If your topic starts with something serious like ‘ The Ultimate Guide…’ then you might need the freedom of 10, 000 words or maybe even a little more to get the job done. The best strategy is to at least work on a longer and complex eBook once every ten months, and publish smaller ones in the time in middle.

Break the book into 2000 words and so on. Most blog posts are usually in the range of 1000 and 2000 words. This is what typically is recommended for most bloggers, even though many times longer and short posts do the trick. Sometimes, writing an eBook can easily look like an impossible task. However, writing 10 blogs does not always fare bad with a lot of people. For example, if you need to jot down 17000 words in one eBook, break it into 10 chunks of chapters, or sections, or anything that goes with the format of your eBook.

You will most probably be breaking down into sections like Introduction, The Why, Top Tips, Figures, Case Study, etc.

When you are starting out, it helps to brainstorm a list first. Plus, this way you will also be able to assess that anything that can be explained in another section does not need to be separately repeated in another chapter. You never know you might just think of something that you missed out. Moreover, if you are organized, things get done faster too.

Write These Chunks

It is okay and works if you approach each chunk that you have chosen as a mini book. This way you will be able to properly give each an introduction, fill it with supporting points and a conclusion. You are not only making things easier for yourself but also for people who are skipping to sections straight from the Table of Contents.

A good idea would be to simply outline everything that goes further into each section and take cues from there so that there is nothing to stop you from simply writing away the eBook.

Read It Like A Reader Would

Read the final draft from the start to finish and then evaluate what you think of it. You may come across new ideas that you missed or think that something is really irrelevant in an eBook.

Check out the eBook converter on our site, all you have to do is input the document and we will do the rest.

Convert Text To eBook For Summer Vacation

Text to eBook
Image by Unsplash http://bit.ly/1KnMwVt

It’s summer, and that means it’s the main vacation time!

It is fun to plan going on vacation, booking a flight and hotel, already imagining to lie on the beach and leave all the stress behind. However, as soon as you start packing your bag, you always notice a quite striking issue: your bag is too small!

Airlines have restrictions when it comes to the weigh of your luggage, and who wants to carry around a bag that weighs as much as him or herself anyway?

So what do you do? You sort out everything that seems unnecessary. We have another approach that may help you save some space and trouble though!

Convert Documents and Text to eBook Formats

In you vacation, you may finally find some time again to read. It is indeed a great feeling to lie on the beach, listening to the waves, and engaging in the stories of an exciting book or novel. Yet, books – even though the consist of paper almost exclusively – make your luggage a lot heavier. And if you are a fast and enthusiastic reader, you have to carry more than one or two books with you.

If you are the owner of a tablet or eReader, however, you can drop the extra weight easily by transferring books to your portable reading device!

  • Are there important texts for school, university, or your job you have to read through?
  • Did an aspiring author in your circle of friends send you a Word document or PDF to skip through?
  • Are you a passionate reader of online articles, fanfiction, or other online content?

Then make your documents “kindle ready”! All you need is

  1. the document or the link to your resource, and
  2. an eBook converter.

How to Convert Text to EPUB

EPUB is one of the most common eBook formats (alongside with MOBI and AZW). Converting your texts to EPUB will enable you to read them “on the go” on your tablet or eReader. But how do you get there? Check out our video tutorial and you will know how to, e.g., convert PDF to EPUB.

Yes, it can be that easy to take your favorite fanfiction, online articles, business correspondence, or any other digital text on vacation. There is no need to constantly look for a wi-fi hotspot or debit your mobile contract for roaming. After converting, you can read your texts offline.

Of course you can choose another eBook format rather than convert to EPUB as well! Does your smartphone, tablet app, or phablet not support EPUB? Then you can always convert EPUB to MOBI or AZW.