Editing Videos using a Video Converter

Video editing
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The basic usage of an online video file converter is – as the name most probably told you already – converting different types of video file formats. From MOV to MKV, from AVI to MP4, or any other possible combination. But there are several other features a video converter can offer!

In earlier blog entries we have looked at how to extract a still image from a movie, or how to rip music from a video clip very easily. But that’s not all you can do by using an online video converter!

This article will give you an overview of what is possible using the Online-Convert.com video converter in the means of editing video clips or movies.


Changing the Screen Size

Some videos are recorded with a very big screen size to make it appealing to watch it on a big or widescreen. Yet, if the screen size is too high, there may be problems when watching the clip on a smaller laptop screen or on a phone. It may stop, stutter, or even be unable to play at all.

Changing the screen size is an easy way how to avoid such problems. On our website, you have the option to enter the desired screen size in pixel for the converted video. Simply add a smaller number than the original screen size in the form width x height and the converted video will have the inserted dimension in terms of screen size.


Change the File Size

Another problem occurring when transferring a video from a computer to a phone, or even more evident when sending a video clip over the internet, is the file size of the video file in question. Large files can’t be attached to an email because they exceed the sending limit of your email provider. Equally, videos that are too large in file size take up too much space on a phone or can possibly even exceed the space available on the SD card or the internal memory.

Our service provides a few options on how to reduce the file size of the target video.



By changing the average video bitrate by using the optional parameter available when converting a video, you automatically reduce the file size of your video. Sure, by lowering the bit rate, the quality of the video will be lessened as well, yet when watching it on a smaller screen (like on a phone), it doesn’t fall into account that much.


Audio Quality

Likewise, the quality of the audio data of the original video can be altered to have a resulting file with a lower file size. This parameter gives you a variety of options, ranging from 8 to 320 kbps. The resulting and converted video will have the audio quality chosen.


Change File Size directly

Another way to decrease the file size of a movie or video clip is to enter an approximate value in MB. During the conversion, our service will try to reduce the file size to the set parameter as closely as possible without applying great changes to screen size and bitrate.


Change the Frame Rate

There are several reasons why you may want to change the frame rate of your video. Cameras record videos in different frame rates, depending on the setting. When editing videos and merging two videos that have been recorded in a different frame rate, this could become a problem. Furthermore, there exists a difference across digital television broadcast standards. The American standard ACTS supports an approximate frame rate between 24 and 60 pictures per second, while the standard DBV-T which is used especially in Europe, or DTMB which is common in China, use different frame rates.

To change the frame rate in general or to get the same frame rate for several videos, all that has to be done is to fill in the desired number of pictures or frames per second for the conversion of the video.



A very easy and fast way to cut your video or to only select a certain part of a longer video is converting it while using the respective parameter. Filling in the start and the end time of the target video in with 00:00:00 will result in the converted video only containing the content of the section you selected in this way.


Rotating, Mirroring, and Flipping

Especially with the new phones, it can happen that videos are recorded vertically even though they shouldn’t. Or sometimes, videos come out upside down because of the preferences of the camera. Instead of having to install some editing software just to rotate or flip a video, toggling the preferences with our online video converter can do the trick.

For rotation, you have the options of rotating the video to 90°, 180°, or 270°.
Or you can flip your video horizontally or vertically.


Offline Solution

Online-Convert is the perfect solution if you want to work fast and from anywhere, may it be from work or home or on the road. If you are looking for an offline version, however, you have to download and install a program on your computer or laptop that has the same capability. A recommendation we at Online-Convert can make is the iOrgSoft Video Converter.

This powerful video conversion tool comes with different editing options such as crop and clip, rotation and mirroring, transitions, video effects, and more. Thus, if you need a version you can use without the internet, you can try a video converter like this.

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