Rip audio from a video clip, the easy way

It happened again. You have seen this incredible video clip and you can’t stand living without that song. You want to hear it all day long, in the train, at work, everywhere. And you want to make all your friends listen to it too. What can you do?

The answer is simple. You need to rip the audio from the video and copy that track on your stick, your mobile or at a place where you can access it any time.

Here is a how-to rip audio from video. The goal is to get the raw audio track from a video without installing any software, converting for free and to have a platform independent tool. So you will be able to rip audio on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Start ripping

We assume that you have found your clip on Youtube. You go to this online audio ripper to extract the audio from your video to the MP3 format. On this page, you can enter either a video file you have saved on your local computer or you can provide a link to a video website and make that online converter tool download the video from there. You can even select some additional options to further enhance the audio quality like the audio bitrate, the audio frequency or the amount of channels. If you still have one of those old mobile bricks, don’t even think about using stereo at 128K at 44.100 KHz 😉

After you have hit “Convert file” button you will be able to download the audio track within seconds. Now you can copy the file directly on your mobile phone or download it later at work.