Apple’s New Image Format HEIC

If you own an iPhone, iPad or another Apple iOS device, you have certainly noticed this already. Apple released a huge update from iOS 10 to iOS 11. This update came with some major changes and improvements. And it came with new file formats.

Since we at focus on file conversion, the latter is what we want to focus on in this article. iOS 11 introduced two new media formats: HEIC and HEVC. This week, let’s have a look at the new image format HEIC.


High Efficiency Image File Format – HEIC

As the headline suggests, the HEIC image format is also known as HEIF which stands for High Efficiency Image File. It was not developed by Apple, actually, but by MPEG. They are responsible for formats we use on a daily basis, like MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video). This suggests that HEIC might be on its way to overthrow the reign of old (but flawed) JPEG.

Thus, let us have a closer look at the new format.


HEIC Facts

With the update to iOS 11, HEIC became the standard image format for all devices running on this iOS version. They are specially optimized for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.

The main idea behind this new format was to create a format that provides the good quality of JPG images but is smaller in file size. In fact, it seems that an HEIC image is roughly half the size of a JPEG image. There are even more advantages over images with a .jpg extension though. For example, HEIC files support transparency, just like PNG or GIF images. It can store multiple images at once (which is interesting for Live Images, for example). Furthermore, it can even store minor editing, like cropping or rotating, to undo them again.

What’s practical is that, even though the HEIC format is still quite new, Apple already got rid of a few compatibility issues. When sharing an HEIC image on social media, it is automatically converted and uploaded as a JPEG. That way, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and such should not have any problem with your new image files. Furthermore, iOS 11 offers the possibility to send these images to a Mac or PC and immediately convert them to JPEG as well.


Problems With The New Format

Unfortunately, every change also brings a few problems. This is no exception. As mentioned above, there might very well be compatibility issues, that Apple has not fixed under the hood. While cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive and by now also Microsoft OneDrive automatically save HEIC files as JPEG, other third-party apps and programs might not recognize this new image format. Image viewers for mobile phones or native programs on Microsoft Windows computer can thus not use these files. Even Adobe Photoshop is, by the time this article was written, not able to process HEIC files.


How To Work With HEIC

There are two ways to still be able to work with HEIC files, however. One is to disable saving images in this format on your iOS 11 device. Please note that this will, of course, get rid of their neat effect of being less space hogging. You can do so by going to Settings > Camera > Formats. Images will then be saved in the JPEG format again.

Another way would be to convert HEIC files into JPG using a file converter. The JPG Converter of can already handle Heic files and converts them to JPG. HEIC files containing several images will be converted into an archive containing a JPG for every layer or image inside the HEIC. Likewise, when converting to animated GIF or Video (e.g. MP4), any animation of a Live Image will be retained.

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Avoid The Super Mario Run Android Scam

Avoid The Super Mario Run Android Scam - Online Convert
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There is a new game in the world of apps called Super Mario Run. It is taking the app world by storm and causing many to download it. However, Super Mario Run is only available for iOS and Android users are being lured by imitation versions. Android mobile owners should avoid the Super Mario Run Android scam going on with impersonating versions now available on Google Play.

Just like Pokemon Go became an instant app hit, so has Super Mario Run. Launched in July, the new Super Mario Run app instantly had over 900,000 downloads within 24 hours. The problem is that as more and more people began to download the game, the word began to spread. Pretty soon Android users started to look for the Super Mario Android version to download on Google Play. Unsuspecting Mario fans began to fall for several fake versions floating around on Google Play claiming to be from Super Mario Run.


The Popular Game Causes Chaos


Nintendo and Super Mario have had a legion of followers for decades. The popularity goes back years when video games and consoles were at their early stages. Before long, the Super Mario series was a huge success for Nintendo. That popularity seems to have carried over with those fans as the Super Mario Run app has garnished more than 3 million downloads thus far. This is all happened in a matter of 2 days as the game was released on December 15th.


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Android Users Beware


The problem for unsuspecting Android users is that Nintendo has made Super Mario Run exclusively available for iOS at this time. They have not made an Android version as of yet. But that has not stopped a bunch of different scammers from trying to cash in on unknowing Super Mario fans using the Android platform. The scammers are taking advantage of the Super Mario Run frenzy and getting Android users to download fake versions of the game.

The versions have names such as “Super Plumber Run” and “Super Mario Jumper”. Once you install Super Mario Jumper, they promise people that the real Super Mario Run will then be installed after. However, there is no version from Nintendo for Android until next year. Everything else being offered is not legit or from Nintendo.


Comfort For Android Users


Many Nintendo and Super Mario fans using Android may feel spurned or neglected by the game giant not offering a version on Android. Still, there is some comfort for Android users. For one, as we stated earlier, the an Android version of Super Mario Run should be available sometime next year. Secondly, while Super Mario Run on iOS is free to try, it is very expensive to unlock or buy.

The unlocked version cost a whopping $9.99 to purchase. That may not sound like much to some. However, when it comes to mobile games, it is very expensive when compared to others. Yet Nintendo is a big brand with a lot of followers and loyal customers. The same goes for Super Mario which may explain why Nintendo feel fans will have no problem paying the $9.99 to unlock the game.


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Options For Android Super Mario Run Fans

For now, Android users should avoid any Super Mario Run versions they see on Google Play. Unless it is directly coming from Nintendo – and that won’t happen until 2017 – then they should avoid them. Trying out these fake apps can lead to your account being hacked or who knows what. If you feel you must play Super Mario Run, then borrow an iPhone from a friend. You can also take out your old Nintendo console and play the Original Super Mario. Other than that, the only thing left for Android users who are Super Mario Run fans, is to patiently wait.