File Conversion Made Easy

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There are countless different kinds and types of files out there which is why file conversion made easy is so important. Whether they are audio, video, document, image or mobile files, the list is very long. In addition to so many kinds of files available, there are also a vast amount of formats.

The variation of audio formats alone are AAC, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4. OGG, APUS, WAV and WMA. These are some of the most widely used and popular formats out there. The same goes for video, image, e-books and others. Dealing with all of these different file formats can be a problem for users.






File Conversion Problems


One of the challenges which many users face is being able to use certain kind of files. Depending on your computer or electronic device, the format of an audio, video or image file changes. There are certain formats which work very well with one kind of operating system. However, other formats don’t work as well or at all. This can be applied to video formats or images editing programs or software you may have. In a day and age where millions spend long periods of time on social media, the consequences are huge. If you want to send a file to a friend or share it with someone, you have to consider a few things first. For one, just because it opens up on your system, phone or device, it doesn’t mean it will work on theirs. Second, most social media sites have a file size limit on what you can send.


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Free File Conversion Tool


On the other hand, it could be you that has received a file in a format which your device or program doesn’t recognize. Yet you should wait before you go ahead and delete the file. Luckily, with the Free online file converter available here on Online Convert, all those problems are gone. No matter whether you have a video, audio, image or any other kind of file, our tool can convert it for you. All you have to do is choose the type of file – video, audio, image, hash, e-book and so on – and then choose the format. After selecting the format to which you want to convert the current file, hit the upload button. Before long, your file will be converted for you. Best of all, it is all done quick, easy and for free.


In a world with so many different kind of file formats, Online Convert is here to make things easy for you.

11 Tips To Extend Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life

11 tips to extend your cell phone's battery life - Online Convert
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There’s nothing worse than having your cellphone’s battery die out on you. This is even more frustrating when you have no immediate means to recharge your phone. Since most of us use our smartphones to communicate, or as a backup to our computer or laptop, having access to it at all times is essential. The following 11 tips to extend your cell phone’s battery life will come in handy when you need extra minutes of battery power.








Dim That Screen


One of the biggest culprits for draining your cellphone’s battery, is your the bright screen on your device. Most smartphone screen displays today average between 4.5 inches, to 5.6 inches. With such big screens always on, the battery on your phone can die quickly. To save battery life, adjust your screen’s brightness. Many cellular phones already have an ‘auto display’ feature on them. You can click on it and this will save you lots of power.


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Adjust The Screen Timeout


Every time you use your phone, the amount of time the screen stays on after you finish using it, can vary. Adjusting your phone’s screen timeout, will easily save you a substantial amount of battery power as the day goes on. Some phones wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before the screen timeout feature kicks in. That is way too long if you are not using it, or have no need for the screen to remain on. Since every second counts and adds up, try adjusting your screen timeout to at least 30 to 15 seconds for Android phones. Unfortunately, on an iPhone, the minimum amount of time you can set the screen timeout to is 1 minute.



Turn Off Push Notifications


Apps love to notify us of anything and everything. However, receiving constant push notifications means turning your phone screen on to see them. Even if you don’t look at them, for each notification received, a ping sent from your smartphone back to the server. This, in turn, leads to battery drainage. Receiving email updates is one thing. But receiving Facebook notifications each time something happens, is not really necessary.



Kill Background Running Apps


One of the best features many smartphones are equipped with these days, is the ability to multitask. Be that as it may, multitasking can also end up burning loads of energy. Since the majority of apps you are using will need to access your device’s processor, the end results are large amounts of battery power losses. If you are not using apps, disable them, or stop them from running on your phone.



Use Airplane Mode


Unless you are expecting a call, putting your phone on airplane mode can save you some battery life. Since using Wi-Fi actually uses less power than a cell signal, you can use the Wi-Fi to keep in touch instead.



Avoid Dynamic Wallpapers


Having those 3-D or ‘Live Wallpapers’ on your cellphone’s screen is really cool and eye catching. However, it can also vastly drain your battery life. Instead, try using static images whenever you want to save some battery power.


11 Tips To Extend Your Cell Phone's Battery Life - Online Convert


Turn Off Unused Radios


GPS, Bluetooth and NFC capabilities on your phone are really great since they are so useful. This is because these radios connections have a purpose. Nevertheless, if you do not need them at the moment, it is best to turn them off to extend your smartphone’s battery life. Location based services, or apps that use locations services, can also be a huge waste of battery life. The same goes for Bluetooth and apps which use it as well. Turn off all the apps you do not really need having access to your location or radio services that you are not really using at all.


Protect Your Smartphone’s Temperature



Cellular phones do not perform very well under extreme low or high temperatures. Either severe cold or intense heat, can not only cause harm to your device, they can also end up draining your cellphone’s battery. Try to protect your phone in weather conditions that may be above or below normal circumstances.



Turn Off Wi-Fi


Yes, we know this may be one of those things most people cannot seem to be without; Wi-Fi. Still, just like other radio signals, Wi-Fi can end up draining the power of your battery quickly. This is because so many processes and apps use the Wi-Fi to connect. In those cases that you do not really need to have it on, turn the Wi-Fi signal off whenever you can.


Avoid Using Vibrate



The vast majority of people often times need to set their phone to vibrate rather than a loud ring. The downside of that though is that when your smartphone is on vibrate mode, it actually burns up more power; almost 70% more. If you do not want to be bothered by your ring tone, simply turn it off and keep it in view. This way, you can still see incoming calls, without losing any power.


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Use Power Saving Apps


While there are many applications which can drain the life of your phone really quickly, there are several out there which do the opposite. Installing a power saving app on your device can do wonders for both the speed of your phone and battery life. A great app called CleanMaster has a boost charging feature. When turned on, it can charge your phone in almost 3 times less the amount of normal charging mode. In addition, this app also has a great tool to kill most background running and power draining apps on your phone.


Is Your Cell Phone Listening To Your Conversations?

 Is Your Cell Phone Listening To Your Conversations? - Online Convert
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Cell phones, tablets and other gadgets are very popular worldwide because they have so many great uses to them. People are using these devices to do many things with them every single day. But did you ever stop to think if your cell phone is listening to your conversations? Recent researches have shown that in fact, many companies such as Facebook, and numerous apps, are listening to your private conversations. But just how is this possible and how can you stop them from doing so? We will examine these questions and other issues below.




Companies Keep Tabs On You


Let’s face it, we all use our cellular phones for just about everything now. The days of using cellular phones just to make calls are long gone. Now, most of us use our phones to shop, browse and connect with people all over the world. Because of that, companies and advertisers know this and are taking advantage of it. Sites like Facebook and search engines such as Google have a long history of tracking and profiling users. These companies, along with many others, keep a plethora of information about you which they have been gathering for years. Most people know this already and the majority really don’t seem to care. They voluntarily give out a lot of personal information via postings and sharing. In turn, these companies are performing loads of intelligence gathering. Just like the NSA, FBI or other government agencies, they keep a profile about you.


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Convenience With A Price


The convenience of being able to do all of these things from our gadgets comes with a price.; a price that some people may not be aware they are paying. Most are content with knowing that what they post online will be seen by their friends and family, or perhaps even everyone. But what if those companies where listening to your private conversations? That’s is exactly what Facebook and numerous other apps are doing. They are no longer content with just knowing and using what you type and post. Many companies now want to know what you are talking about to use it to advertise to you.


How They Do It


Whenever you download or agree to use an application on your device, it will ask you for permission. Some of these apps will ask you for permission to your phone’s microphone. Since you grant them permission to your phone’s internal microphone, every conversation that you have can be listened to. Not only that, but anything you say near or around your phone can also be picked up and heard. In a statement, Facebook has admitted that they do this. They have said “We use your microphone to identify the things you’re listening to or watching, based on the music and TV matches we’re able to identify.” However, many experts agree that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook and other sites or apps, constantly listen to your private conversations and listen for certain buzz words. Once you use any of these words, they automatically trigger a response. The response can come via ads and newsfeed stories you will begin to see soon after saying these words.


Proof Is In The Ads


USF Professor Kelli Burns, while speaking to television station WFLA, spoke about a recent test she did with her phone. Professor Burns gave Facebook access to her microphone and began to talk. One of the conversations she spoke about was being interested in going on an African safari. She also mentioned how she would really enjoy it, if she went on one, while riding on a jeep. Kelli did all this while speaking out loud as she held her cellphone in her hand. Less than a minute later, the professor saw a post on her Facebook feed about a safari story. She also began to see ads about cars and jeeps on her profile as well. There have been similar stories which have happened to several other people as well. For those that want personal proof, it is all there already. Anytime you shop Online for anything, once you log on back to Facebook or other sites, you should immediately see similar ads about those items you’ve just looked at or purhased. Try it and see for yourself. Look out for the ads and you will see just how quickly you are targetted by these companies and applications.


How To Stop It


In the event that you do not want your phone, or companies, listening in on your private conversation, there are some things you can do to stop it. The first thing you need to do is go to your phone settings, then application manager and look for any particular app there. Once you find an app such as Facebook, click on it and scroll down to permissions. It is here that you will see exactly what permissions the app is requesting and you have granted it. Look for any that allow the app to use your microphone. Disable it or do not give it permission to do so and close out the app.


Keep This In Mind


Remember that each time you download an app, the permissions the app is requesting,  will pop up asking you for access. Still, keep in mind that even if you remove the permission for an app to your microphone, when you update it, the app will ask for it again. If you click on yes, you will again have given the application permission to listen to you and anything you say around your phone or device.


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While it is true that cellular phones, tablets and other devices are very useful and help make our world easier, they can also be used as a tool to spy on you. Always be on the lookout for apps or sites which ask for too many permissions and access to your gadget or device.

How To Watch Videos On Your TV From Your Smartphone

How To Watch Videos On Your TV From Your Smarphone - Online Convert
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Remember the days when Televisions ruled the world? Okay, well according to statistics, that’s still the case. The average American person watches over 35 hours of television per week. The same can be said for people using their smartphones. More people are using their cellphones these days to watch videos, chat, play games and more than ever before.

So what if you could combined both of the things you watch and use the most into one? Well, in a way you can. Below is a guide showing you how to watch videos on your TV from your smartphone. That’s right. You can easily watch on your television all of movies you stream from your phone. Also, the games you play on your cell, you can do so on your TV and even share photos as well. The same applies if you have a tablet.



Go From The Little Screen To Big


Smartphones are the best. We can do so much more these days than just make phone calls (which was what they were originally intended for). From watching your favorite videos to playing some of the hottest games, our cell phones open up so many gateways to fun each day. It is no wonder so many people have a hard time putting their cell phones down. But while being able to watch videos on your tablet or cell is great, the smaller screen is not the same as our big screen Televisions. Luckily, technology has advanced so much on both smartphones and TV’s that now you can watch videos from your phone on your Television sets. There’s a few cool and easy ways to do so. Here are some of the easiest and best ways to look at your photos, games and videos from your cell on your Television.


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Connect Via HDMI


Just about every tablet or smartphone now allows you to plug into your Television via an HDMI cable. This is providing that your TV is HDMI-ready. All you need to do is plug one end of the cable to your smartphone and the other to the HDMI ports found on your Television. The minute you connect them, you will be able to see and show on your TV, whatever you display on your phone. This means that those cool photos you took at the party can now be seen on your huge screen TV. Also, all the latest and hottest videos and apps you play (yes the games) can now be transferred to your big screen TV. It is like having a projector (well, actually, it is). Everything you project on your smartphone, its now visible on your TV set.

The only problem you may have is that most HDMI cables are relatively short (about 6 to 12 feet long). However, there are some available which are much longer for you to use them from a further distance. That means you can lay down on your couch and bed while you play, watch and see all the stuff from your phone on your TV.


Wireless Connection


Some people don’t really care much for wires or simply want the freedom of going wireless. In the event that you are one of those people, then you can also connect your TV to your smartphone this way. This option may be a bit more expensive since you have to purchase a separate device such as the Roku Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV, or the Apple TV or  to do so. But it is so much easier and better because of the freedom it allows you to have. The possibilities are endless as far as where you can play and watch your cell phone display from. By connecting any of the devices, you simply enable screen mirroring and click on the appropriate icon that pops up on your cellular phone or tablet. After that, you can easily begin to watch it all on your big screen.


There are also devices which let you stream all of your contents on your phone via the Wi-Fi at home. For those with an iOS device, they can use AirPlay to easily beam photos, videos and music wirelessly. (Note that you will need Apple TV to use this).


Get A Smart TV


In case you have a really new smartphone, but your Television is an older model, consider getting a smarter Television. Those TV’s which allow you to connect with tablets or cellphones are well worth it. Especially once you see just how much you can do with them combined and connected together. Be sure that the Television you purchase is DLNA-certified (Digital Living Network Alliance).


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Nothing compares to being able to watch your photos in 1080p, big screen resolution. The same can be said for the videos and games you play on your phone and watch them on your TV. Being able to combine two of the things we use the most makes this pretty awesome!



Ten iPhone Apps You Should Have

Top Ten Must Have iPhone Apps
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Let’s face it, apps make our lives so much easier when it comes to using our cellular phones. That’s why we have put together a list of ten iPhone apps you should have on your iPhone. These apps are guaranteed to help you get the most our of your iPhone.






Here are some of the very best and most essentials apps you need to have installed on your iPhone for 2016. 



WhatsApp iPhone App

It seems like it was only yesterday where most of us had to pay just to be able to send out text messages to friends. Furthermore, if any one us wanted to share a video or a huge file with others, it was very costly and almost impossible to do. Luckily, with the app called WhatsApp, that has all changed. This application allows you to communicate with your friends and family no matter where they are in the world. Best of all, you can even make phone calls (to other WhatsApp users) via the app for free. WhatsApp messenger allows you to send unlimited photos, instant SMS, videos or any kind of files. Of course, this is providing you use Wi-Fi since most of us have limited mobile data. By using the Wi-Fi mode, we can make sure nothing we send will cost us a dime. Best of all, there are no annoying ads to deal with.


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Sleep Cycle:

Sleep Cycle iPhone App

Sleeping is one of the most important parts of our daily routines. The Sleep Cycle app allows you to sleep a lot better by studying your sleep patterns and respecting them. The app not only works as an alarm clock, but by tracking your sleep patterns, it can determine when it is the best time to wake you. Having to be awakened during a deep sleep or dream state can totally change the way you may feel throughout the entire day. However, with this app waking you during your light sleep state, you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The Sleep Cycle app’s alarm clock will end up improving not only your overall sleep, but also your productivity and punctuality.



Waze iPhone App

For anyone who drives, the Waze app is a must have. It doesn’t really matter if you are constantly on the road or if you just take short trips. The Waze app works so great because it knows how fast other users are traveling on the roads around you. Using that info, it redirects you around traffic which ends up making your commute shorter and faster. Aside from tracking traffic, the Waze app also tracks accidents, roads under repair or construction and red-light cameras. If that wasn’t enough, the app also alerts you when police are near you or on your route.



Spotify iPhone App

Although there are many music streaming apps out there, Spotify is by far one of the best. This app can turn your iPhone into a jukebox that is able to deliver all of your favorite songs in an instant. No matter where you are, Spotify allows you to listen to music for free. Of course there are ads to deal with when you use the free version. However, if you use the premium account, then you not only do not have to worry about ads, you also get tons of other great upgrades.



Cash iPhone App

These days with technology being so well advanced, we no longer need to carry cash around to go out on the town or anywhere. With the Cash app, you can split a bar tab or cab fare easily with your friends & family in an instant. Cash app allows users to easily transfer money to others, even if the banks are different. The only requirement is that you have to connect your debit card to the Cash app when you sign up. However, this is a small price to pay (no pun intended) for being able to quickly and easily deposit money into your friends accounts.


 Lyft or Uber:


Lyft or Uber iPhone Apps


Thanks to apps such as Lyft or Uber, most of us no longer have to wait for cabs. These apps both allow you to save time by letting you pick your ride. The app will inform you about your ride, when it will be there, wherever or whenever you need it. Best of all, the vast majority of times, you end up paying a lot less than traditional taxis. Both of the Lyft and Uber apps are now operating in most major cities and even small towns. Still, during high demand days such as holidays, there are surges in pricing. Be sure to find out about these pricing changes since they can often times end up spiking up to more than ten times the normal rates.



Swiftkey iPhone App

With the upgrade to iOS 8, iPhone users are now finally able to install third-party keyboards on their devices. The Swiftkey keyboard app is one of the best out there for you to download.  Swiftkey learns the way you type and then slowly adapts to your unique tapping and typing style. Since Swiftkey has the ability to swipe words instead of just typing them, you can end up texting and writing much faster. It also has word suggestions which remember the words you use most often. You also have the option of choosing from sevaral different themes, languages and typing settings.



1Password iPhone App

Security online is one of the most important issues which cell phone users face these days. This means that having strong passwords is a must for all of us. However, being able to remember every single password for every different service or site you use is nearly impossible. Luckily, the 1Password app comes to the rescue for us. This app allows users to both create and store different secure passwords for all the sites and services they use. Since all you have to do is remember one password (the 1Password one) to access the rest of them, this becomes a cinch.  



Dropbox iPhone App

Most of us are on the go and moving about each day in our lives. This is where the Dropbox app comes in handy since it allows you to bring all of your important files with you. Dropbox allows you to add files to your favorites where you can quickly and easily view them later; even while you are offline. The app also gives you the ability to upload photos and videos to it so you can share then with friends and family for free. One of the best features on the Dropbox app is the ability to be able to move files from your cell phone to other devices easily and quickly.


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Evernote app for iPhone

For those that want to be able to have all of their notes, ideas, images and tasks in one place, the Evernote app is for them. This awesome application allows you to save articles from the internet as well as images and save them for later. It is like having a virtual notebook at your fingertips. The Evernote app can even handle audio files as well. One of the best things about the app is being able to search for everything you add to it. This means that you can quickly and easily find something you saved no matter how long ago you did so.


How To Use Your Cellular Phone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

See how to turn your smartphone into a wi-fi hot spot
Image Credit by = Hector M.

Being connected to the world wide web or being able to go Online is almost something which is a must for most of us these days. That’s why you need to know how to use your cellular phone as a wi-fi hotspot for those days or places you have no internet wi-fi access. Luckily though, most smartphones allow you to easily turn them into a portable wi-fi hotspot to connect your computer, tablet or laptop to the internet. This works great when you are away from home or the office.



When You’re On The Go


If you find yourself away from home in an airport, hotel or out on the town, there’s nothing worse than not having no wi-fi internet access. Also, there are many times when the internet you find is so bad, that it constantly keeps dropping or losing signal. Finally, there’s the security risk. Many people will often find so called ‘Free Wi-Fi’ spots when they are outside. However, in some cases, these free wi-fi spots are ruses used try hackers to lure you to use their connections. Once you log on though, they get access to your personal information such as banking and credit cards. It is very easy for hackers to use this backdoor system as a way to hack your devices.


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Your Smartphone Is The Internet


The great news is that if you have a smartphone, it is possible to use your device and turn it into a portable wi-fi hotspot. This can be done by using your device’s 3G or 4G connection in order to gain access to the web. The process used to do this is called ‘tethering’. One thing to keep in mind though is that you need to be aware of your carrier or network’s terms and conditions when it comes to data usage and tethering. Many carriers have a limited amount of data which you can use each month. Using your smartphone in this manner can have you reaching your monthly data allowance very quickly. Furthermore, when you do exceed your data limits, you may end up getting charges for the rest of the data you use; plus over the limit fees. Still, checking your data limit and keeping an an eye on what you are using can help you avoid this.


Now that you know what you  can do with your smartphone, the next step is turning it into a hotspot and learning how to tether with it.


Step One –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 1

On your device’s home screen select the settings menu to gain access to them.


Step Two –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 2

Find the ‘Network Connections’ section and choose ‘Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot”


Step Three –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 3

On the tethering and wi-fi hotspots section, you will find the Mobile Hotspot button which is turned off by default. Tap it to turn it on.


Step Four –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 4

Once you tap it, depending on your smartphone, you should get a window which has the Mobile Hotspot turned off as well. Hit the off switch and turn it on.


Step Five –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 5

After you tap the button to turn it on, you will get a message letting you know you are now turning on portable wi-fi hotspot and it will turn off the wi-fi (If you are connected to one).


Step Six –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 6

You should get a warning informing you that turning on the mobile hotspot option will turn on mobile data. If you are ready to proceed then hit OK.


Step Seven –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 7

Once you have done that, you will see a screen that pops up which will allow you to configure your wi-fi hotspot via your cellular phone. You should be able to see the name of your device as well as the security and password. Hit Save and proceed to the next step.


Step Eight –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 8


You’re almost done. Now simply to go on your PC, laptop or tablet and choose your device’s network from the list of all the Wi-Fi available connections.

After you have done that, simply click on connect . Your next ^& final step is to enter the password for the Wi-Fi hotspot you saved earlier. You’re all set. Once your device is connected, you will be able to go Online and surf the web via using your handset’s 3G or 4G data connection.



Unsure of the differences between Windows or Android phones? Take a look at Windows Phone And Android – What’s The Difference?


As we mentioned earlier, be sure to keep track of your data usage since you can easily go over very quickly. How long it will take varies since it all  depends on your allocated amount, what pages you surf and for how long.

Why People Will Always Need Files & Conversion

Files Are Not Dead - Online Convert
Image Credit by = Creative Commons



Recently, there have been some well known businessmen in the digital & Internet industry who have said files are dead. However, we, and many others believe that is not the case. For this reason, we have put together this article showing why people will always need files & conversion in their digital and Internet world.








Don’t Believe The Dead Files Hype


For many years now, numerous technologists, commentators and websites have been predicting the death of the file hierarchy as we know it. One of these people is Fred Wilson, an American businessman, venture capitalist and frequent Blogger. Fred Wilson is also the co-founder of Union Square Ventures. This is a New York City-based venture capital firm which has numerous investments in Web 2.0 companies and others as well. Fred and others argue about the availability users now have with programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox and many other icloud based services found online these days. To them, these programs represent a new way for people to save their data or make use of their digital media. The same folks also mention the rise of Netflix, YouTube, HBOgo and Spotify as the new reason why files will be obsolete soon.  However, we beg to differ on the strength of the vast rise in electronic devices which greatly need file conversion tools and software alone. There are also the many computers, laptops and other apparatus who need files and conversion to function properly.


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Why Files Are Not Dead?


Imagine recording a video with either your cellular phone, tablet or any other device. These videos are normally recorded in MOV format (iPhone, iPad) or 3gp or mp4 on Android devices. Other cameras such as Canon, Panasonic or numerous different brands record on different formats. The one thing that remains the same however, is the huge size which these files end up being saved once they are recorded. Now imagine trying to upload or share the same video with someone? It will not only take a really long time to do so, but also the person receiving it will have to spend a long time downloading it as well. Furthermore, the other recipient may not even be able to play the video on his or her device if they are not compatible. One prime example would be an Android user sending a video to a person who uses an iPhone.  Also, Websites like Facebook and other social media favorites have a limit on the size of the videos users can upload to their sites. For these reasons alone we would always need file conversion.

Of course we would still have to go over other file formats and their need for conversion as well. Ebooks, audio, documents and images files require us to consider about them as well. How can you listen to audio files on one device if it’s not in the format your current device only allows? From MP3, MP4, WAV, OPUS, OGG, AAC, and many others audio formats, the choices and reasons for conversion are too numerous to count.


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Thank Goodness For File Conversion Websites
So now that we have imagined what it would be like not being able to easily convert your files, no matter what format it is, we are thankful that we can. Sites like Online Convert offer all kinds of easy to use conversion tools for free. This means that you can easily change that video’s size you recorded or even the resolution and other criteria. You can also use our Hash conversion tools for more security and the image converter tool to share your photos. In either case, no matter what you hear, files are here to stay; and so are sites like Online Convert.

Ten Must Have Android Apps For 2016

Ten Must Have Android Apps For 2016 - Online Convert
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Without a doubt, apps have made our lives so much easier that we often wonder how we ever lived without them. Here are ten must have Android apps for 2016 that everyone should have on their Android phones. Smartphones offer us the ability to download applications for just about every need we have. From games to paying via our phones, there is just so much to do with an app that each day our lives become more simplified in a way. It wasn’t long ago that we used our cellular phones just  to make phone calls. However, as smartphones continue to get smarter, more innovative and advanced, making a call is no longer the only thing we can do with them.


WhatsApp –


A few years back,  most users had to pay for sending text messages via cell phones to one another. Soon after, some carriers let users have a certain amount or unlimited amount of texting. All that is moot now with WhatsApp, the instant messaging app. This app is just more than an SMS app though. You can also make free phone calls, send videos, files and just about anything to Billions of users all over the world. Best of all, it is not only free, but there are no annoying ads whatsoever like most free apps. This is perfect for those with Wi-Fi connections since you can use it all day without worrying about data usage. Since WhatsApp uses the person’s own phone number, users whose phone numbers you have saved on your phone will be added automatically to your address book.


Looking for ways to change formats on a 3GP file? Check out Mobile 3GP Video Converter Free Download

Clean Master –


If there is one app every user should have on their phone, it is Clean Master. This all-in-one cleaning app takes care of all the residual files, cache, unused files, search history and much more for you. In the event that you find your phone lagging due to too much system resources being used, Clean Master has that covered as well. Hit the “One Tap Boost” button and immediately all those apps are sent packing as it releases RAM. It also saves you battery life and offers a few other apps within itself which are very cool as well such as AppLock.  


Evernote –


We have all used post-it or some kind of note keeping method at one time or another to keep track of things we may forget. Evernote is an app which allows users to have multiple notes right on their phones. Whether you have a simple to do list or food shopping list, you can use this app to jot anything that comes to your mind right down. You can also track expenses, share notes with others and attack files as well.


Pushbullet –


Too many of us are really busy these days which is why the Pushbullet app is such a welcome. This app is all about saving the user time and allowing you to communicate with your phone from your computer or vice-versa. Let’s say that you need to see who is texting you but do not want to grab your phone; Pushbullet will display those notifications on your computer or laptop. You can even interact back and forth with those messages right from your PC or computer as well. If you are one who does not like having to dig out your cell phones from your pockets every few minutes, the Pushbullet app is just for you.




Texting and writing on our devices is one of the things we do most these days. But the Android built in keyboard is not that easy to use and can be annoying at times. This is where Swype comes in to the rescue. This app allows you to swipe the words you want to write easily by dragging your finger from letter to letter. Once you have completed the word, it appears on the screen and you are done. One great feature is that it automatically ads a space to each word as well. Although it can be tricky at the beginning, once the Swype gets used to your movements, it can make texting more easier than ever; especially with text suggestions that pop up. Swype also has a handwriting recognition feature which, although a bit hard to get used to at first, can make your writing a breeze.


Spotify –


This app has been around for a while now and you can call it the mother of streaming. However, it is still one of the best apps to use when it comes to streaming music services. With users topping in the Millions from all over the world, the user base is one f the largest around. Having that many files at your fingertips allows you to have millions upon millions of tracks at your fingertips in no time. One of the few drawbacks is the adverts which interrupt your music playing. However, this is all done so you can upgrade to premium where there no restrictions.


Strava –


For anyone who runs or cycles, Strava is one of those must have apps. This useful app allows users to track their speed, elevation and distance while you find and follow routes. One of the best features on this application is the ability to view on leaderboards your own personal records, friends or other users. Having this feature lets the user compete against themselves or others all over the world.


Avast Mobile Securtity & Antivirus


One of the drawbacks of cellular phones is the numerous malware and virus which can easily invade your phone or tablets. Luckily, Avast has a great mobile security and antivirus app for you to keep your device safe. This app has privacy tools, antimalware tools and even anti-theft tools to help you protect your gadget. Avast can also help to clean up your browser history and other files which may clutter your phone.


LastPass Password Mgr


The days of easy passwords for your files, devices and websites are no longer an option to settle for. Now, security should be a major concern for every user out there. However, creating a new and different password for all your sites can be tedious and hard to do. Most of us have trouble remembering just one, let alone all of them. Luckily, LastPass Password Mgr can do it all for you. LassPass can remember all of your existing passwords and help you create new ones. While the service and app are free, using it on a mobile device will cost you $1 a month or $12 a year. Nevertheless, this is well worth it.


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Pocket –


With so many things to read on the Internet these days, it is hard to be able to do so in our busy lives. The Pocket app however, allows you to save web pages, videos or other stuff you see Online but want to check out later by storing them in one place for you. Before you think that this is just like a bookmarking tool, it is not since Pocket lets you see the content you save offline. This is pretty awesome when you don’t have an Internet connection or do not want to waste all of your data.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the ten must have Android Apps for 2016. Keep in mind that many files may not work with a certain phone or on other devices. In that case, Online Convert allows you to easily change the format of whatever kind of file you may have. Whether it’s a video, PDF or audio file, you can easily use our free tools to change them to hundreds of other formats in quick, easy steps.

Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware

Online Convert - Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware
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The recent explosion of mobile devices as well as other gadgets the past few years has been astounding to say the least. It seems as if everyone we know has a tablet or some sort of gadget to connect to the internet with. But how do you protect yourself and your device from all the would be hackers out there who are intent on stealing your personal information? Here are the best ways to protect your mobile devices from malware, hacks and virus.




Download Only From Trusted Sources

It goes without saying, but one of the most common mistakes mobile users make to compromise their electronic gadgets is downloading apps or files from unknown sources. Whenever you are downloading apps, it is imperative that you only do so from legitimate app stores. Going to other sources to get an app will only lead to trouble and perhaps compromising your personal data. Worst of all, many of these apps are nothing short of malicious applications intent on overtaking your device. Hacking and stealing all your banking, credit card and personal information is their only true goal. When downloading apps, be weary of those that ask for permissions which are out of the normal boundaries of other apps.


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Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Devices

Android and iPhone users often ‘Jailbreak and root’ their devices in order to allow certain apps to work on their phones. However, doing either one to your devices disables most of the security measures put in place by the manufacturers to protect you. They also disable features from apps stores which help defend your device. This is because jailbreaking or rooting means to allow full access to the operating system and features of your devices. Too many users who want to avoid paying for an application and rather get it for free to save a few bucks end up paying a lot more in the end. Some have ended up losing their phones altogether since their devices end up being useless after the hacks.
If you still want to jailbreak or root your device, be sure to keep your personal information such as banking and credit cards out of your phone.


Update Your OS

We all get annoyed sometimes when we get and see those pesky “Available system update” messages on our phones. Most of us are inclined to ignore them and leave them to install for later. However, it is wise to keep your mobile device’s operating system up to date all the time. Hackers never sleep and they are always finding ways to infiltrate security holes left in the operating system. Security patches are ways that manufacturers and developers keep their software and apps updated and secured from hacks.


Other Security Tips to Consider

Other tips to consider are being weary of “Free Wi-Fi or Hotspots” you find everywhere these days. Countless hackers know people are always looking for a freebie and they in turn will give users access to their Wi-Fi or Hotspots. However, their only intent is to gain backdoor access to your phone and hack it for their personal gain.
Be sure to always use cloud-sharing alternatives to back-up and protect your files and phone data. Enable location security services such as “Find my phone” which can pinpoint your phone’s location should it ever be stolen or lost. Lastly, be wary and vigilant whenever you download any files from the internet. If you want to use online conversion tools to convert any files, make sure you only use those from trusted sites such as


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Following these tips will greatly ensure that your devices are always protected and secured. After all, security should always be done in a preventive manner. This way, you can stay one step ahead of all the hackers out there.

Tips on Protecting Important Files

Tips on Protecting Important Files
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Whether it’s on your computer, tablet or mobile device, all of us have files on them which are important and therefore need to be backed up, protected and secured. The problem is that many people wait until it is too late to actually begin to take steps to back them up or properly copy and secure the data. Here are some great tips on protecting important files you may have and how to make sure you never lose them or that they get hacked or stolen.


Step One –  Backup Your Files

One huge mistake most people make is thinking that their gadgets will never ever break, get lost or stolen so they do not bother to backup their files. However, we all know that is not the case. Whether you have a laptop, PC or another sort of device, your first order of business should be to backup all of your files and data right away. You can buy an external hard drive which can store up a tremendous amount of data depending on the size you purchase. Best of all, you can take these external hard drives with you wherever you go. However, because of that option, you should also make sure you secure your external HD with a password or encryption in case it is ever lost or stolen.

Most devices these days also come with Cloud services which allow you to upload your files to their private servers via the Internet. This is awesome since most of the time the backup is performed automatically and continuously as you add more files each day. Nevertheless, be sure the Cloud services you are using is secure since some have been hacked as of late.

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Lastly, there are many Websites which offer free online file storage that are quick, fast and easy. You can get about 10GB for free on most of them. However, if you have large files which take up more space such as movies or videos, you may need to purchase a plan that offers you more space.

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Step Two – Secure Your Files

The vast majority of us have files on our computer and devices which may be sensitive or for our eyes only. Maybe you could be working on an awesome idea for a new invention. Perhaps you have a business start-up plan which you do not want your boss or other co-workers to see. There could also be photos or videos that you may not want your little nephew, niece, your kids or spouse to find and look at as well. Lastly, you also have to think about securing your personal information against hackers too since the threats grow each day. In any event, whatever the files are, your second step is to secure them. Luckily there are numerous apps and programs available which allow you to encrypt and secure your private data easily. Having the option to lock the data via a password, swipe pattern or a number digit password is essential, smart and prudent. If you haven’t done so already you should begin to do so immediately. Using your devices without any kind of encryption or security of your personal and financial information is a huge mistake. It is similar to leaving your brand new car outside with the keys inside while it is unlocked which none of us would ever do.

In this world where everything is now technology driven, it is important to be one step ahead of the game. Using these useful tips on protecting important files is just one of the many ways you can help to protect yourself and your data.