How Big Data Is Changing The Mobile Industry

In today’s fast moving tech world, the mobile industry is becoming the key to almost all of the things around us. Smartphones are no longer used just to make phone calls. These days, mobile phones are used to help us connect and control just about everything in our lives. The same can be said for big data analytics and mobile data analytics. But just how is big data changing the mobile industry? Is it for the better or worse?


Big Data Is Everywhere

Big data analytics is everywhere you look today. In most cases, you may not even know it is being used or that it is there. Big data refers to extremely huge data sets gathered using computers so they can be analyzed. Using the data sets, trends, associations and patterns are then found to reveal all kinds of information. This info often refers to interactions and human behavior.


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The use of big data is evident in social media marketing where advertisers use all the information they have gathered about a group or individual to target them more accurately. Sites such as Google use this big data trends to try and guess what you are searching for and need. Other social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, use it to target you more precisely and send the right kind of ads and info to your feed.


Mobile Data Analytics

According to statistics, most people spend only 16% of their time on smartphones to make phone calls. The other 84% of their time is spent on other activities such as email communication, web browsing, using social apps, gaming, TV, watching videos and much more. Because of these stats, mobile data analytics has completely changed what we see and hear. All of that big data is compiled and used to target consumers with bulls eye precision. It is also used to help them in many positive ways as well.


By way of applications, people connect with each other and use their cellphones for just about everything. With each click and second spent on their mobile devices, the growth of information gathered and big data increases each day. That compilation of big data in the mobile industry is being used to not only advertise to you, but also save lives. Statistics on drunk driving, texting while driving and many others, are more easier to analyze than ever now. Not only that, the plethora of available information is unprecedented and quite useful in the medical, health field and other sectors.


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Smartphones Are Part Of Us


It is safe to say that for those who spend a long time using cellphones, the smartphones are now a part of their lives. Truth is that smartphones are a big part of all of us. In a way, cellular phones are like a third hand for most people. That may explain why a study found that 79% of smartphone users keep them at arm’s length. Most do so for all but only 2 hours of the entire day. That proves that big data and mobile analytics are an integral and important part of our lives now; whether we want it or not.

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