Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware

Online Convert - Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware
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The recent explosion of mobile devices as well as other gadgets the past few years has been astounding to say the least. It seems as if everyone we know has a tablet or some sort of gadget to connect to the internet with. But how do you protect yourself and your device from all the would be hackers out there who are intent on stealing your personal information? Here are the best ways to protect your mobile devices from malware, hacks and virus.




Download Only From Trusted Sources

It goes without saying, but one of the most common mistakes mobile users make to compromise their electronic gadgets is downloading apps or files from unknown sources. Whenever you are downloading apps, it is imperative that you only do so from legitimate app stores. Going to other sources to get an app will only lead to trouble and perhaps compromising your personal data. Worst of all, many of these apps are nothing short of malicious applications intent on overtaking your device. Hacking and stealing all your banking, credit card and personal information is their only true goal. When downloading apps, be weary of those that ask for permissions which are out of the normal boundaries of other apps.


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Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Devices

Android and iPhone users often ‘Jailbreak and root’ their devices in order to allow certain apps to work on their phones. However, doing either one to your devices disables most of the security measures put in place by the manufacturers to protect you. They also disable features from apps stores which help defend your device. This is because jailbreaking or rooting means to allow full access to the operating system and features of your devices. Too many users who want to avoid paying for an application and rather get it for free to save a few bucks end up paying a lot more in the end. Some have ended up losing their phones altogether since their devices end up being useless after the hacks.
If you still want to jailbreak or root your device, be sure to keep your personal information such as banking and credit cards out of your phone.


Update Your OS

We all get annoyed sometimes when we get and see those pesky “Available system update” messages on our phones. Most of us are inclined to ignore them and leave them to install for later. However, it is wise to keep your mobile device’s operating system up to date all the time. Hackers never sleep and they are always finding ways to infiltrate security holes left in the operating system. Security patches are ways that manufacturers and developers keep their software and apps updated and secured from hacks.


Other Security Tips to Consider

Other tips to consider are being weary of “Free Wi-Fi or Hotspots” you find everywhere these days. Countless hackers know people are always looking for a freebie and they in turn will give users access to their Wi-Fi or Hotspots. However, their only intent is to gain backdoor access to your phone and hack it for their personal gain.
Be sure to always use cloud-sharing alternatives to back-up and protect your files and phone data. Enable location security services such as “Find my phone” which can pinpoint your phone’s location should it ever be stolen or lost. Lastly, be wary and vigilant whenever you download any files from the internet. If you want to use online conversion tools to convert any files, make sure you only use those from trusted sites such as


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Following these tips will greatly ensure that your devices are always protected and secured. After all, security should always be done in a preventive manner. This way, you can stay one step ahead of all the hackers out there.