8 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Phone

8 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Phone
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With so many new phones being sold on the market, chances are that you will want to purchase a new one and replace it. Or it could be that you may want to upgrade based on a deal offered by a carrier. Other people at times just choose to donate their old phones. No matter what the reason may be, there are some very important factors to consider.

Below are 8 things you should do before selling or donating your phone. While some of these steps may vary depending on whether or not you have an Android or iPhone, the end results are the same. Keep in mind that you can and should use these same tips if you have a tablet you may be thinking of selling or giving away to someone. 

Remove Your Wireless Carrier Account

The first thing you should make sure that you do before you go and sell or donate your mobile phone to someone is to remove your old wireless carrier account. It is imperative that you deactivate your device from the wireless carrier list you been using. If you don’t, then the person you sell the device to can easily use the info to make calls or charge data. On the other hand, depending on the carrier, the new owner may not be able to activate it either. Lastly, you may end up having to pay extra cash  later on for this line not being deactivated.


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Backup Your Data

One of the great things about the Android OS and iPhone apps is the ability to back your old data to your new phone easily. Not too long ago, most of us had to do this back-up manually which took a long time. Now, you can simply sync your contacts and other info quickly. If you have an Android account, then you can save all of your info with your Google account. For those that want to do a more complete back-up, then there are apps or software that help you do even more. iOS users can easily back up their apps and data using their iPhone’s iTunes software.


Take Your Sim With You

A lot of people who sell or donate their phones often forget to remove their sim cards. Your sim cards store a lot of information on them including your contacts. Some sim cards even store sms and text messages on them. Be sure to take your sim card out before handing the phone over to someone else. You don’t want your personal contacts or other info on the hands of someone else.


Remove Your MicroSD Cards

For those that have Android phones, they will most likely have micro SD cards on them. Be sure to remove it and take it out of your phone. Especially if you have videos, photos and personal data on it. Too many people forget to take them out since they are hidden. If you don’t need the micro SD card or want to sell the phone with it, then make sure to format it before doing so.


Backup Your Videos And Photos

Unlike Google accounts such as calendar, contacts and email, your photos and videos may need to be backed up differently. You can choose to use a Cloud account or do so manually to your computer or laptop. For the cloud option, you can use programs such as Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photo or Microsoft OneDrive. You can use Wi-Fi to back up all of your photos and videos on your old phone. Once they are there, you can connect and add them to your new phone later.


Back Up Call And Text Logs

There are some people who have thousands of text messages or calls on their old phones they may not want to part with. In the event that you don’t want to give these up, you can back them up. There are apps to help you backup your SMS messages. For call logs, you can do the same depending on your carrier since some like AT&T and Verizon offer them.


Disable Security Locks & Passwords

Most of us have security patterns or passwords on our mobile phones to help us protect them. These security measures help to keep prying eyes away from our personal information. However, if you do have any of these patterns or security codes on them, others won’t be able to access the phone without them. Make sure you disable all security locks patterns and passwords on your old phone to allow the next owner to set their own.


Wipe Your Data

After you have already backed up all of your data, photos, videos and text logs, your next and final step is to wipe it away. All phones, whether they are Android or iPhone, let you perform a factory reset. Apart from removing all of your apps, it also allows you to remove all of your private and personal information from the phone. Things such as email accounts, personal credit cards or banking info and everything else, will be wiped and erased.


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Keep in mind, that some instances of data remaining on phones even after factory reset has been done, has been reported. While it is very rare, it can still happen. After you have done the factory reset, be sure to check your phone thoroughly. Make sure that email accounts, passwords, photos and videos are completely gone. After you have checked and made certain the phone is completely cleaned, the only thing left is to say goodbye to it

7 Tips For Gaining Space On Your Android Phone

Online Convert - 7 Tips For Gaining Space On Your Android Phone
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Most of us use our smartphones for just about everything these days. Between taking photos, recording videos and using all kinds of apps, cellular phones offer many important tools for users. However, using all of these tools will quickly cause you to run out of space on your phone. Here are 7 very useful tips for gaining space on your Android phone.

Smart phones are one of the greatest things to happen to us this decade. Although cell phones have been around long before that, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that their usage has increased so much. In addition, cellular phones can now be used for just about everything. Still, chances are you may be running out of space on your Android device. If so, follow these tips.



Use Cloud Storage


Cloud storage has truly given not only smartphones users, but people who need virtual extra space, the expansion they needed. For anyone who is running out of room on their cellphone, using cloud storage to store some of their files is a great option. Videos, photos and other files tend to take up a large chunk of the space on most phones. Because of that, moving them to a cloud storage allows you to free up that space. In addition to gaining space on your phone, storing them on a cloud server will also work as a backup option. Should you ever lose your phone or if it becomes damaged, then you can still access your files stored on a cloud storage. Keep in mind that you will need to have an active internet connection in order to access those files though.


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Clear The Phone’s Cache


Cached data on your phone can end up quickly mounting and growing. Just like cookies on your computer which stay behind after you visit sites, so does cache from apps. Cache data on your smartphone grows with each app you open, page you visit and files you use. In a matter of days, a phone can have almost 500 MB to 800 MB of cache data on it. That number will vary depending on the last time you deleted your cache data. Cleaning and clearing cache data regularly, will not only free up space, it will also keep your phone running smoothly and faster.


Use A MicroSD Card


Phones that allow users to add a microSD card to them offer a great alternative to those looking to free up space. Since technology is moving so fast, many micro SD cards are quickly growing in size. You can now use 32GB and even 128GB micro SD cards on most phones. The size your phone can handle largely depends on the model. Still, being able to move your videos, photos and even apps to your microSD card will do wonders for the space on your phone. Plus, you can always transfer those files from your SD card to your computer and free up even more space on the SD card as well.


Delete Unwanted Apps


Most phones come packed with many apps we never end up using at all. Also, some people download apps that they never bother to use at all. In either case, deleting these apps can save you a ton of space on your device. In addition to the space, you can also free up memory and ram on your cell phone as well. Take a look at your phone and see what apps you haven’t used in months. Chances are that you will find a few of them. If you do, delete them. In case you may want to use them again, you can always simply download them when it’s time.


Use Your USB OTG storage Option


The majority of Android users don’t realize it, but their phones and tablets have USB OTG storage support. USB OTG – On the Go – allows you to plug in storage drive peripherals to your phone just like you would do if it was a PC or laptop. To see whether or not your phone supports the OTG, simply download a USB OTG Checker app. You may need to purchase an OTG adaptor though. Still, being able to transfer and move big files to an OTG peripheral can end up saving you lots of space. This is in addition to giving you another place to backup your data and files.


Root Your Phone


Some people who become upset at all the bloatware their cellular phones may have, choose to root their phones. Doing so can allow them kill all the bloatware all phones come equipped with. The sad truth is that most phones have about 3GB or more of unwanted bloatware on them. If you root your phone, you can also have immediate access to Android OS updates. However, there are many risks to rooting your phone as well. If not done correctly, you can end up ruining your device completely so be careful if you choose this option.


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Use A Cleaning App

Many of us use our smartphones to send messages and files all day to countless friends and family all over. Whether you are doing so via apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or others, these apps keep all this data on your phone. That means that every time you send a video, even if it is the same one, it will stay on your phone. The same goes for music files or voice messages. Over a course of a week or so, these files can up taking a lot of space. Plus, there are also many apps that run in the background without you even knowing it. Using a cleaning app can kill these apps from running and help you delete those files. A great app called CleanMaster can do wonders for cleaning up cache data and other clutter on your phone.

Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone

 Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone - Online Convert
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The vast majority of users on the Internet are now looking for useful information on saving space on their mobile devices. Online Convert has put together some helpful tips on how to save space on your phone. A few years ago most of us used to always worry about saving space on our computers, PC’s or laptops. However, the worldwide explosion of mobile usage by so many has changed even what most people are searching for these days. Cleaning up your phone of space is not only a great way to save space, but also essential in keeping your device from lagging and running slower.








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Delete Old Messages


One of the most common problems mobile users have when it comes to saving space on their phones is not knowing the default settings on their phones. Most mobile phones such as the iPhone come with preset factory settings which keep and save your text messages forever. That means that if you text constantly (who doesn’t?) then you can end up taking a large chunk of your device’s memory on old text messages alone. To make sure you stop your cellphone from storing and saving text messages forever follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings app and hit ‘Messages’
  2. Scroll down all the way until you find ‘Message History’
  3. Change forever to 1 year or 30 days, depending on your preference.

Doing this will allow you to save not only space, but also let your phone work faster. Most users send tons of videos and photos so this only adds to the amount of space used up and what can be freed up.


Clean Your Phone


Between browsing history and various apps running in the background, there are numerous things which can clog up your phone. One of the best ways to keep your phone from lagging or freezing is to clean your browsing history. Just like a computer, each page you visit is saved on your mobile device via cookies. In a matter of weeks (Depending on how much you surf) you can ramp up quite a few MB of browsing data. For those that want an even better way to keep their phone clean and running smoother we recommend an app called “Clean Master”. This app does everything from cleaning your device’s browsing history, deleting junk files and much more. You can also use it to clean texting apps such as Whatsapp and others. The reason Clean Master is useful for those that use texting apps is that most of them keep a history of all the photos, files and videos you send and receive. This means that in a few weeks you can end up with a duplicate photo or file on your phone for each instance you send it out. Clean Master also comes with a security scanner which is very essential in protecting your mobile device.


Use Alternate Data Storage


Cell phones which have SD card slots are a great way to let users be able to store data on them and save them elsewhere. These SD cards are very useful for moving videos, pictures and music you may have on your cellular phone. Most cell phones take up quite a large amount of space for photos and videos. This is because most phones now have HD capacity and a much higher quality format for pictures and videos. For those who have devices with no SD card slots capacity there is always Cloud services. These cloud services are not only great for saving space on your phone, they also act as a back-up to your files in case your device is ever lost, damaged or stolen. Most cell phone carriers have sync services which automatically back up your data each day. You can choose the frequency which the device does so, although daily backup is recommended.


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Another way to clear up space on your device is to delete all the unnecessary apps which usually come bundled with the phone. There are numerous apps which are pre-installed which most of users will actually never use. However, be sure that other apps are not Dependant on any of the applications you delete since it may cause instability on your phone or cause it to fail or malfunction.  Lastly, you can use sites such as Online Convert to change the format and file extensions of large files on your device. That 4 GB video can be easily converted to a mere few MB in an instant using our free and easy tools to convert them.