How Video Converters Can Help Users Of Old/Cheaper Phones

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Nowadays, everyone and their mother own a smartphone. And why not. They are handy and versatile, allowing you to do so much more than just calling someone or sending a text.

Yet, not everyone is as “lucky” to own the newest iPhone or Samsung, Sony or HTC. For different reasons – financial, ethical, nostalgic – you may still be holding on to your old(er) phone or a cheaper alternative to the ones mentioned above. And that’s perfectly fine!

That also means that you do not have as many or as advanced features available as the users of the most modern phones. Especially watching videos on an older Apple or Android phone can become a hassle. On of our users, an owner of a cheaper phone, has brought our attention to the “life saving” abilities of our video converter:

“Nice one, i just want to take the time and thank you for the great service. As a poor guy with a cheap phone, downloading [removed] videos is useless without your service as the generated links are either too high in resolution or the correct res but with no audio. Online convert makes everything perfect :)”


Watch Videos On Cheaper/Older Phones

There are several ways how the different video converters of can help you watch videos on your phone. Lets check them out one by one.


1. Use A Format Designed For Mobile Devices

Certain video formats have been designed especially to cater to the needs of phones or other mobile devices with smaller screens. They are lower in file size as well as resolution, which unfortunately also comes with the loss of quality.

Converting your video to either 3G2 or 3GP will lower the file size significantly and allows you to play the video on many older phones.


2. Use A Video To Device Converter

At, we use special presets so you can easily convert videos for your phone, tablet or even gaming console. Using one of these converters will automatically choose a format and setting that is supported by your device.


3. Change The Resolution Of Your Video

The third way to easily make videos watchable on your phone is to change/lower the resolution of the video. This can easily be done using any of the video converters, however we suggest using a common and wide-spread format like MP4.



Other Great Features Useful For Cellphone Users

Now that you know the basic options you have, lets have a look at other features that facilitate watching videos on your cellphone.

Next to changing the resolution of your video, the optional settings given for the video converters provide you with even more options to lower the size of your video and thus enable your phone to process it better.


Relevant for mobile users are especially:

  • Video bitrate & Audio quality to lower the file size (and quality)
  • File size to lower exactly this
  • Cut video if you are interested in a particular part of a larger video
  • How To Make A Video File Smaller
  • Editing Videos using a Video Converter


Furthermore, you have various possibilities to get your file onto your phone.


If you have the file that’s not correctly supported by your phone already saved on it or the phone’s SD card, you can easily upload it using the “Choose File” button.

If you are downloading a video from a video platform like YouTube or Dailymotion, many programs and services provide you with a download link. That link can be directly pasted in the URL field of our video converter.

Of course you can also convert files you already have saved on a cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.


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How To Watch Videos On Your TV From Your Smartphone

How To Watch Videos On Your TV From Your Smarphone - Online Convert
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Remember the days when Televisions ruled the world? Okay, well according to statistics, that’s still the case. The average American person watches over 35 hours of television per week. The same can be said for people using their smartphones. More people are using their cellphones these days to watch videos, chat, play games and more than ever before.

So what if you could combined both of the things you watch and use the most into one? Well, in a way you can. Below is a guide showing you how to watch videos on your TV from your smartphone. That’s right. You can easily watch on your television all of movies you stream from your phone. Also, the games you play on your cell, you can do so on your TV and even share photos as well. The same applies if you have a tablet.



Go From The Little Screen To Big


Smartphones are the best. We can do so much more these days than just make phone calls (which was what they were originally intended for). From watching your favorite videos to playing some of the hottest games, our cell phones open up so many gateways to fun each day. It is no wonder so many people have a hard time putting their cell phones down. But while being able to watch videos on your tablet or cell is great, the smaller screen is not the same as our big screen Televisions. Luckily, technology has advanced so much on both smartphones and TV’s that now you can watch videos from your phone on your Television sets. There’s a few cool and easy ways to do so. Here are some of the easiest and best ways to look at your photos, games and videos from your cell on your Television.


You may also want to read How to copy a video file and MP3 to your mobile phone


Connect Via HDMI


Just about every tablet or smartphone now allows you to plug into your Television via an HDMI cable. This is providing that your TV is HDMI-ready. All you need to do is plug one end of the cable to your smartphone and the other to the HDMI ports found on your Television. The minute you connect them, you will be able to see and show on your TV, whatever you display on your phone. This means that those cool photos you took at the party can now be seen on your huge screen TV. Also, all the latest and hottest videos and apps you play (yes the games) can now be transferred to your big screen TV. It is like having a projector (well, actually, it is). Everything you project on your smartphone, its now visible on your TV set.

The only problem you may have is that most HDMI cables are relatively short (about 6 to 12 feet long). However, there are some available which are much longer for you to use them from a further distance. That means you can lay down on your couch and bed while you play, watch and see all the stuff from your phone on your TV.


Wireless Connection


Some people don’t really care much for wires or simply want the freedom of going wireless. In the event that you are one of those people, then you can also connect your TV to your smartphone this way. This option may be a bit more expensive since you have to purchase a separate device such as the Roku Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV, or the Apple TV or  to do so. But it is so much easier and better because of the freedom it allows you to have. The possibilities are endless as far as where you can play and watch your cell phone display from. By connecting any of the devices, you simply enable screen mirroring and click on the appropriate icon that pops up on your cellular phone or tablet. After that, you can easily begin to watch it all on your big screen.


There are also devices which let you stream all of your contents on your phone via the Wi-Fi at home. For those with an iOS device, they can use AirPlay to easily beam photos, videos and music wirelessly. (Note that you will need Apple TV to use this).


Get A Smart TV


In case you have a really new smartphone, but your Television is an older model, consider getting a smarter Television. Those TV’s which allow you to connect with tablets or cellphones are well worth it. Especially once you see just how much you can do with them combined and connected together. Be sure that the Television you purchase is DLNA-certified (Digital Living Network Alliance).


See also How To Use Your Cellular Phone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot


Nothing compares to being able to watch your photos in 1080p, big screen resolution. The same can be said for the videos and games you play on your phone and watch them on your TV. Being able to combine two of the things we use the most makes this pretty awesome!



Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone

 Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone - Online Convert
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The vast majority of users on the Internet are now looking for useful information on saving space on their mobile devices. Online Convert has put together some helpful tips on how to save space on your phone. A few years ago most of us used to always worry about saving space on our computers, PC’s or laptops. However, the worldwide explosion of mobile usage by so many has changed even what most people are searching for these days. Cleaning up your phone of space is not only a great way to save space, but also essential in keeping your device from lagging and running slower.








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Delete Old Messages


One of the most common problems mobile users have when it comes to saving space on their phones is not knowing the default settings on their phones. Most mobile phones such as the iPhone come with preset factory settings which keep and save your text messages forever. That means that if you text constantly (who doesn’t?) then you can end up taking a large chunk of your device’s memory on old text messages alone. To make sure you stop your cellphone from storing and saving text messages forever follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings app and hit ‘Messages’
  2. Scroll down all the way until you find ‘Message History’
  3. Change forever to 1 year or 30 days, depending on your preference.

Doing this will allow you to save not only space, but also let your phone work faster. Most users send tons of videos and photos so this only adds to the amount of space used up and what can be freed up.


Clean Your Phone


Between browsing history and various apps running in the background, there are numerous things which can clog up your phone. One of the best ways to keep your phone from lagging or freezing is to clean your browsing history. Just like a computer, each page you visit is saved on your mobile device via cookies. In a matter of weeks (Depending on how much you surf) you can ramp up quite a few MB of browsing data. For those that want an even better way to keep their phone clean and running smoother we recommend an app called “Clean Master”. This app does everything from cleaning your device’s browsing history, deleting junk files and much more. You can also use it to clean texting apps such as Whatsapp and others. The reason Clean Master is useful for those that use texting apps is that most of them keep a history of all the photos, files and videos you send and receive. This means that in a few weeks you can end up with a duplicate photo or file on your phone for each instance you send it out. Clean Master also comes with a security scanner which is very essential in protecting your mobile device.


Use Alternate Data Storage


Cell phones which have SD card slots are a great way to let users be able to store data on them and save them elsewhere. These SD cards are very useful for moving videos, pictures and music you may have on your cellular phone. Most cell phones take up quite a large amount of space for photos and videos. This is because most phones now have HD capacity and a much higher quality format for pictures and videos. For those who have devices with no SD card slots capacity there is always Cloud services. These cloud services are not only great for saving space on your phone, they also act as a back-up to your files in case your device is ever lost, damaged or stolen. Most cell phone carriers have sync services which automatically back up your data each day. You can choose the frequency which the device does so, although daily backup is recommended.


Want to keep your mobile device safe? Read about the Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware


Another way to clear up space on your device is to delete all the unnecessary apps which usually come bundled with the phone. There are numerous apps which are pre-installed which most of users will actually never use. However, be sure that other apps are not Dependant on any of the applications you delete since it may cause instability on your phone or cause it to fail or malfunction.  Lastly, you can use sites such as Online Convert to change the format and file extensions of large files on your device. That 4 GB video can be easily converted to a mere few MB in an instant using our free and easy tools to convert them.