5 Reasons Why You Need Online Video Conversion

There are many reasons for why you need video conversion – especially in our modern, technological world. Today, we want to explore 5 of these reasons. And not only that! We will also show you why an online solution is oftentimes the better solution!


Top 5 Reasons To Use Online Video Conversion

1. Watch Videos On All Devices

Some mobile phones, especially older ones, can not handle all videos and codecs. In order to view your videos on all your devices, however – may it be a tablet or iPad, Android phone or iPhone, or even an iPod – it may be needed to converted them to a universally supported format.

There are different ways to do so:

  1. MP4 videos are supported by most modern devices
  2. An older video format specifically for 3G phones is 3GP, however
  3. You can optimize your videos for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or iPod
  4. Even optimization for different gaming consoles is possible, e.g. Nintendo 3DS, Playstation, Nintendo Wii or XBOX

No matter what you decide for, these converters can help you to correctly open and view your videos on the phone, console and tablet of your choice.


2. Save Videos From Social Media

Sharing funny videos on social media is nice and all, but what if you want to save them? Either to store them or to watch them while not being connected to the web? Downloading these videos is always not as easy as uploading them. No matter if you want to download a video from Facebook or Instagram, we got you covered. You can even save old Vines that can still be viewed on the site even though Vine is no more.


3. Basic Video Editing

Your video is upside down? Or tilted to the side? Or is it simply too big to be sent via WhatsApp or another messenger? An online video converter can help even here!

Changing the file size as well as the screen size is an easy thing, but you can go even more in depth. Frame rate, bit rate and audio quality can be toggled by you as well. Furthermore, online video conversion allows you to mirror or flip a video or even cut parts of the video so you won’t have to save or send the whole file!


4. Social Media Doesn’t Support GIFs

Animated GIFs are popular since they loop one (funny) sequence over and over. To say it in short, they focus on the relevant parts. And yet, many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not support the upload and display of animated GIFs. Instead, they only show a still image of the first frame of the animation. This is not what we want to share with our friends, family and followers when we upload a GIF!

This can be helped when you convert the animated GIFs (back) to video. Depending on your settings, videos loop on Facebook and Instagram as well and they can easily be uploaded to both platforms.


5. Online Is Better

Now, why should you do all of this online, you ask? There are actually several reasons for that:

  1. No installation. You don’t need to install any software to your computer or another app on your phone. Simply use the website to get your videos converted.
  2. Do it from anywhere. There is no need to be at home or on your own computer. With the online video conversion you can convert and edit your videos from any computer or mobile device as long as you have a working internet connection.
  3. No viruses or malware. Downloading a file for software installation is always a risk to infest your computer with a virus. When there is nothing to download but your file, however, those risks are significantly smaller.

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How To Prepare Your Videos For WhatsApp

WhatsApp Videos

Social Media is a great way to share your videos with your friends, family and colleagues – and with the world. What we post on social media is, depending on the privacy settings of our profiles, visible for everyone. Everyone can see our pictures, read our statuses, watch our videos. Hence why some things should better not be shared on social media.

Want to share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter still? Check out how to upload videos to social media.


Luckily, there is another easy and convenient way to share photos and videos with other people – without putting it out there for “everyone” to see: WhatsApp. WhatsApp is more than just a tool to send text messages to one another. It allows us to share images, videos, even animated GIFs with single people and even a whole group of friends.

Today, we want to have a look at how you can get your videos ready and perfect to send and share them using WhatsApp.


What you need:

  1. An video
  2. WhatsApp on your phone or WhatsApp Web
  3. A free online video converter


How To Get Your Video Ready For WhatsApp

Before we can get our video ready for sending it over WhatsApp, we have to know the specifications of videos allowed to be uploaded and sent using the app. The following table will give a short overview of what is known about videos that can best be sent, received and watched using WhatsApp:

Max. File Size Max. Length File Formats Specifications
16 MB ca. 3 Minutes recommended:

  • MP4


  • AVI
  • MKV
  • H264 or MPEG4 video codec
  • AAC or AC3 audio codec


Both MP4 and AVI are video container formats that can contain different codecs for both audio and video streams. This could cause trouble when trying to watch a video you received via WhatsApp. If your phone or device does not support the codec used in the sent video, you can not view it. However, if you convert your video and optimize it as best as possible for WhatsApp, you increase the chance of everyone you send the video to being able to watch it.

Let’s see how you can do that. Of course, you need your video. We are using a file with a 3GP format.


1. Open the MP4 converter

The advantage of using such an online version in comparison to a program or app is that you can always use it from everywhere. There is no need to install anything, simply follow the link.


2. Upload your file

There are different options for you to upload your video:

  1. Directly from your phone or hard drive
  2. By entering a link
  3. Uploading it from your cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive)


3. Use the optional settings

As the name suggests, these options are optional. However, they can be important when looking at the specifications of videos for WhatsApp. Two settings in particular are vital for that:

  • Set file size
  • Cut video

Since WhatsApp restricts the video size in two ways, file size and length, you can use those settings to cut your video and make it smaller so WhatsApp can process them.


4. Even more optional settings

As you can see on the screenshot above, there are more settings you can use to alter and optimize your video. Especially for videos recorded on a phone, the last two options can be interesting. If your video is upside-down or tilted to the side, you can easily rotate it so other people can view it correctly. Furthermore, you can mirror or flip the video as well.


5. Convert and upload

Once you did or did not set your optional settings, you can click on “Convert file”. On the next page, you can then download the MP4 file. Depending on the size of your video, it might take a while to upload and process it. But once this is done, you can go ahead and share it on WhatsApp with your friends and family!

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How Video Converters Can Help Users Of Old/Cheaper Phones

Old Phone
Image by http://bit.ly/2clumvV


Nowadays, everyone and their mother own a smartphone. And why not. They are handy and versatile, allowing you to do so much more than just calling someone or sending a text.

Yet, not everyone is as “lucky” to own the newest iPhone or Samsung, Sony or HTC. For different reasons – financial, ethical, nostalgic – you may still be holding on to your old(er) phone or a cheaper alternative to the ones mentioned above. And that’s perfectly fine!

That also means that you do not have as many or as advanced features available as the users of the most modern phones. Especially watching videos on an older Apple or Android phone can become a hassle. On of our users, an owner of a cheaper phone, has brought our attention to the “life saving” abilities of our video converter:

“Nice one, i just want to take the time and thank you for the great service. As a poor guy with a cheap phone, downloading [removed] videos is useless without your service as the generated links are either too high in resolution or the correct res but with no audio. Online convert makes everything perfect :)”


Watch Videos On Cheaper/Older Phones

There are several ways how the different video converters of Online-Convert.com can help you watch videos on your phone. Lets check them out one by one.


1. Use A Format Designed For Mobile Devices

Certain video formats have been designed especially to cater to the needs of phones or other mobile devices with smaller screens. They are lower in file size as well as resolution, which unfortunately also comes with the loss of quality.

Converting your video to either 3G2 or 3GP will lower the file size significantly and allows you to play the video on many older phones.


2. Use A Video To Device Converter

At Online-Convert.com, we use special presets so you can easily convert videos for your phone, tablet or even gaming console. Using one of these converters will automatically choose a format and setting that is supported by your device.


3. Change The Resolution Of Your Video

The third way to easily make videos watchable on your phone is to change/lower the resolution of the video. This can easily be done using any of the online-convert.com video converters, however we suggest using a common and wide-spread format like MP4.



Other Great Features Useful For Cellphone Users

Now that you know the basic options you have, lets have a look at other features that facilitate watching videos on your cellphone.

Next to changing the resolution of your video, the optional settings given for the video converters provide you with even more options to lower the size of your video and thus enable your phone to process it better.


Relevant for mobile users are especially:

  • Video bitrate & Audio quality to lower the file size (and quality)
  • File size to lower exactly this
  • Cut video if you are interested in a particular part of a larger video
  • How To Make A Video File Smaller
  • Editing Videos using a Video Converter


Furthermore, you have various possibilities to get your file onto your phone.


If you have the file that’s not correctly supported by your phone already saved on it or the phone’s SD card, you can easily upload it using the “Choose File” button.

If you are downloading a video from a video platform like YouTube or Dailymotion, many programs and services provide you with a download link. That link can be directly pasted in the URL field of our video converter.

Of course you can also convert files you already have saved on a cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.


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Top Video Converter Apps Of The Year

Video App
Image by Joseph Morris http://bit.ly/1MI9hFH

If you are looking to check out the top video convertor apps of the year, well you are in luck, since that is precisely what we have decided to review. This week we have decided to review the best video converter apps of the year, which can definitely get your media library organized in the best possible way. These video converter apps are easy to use and are definitely a step above some of the rest that are available in the market today.

You should remember that we have not made this list in any particular order and obviously some apps are better than the others. So without any further delay let’s roundup the top video converter apps of the year so far:

MPEG Streamclip (Windows/OS X)

The MPEG Streamclip is an extremely powerful video editor, player and conversion tool that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is used mainly for transcoding, but can also be beneficial or those looking to organize their media and video. If you really want to get a video converter app that is completely free, fast, and flexible then the best choice for you out right now has to be the MPEG Streamclip. It may not be the prettiest app out there but it is effective and can also convert any type of video within a matter of seconds with no complications.

Format Factory (Window)

One of the best video conversion apps available today is Format Factory, which is also free to use and can convert any type of video on any supported format. The interface is not that great but the app offers you a whole array of conversion tools and options that you can use in order to ensure that your video is absolutely perfect. It also offers you the chance to repair any broken video or audio and is extremely beneficial, since it can convert your video in any format.

Handbrake (Windows/OS X/Linux)

Transcoding and video conversion go hand in hand and if you want to get the job done then one of the best ways to ensure that is by getting this video conversion tool. Handbrake is definitely great at converting your videos and you can also convert multiple videos from one format to another without any problems. There are a host of features that you are afforded as well and you can definitely take advantage of one of the most detail oriented and rich in options apps that is around today. One of the best aspects of Handbrake is the fact that it is free to use and is extremely efficient in getting the job done when it comes to converting videos from one format to another.


Additionally, online conversion sites like Online-Convert.com are designed to support different mobile browsers. No matter if Opera Mini, UC Browser, or another mobile version of common web browsers, you can convert files just as easily as from the web. Plus, there is no installation of any app needed!

Finding the right video converter apps is definitely one of the most important things that you need to do, since they allow you the advantage to get your videos converted onto the right format. So if you want to find video converter apps, these are the best of the best this year.