How To Save Different Document File Formats

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There are many different document file types out there and not all of them work the same way. Opening a PAGES document on a Windows computer is bothersome and sending Microsoft Word documents is not advised because everyone can easily edit them.

In earlier articles, we have talked a lot about the how and why you may need to convert or save your documents into or as a different file format. To freshen up your memory, here’s our list of popular document file formats. Now, lets have a practical look at how you can save your documents in different formats easily with the programs you are already using!


How To Save Document In Different File Formats

Oftentimes, it is not necessary to download and install many different programs just to save or export your documents in another format. Many popular text editing programs already allow you to save your writing in another format than the ones native to the program. We have picked the four most popular text editing programs from different office suites to show you how to!

At the end of the article you will find a comparative table of file types that can be saved using the single programs.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most versatile text editing programs when it comes to saving files in different formats. For exhaustive information about all the single formats, check out this article of file formats for saving in Microsoft Word.

How to:

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Save As
  2. In the box, enter a file name for your document
  3. Click on the Format pop-up menu to find all the files you can save your file as
  4. Choose the one you want and click Save

Microsoft Word also allows you to change the default file format it saves documents in. To change this, open the Save As box once more and click on Options. Click on the Save Word files as pop-up menu and choose the format you want to have set as a default. Don’t forget to save your changes.


Apple Pages

Apple users are more familiar with the Pages text editing program (even though there is a Microsoft Word version for Apple Mac computers). The selection of formats to save as is not as big, but there is still enough variety.

How to:

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Export To
  2. There you can choose the individual file format
  3. Afterwards, you can select different settings depending on your choice
  4. Enter the file name and some tags (optional)
  5. Choose the folder where you want to save your document and click on Export


OpenOffice / LibreOffice

OpenOffice and LibreOffice are the open source equivalents to Microsoft’s Word program. The functions, features and commands are very similar to those of Word. While saving in a Word document is also possible, these open source alternatives introduced a new and open standard document format as well: ODT

How to: 

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Save As
  2. In the box, enter a file name for your document
  3. Click on the Format pop-up menu to find all the files you can save your file as
  4. Choose the one you want and click Save

Saving as PDF, however, is a bit different:

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Export as PDF
  2. Change the settings according to your wishes, then click on Export
  3. In the box, enter a file name for your document and click on Save

A quick way to do so is to simply press the “Export as PDF” button in your taskbar as well. You can find it next to the Print buttons:


Furthermore, with LibreOffice and OpenOffice you can export your documents into other file formats like images as well:

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Export As
  2. In the box, enter a file name for your document
  3. Click on the Format pop-up menu to find all the files you can save your file as
  4. Choose the one you want and click Save

This allows you to export your writing into PNG and JPEG and JPG as well.

If your program still isn’t saving in the format you wish, you can always go to and convert your documents, images or other media into different document and ebook types.



Microsoft Word Apple Pages Open Office/Libre Office
Native Formats

  • DOC & DOCX
  • DOT & DOTX

Other Text Formats

  • TXT
  • RTF
  • PDF


  • HTM
  • MHT

Markup Languages

  • XML


  • DIC
  • THMX
Native Formats


Other Text Formats

  • DOC & DOCX
  • TXT
  • PDF


  • EPUB
Native Formats

  • ODT
  • OTT
  • FODT
  • UOT

Other Text Formats

  • DOC & DOCX
  • DOT
  • TXT
  • RTF
  • PDF


  • HTML

Markup Languages

  • XML
Text Formats

  • DOC & DOCX
  • ODT
  • TXT
  • RTF
  • PDF


  • HTML


  • AZW
  • EPUB
  • FB2
  • LIT
  • LRF
  • MOBI
  • PDB
  • TCR


  • PPT & PPTX

How To Use Your Cellular Phone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

See how to turn your smartphone into a wi-fi hot spot
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Being connected to the world wide web or being able to go Online is almost something which is a must for most of us these days. That’s why you need to know how to use your cellular phone as a wi-fi hotspot for those days or places you have no internet wi-fi access. Luckily though, most smartphones allow you to easily turn them into a portable wi-fi hotspot to connect your computer, tablet or laptop to the internet. This works great when you are away from home or the office.



When You’re On The Go


If you find yourself away from home in an airport, hotel or out on the town, there’s nothing worse than not having no wi-fi internet access. Also, there are many times when the internet you find is so bad, that it constantly keeps dropping or losing signal. Finally, there’s the security risk. Many people will often find so called ‘Free Wi-Fi’ spots when they are outside. However, in some cases, these free wi-fi spots are ruses used try hackers to lure you to use their connections. Once you log on though, they get access to your personal information such as banking and credit cards. It is very easy for hackers to use this backdoor system as a way to hack your devices.


Woried about malware or hackers? Then be sure to read Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware


Your Smartphone Is The Internet


The great news is that if you have a smartphone, it is possible to use your device and turn it into a portable wi-fi hotspot. This can be done by using your device’s 3G or 4G connection in order to gain access to the web. The process used to do this is called ‘tethering’. One thing to keep in mind though is that you need to be aware of your carrier or network’s terms and conditions when it comes to data usage and tethering. Many carriers have a limited amount of data which you can use each month. Using your smartphone in this manner can have you reaching your monthly data allowance very quickly. Furthermore, when you do exceed your data limits, you may end up getting charges for the rest of the data you use; plus over the limit fees. Still, checking your data limit and keeping an an eye on what you are using can help you avoid this.


Now that you know what you  can do with your smartphone, the next step is turning it into a hotspot and learning how to tether with it.


Step One –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 1

On your device’s home screen select the settings menu to gain access to them.


Step Two –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 2

Find the ‘Network Connections’ section and choose ‘Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot”


Step Three –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 3

On the tethering and wi-fi hotspots section, you will find the Mobile Hotspot button which is turned off by default. Tap it to turn it on.


Step Four –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 4

Once you tap it, depending on your smartphone, you should get a window which has the Mobile Hotspot turned off as well. Hit the off switch and turn it on.


Step Five –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 5

After you tap the button to turn it on, you will get a message letting you know you are now turning on portable wi-fi hotspot and it will turn off the wi-fi (If you are connected to one).


Step Six –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 6

You should get a warning informing you that turning on the mobile hotspot option will turn on mobile data. If you are ready to proceed then hit OK.


Step Seven –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 7

Once you have done that, you will see a screen that pops up which will allow you to configure your wi-fi hotspot via your cellular phone. You should be able to see the name of your device as well as the security and password. Hit Save and proceed to the next step.


Step Eight –

Easy steps to turning your smartphone into a wi-fi hotspot - 8


You’re almost done. Now simply to go on your PC, laptop or tablet and choose your device’s network from the list of all the Wi-Fi available connections.

After you have done that, simply click on connect . Your next ^& final step is to enter the password for the Wi-Fi hotspot you saved earlier. You’re all set. Once your device is connected, you will be able to go Online and surf the web via using your handset’s 3G or 4G data connection.



Unsure of the differences between Windows or Android phones? Take a look at Windows Phone And Android – What’s The Difference?


As we mentioned earlier, be sure to keep track of your data usage since you can easily go over very quickly. How long it will take varies since it all  depends on your allocated amount, what pages you surf and for how long.

Save Vines — Quick & Easy Tutorial

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Vines: 6 seconds that can make you laugh, cray or go “awwwh”.

In this article, we do not want to tell you how to upload videos to Vine (anyhow, here’s a tutorial on how to make your video smaller). No, today, we want to tell you how you can save a video from Vine all quick and easy. You do not need to download anything and it works for smartphones just as well as for tablets, computers or laptops!


Download & Save Your Vines

We don’t want to distract you with long preludes. Lets get to the how-to of downloading and saving a video from Vine. For this purpose, we will use this Vine of an adorably dancing Shiba Inu:

In the following tutorial, we will save this video on our computer.


Step 1


What we need for downloading this vine is the link to the video. When you open the page f the Vine, you can find it in the address bar of your computer. Copy the URL to your clipboard.


Step 2


Go to and choose a video converter. We suggest using the MP4-converter because it’s the most supported format.


Step 3


Here, simply paste the URL of the Vine into the according field and press “Convert file”. The options in the middle are optional, you don’t need them for a simple download.


Step 4


Watch your video. Depending on your browser, it was downloaded automatically into your download folder or you have to manually start the download.


And that’s it. Yes, it really is that easy to download any Vine to your computer, smartphone or tablet! All you need is:

  1. A Vine


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Best Free Online Image Editing Websites

Best Free Online Image Editing Websites
Image Credit by = Hector M.


Have you ever had a photo you wanted to fix and asked yourself how can I edit a photo for free online? The truth is you’re not alone. This is why at Online Convert, we are reviewing the best free Online image editing websites available. There are many people on the Internet who are constantly looking for free photo editing websites to use. Devices which allow people to access the web and take photos, have made the need for editing websites even greater.



Something Great & Simple Please


Not everyone can afford or use the mother of all editing programs which is Photoshop. While Photoshop is an awesome powerful program to edit and manipulate images, it is also very expensive and difficult to use. It takes a while before you can finally learn to do major edits to an image on Photoshop. Still, don’t lose hope just yet. For those who cannot afford or who do not want to download expensive programs, there are great sites which let you do it all online for free.



You may also want to read about the Best free Picture Viewers for Windows



Below, are some great ‘photoshop websites’ or sites which let you easily edit, add text, crop or do various things to your photos.



Pixlr - Free Photo Editing Tool

With one of the most easiest and full-featured imaging editing tools for free use Online, Pixlr Editor is one of the best picture editors available for free on the internet. Possessing an interface which looks similar to Photoshop, Pixlr allows the user to choose from many features and tools. It also gives you numerous choices of how deep you really want to get into editing your photos. Pixlr does operate within its very own application frame which allows it to save the photos in its own format; as well as five other universal ones. These include TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PXD and BMP formats. However, in the event that these are not the formats you want to use for your photos, you can always easily convert them to numerous others here on Online Convert.




At first glance, LunaPic may seem like it really doesn’t have too many features to offer photo editors. However, once you begin to play around with the alteration tools found on the site, you will discover that there are plentiful to choose from. The conservative looking blue canvas icon toolbar may seem too small when you first look at it. Still, it has quite a few unique and very useful effects and photo edits to select from. There are ads on both the top and right hand sides of the site though. Nevertheless, it’s a small price to pay for such a great free Online picture editing tool.



Great Free Image Editing Site - BeFunky

With a name like BeFunky, this site offers some of the best free online photo editing special effects out there. Although some users may find their interface annoying or too busy due to ads, it is still a great Online editing program to use. It has a lot of sophisticated elements from which to choose from. There’s also a vast collection of backgrounds and stickers to select from. If you want to get funky with your photo, BeFunky has linkify paints, loads of grunge frames and a cartoonizer as well.



Ipiccy - Awesome Pic Editing Website

For those that simply want to do quick edits, add text to photos or crop & resize an image without too much hassle, then Ipiccy is the site to use. With a very easy to use interface, Ipiccy allows you to quickly do some edits to your photos in no time. One of the best things about this site is the lack of ads or pop-ups you normally see in other Online spots. That in itself is a great reason to make this such a great free Online photo editing tool.  You can also create a collage of photos or make your own designs. You can even take your very own webcam photos and apply stunning effects to them.




If you have not heard, there’s a monkey out there that can actually edit your pics. We are referring to the PicMonkey site which lets you do some cool & basic photo editing without having to download anything. Upon entering the site, you may take a few seconds to figure out where to go exactly. This is because, unlike Pixlr or other sites, PicMonkey doesn’t land you directly into the editing interface. Instead, you see four icons on the top to choose from. They are the edit, touch up, design and collage icons. Selecting either one of these will allow you to upload your photos and begin to make your edits or add special effects to them. Of course, there are ads on both the bottom and right sides of the site. Still, they offer you a free trial Royale version which is good for 30 days. Royale membership gets you overlays, fonts, ads-free editing, effects, and touch-up tools.



Still looking for more help with editing your photos? Then check out the Best Free Photo Collage Makers [FollowUp]


While these are just some of the best free Online image editing websites available, there are many others as well. Websites you can also find some great editing tools on are sites like,, and No matter which site you choose, just keep in mind that converting them to the proper format you may need can be done here in a few free and simple steps.


Image Conversion Software For Free

open source image conversion software - online convert
Image Credit by = Hector Mota

Are you looking to convert an image file of some kind and want or need an image conversion software for free to use? If so, then chances are you are not alone. Everyday, millions of people go Online looking for image conversion software for free or at least for one at an affordable price. This is because there are so many different image formats from which to convert to. While the most known or used format for images are JPG, there are numerous other formats as well.

Yet you do not need to spend any money or download any software in order to convert your image files or any other kind of files at all. Here on Online Convert, we offer 100% free image, video, audio and several other file conversion tools to use for totally free.



Be sure to read about these Useful Tools for Web and Graphic Designers


What’s Your Image File Format?


Image file formats come in BMP (also known as bitmap image) EPS (Encapsulated PostScript Vector Graphics) GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) formats.  While these are just some of the most widely known or used formats, there are many others as well. No matter what type of an image software or conversion tools people may be looking for, the formats are plentiful. However, what numerous users don’t know is that for the most part, they can convert their image files for free without having to purchase any software at all.


Image Conversion Software Makers Secret


The truth is that most of the image conversion software program makers do not want you to know about sites such as Online Convert. This is because we offer for free, the converting tools that they charge people money for. Of course, there are also other programs that are free to use to convert image or other files. Still, you need to download and install these programs in your device in order to do so. That is not the case with Online Convert. The converting tools offered here require nothing from you. The only thing you need to do in order to convert your image or any kind of file is to simply upload the file you wish to convert to our servers. We then do all the work for you in a few simple and quick steps.


Unsure about certain image file types? Then check out Image File Extensions – What Are the Differences?


For now, users looking for image conversion software freeware, an open source image conversion software or any other kind of converting software can finally relax. You now know that there is no need for you to have to purchase, download or install any kind of software or program to convert your image files. Online Convert has successfully converted millions of different kinds of files for users throughout the years. Always easy to use and always free of charge.


Guide On How To Easily Email a PowerPoint Presentation

Useful guide on sharing or emailing Powerpoint Presentations - Online Convert
Image Credit by =

One of the most used ways for curriculum delivery by teachers of e-learning courses to students and other colleagues is via PowerPoint presentations. This step by step useful guide on how to easily email a PowerPoint presentation or an e-learning course can come in handy. Most e-learning courses and PowerPoint presentations usually contain numerous hyperlinks and loads of files. They are also very large  in size which makes it almost impossible to share because of size limit restrictions. However, if a teacher is able to email the actual files to students or even an email link, this can make it much easier to share. Below are some of the best, fastest and easiest ways to share or email your next PowerPoint presentation or e-learning course with others.



Convert It To A Video


One of the best and easiest ways to be able to send or share your PowerPoint or e-learning course with someone is by turning it to a video. Once that has been done, the next step is to convert that video in an MP4 file. You can also resize your video in order to change its size to a much smaller size by changing its resolution and other options. This can be easily done by using our easy to use video converter here.


Check out How to copy a video file and MP3 to your mobile phone


Send It As An Email Attachment


Another great and easy way to send your e-learning course or PowerPoint presentation to someone is by sending the file as an email attachment. This allows the file to be easily uploaded or shared without having to do too much to it. To perform this step simply:


  1. You first save your completed e-learning course or PowerPoint presentation on your computer or device.
  2. Open whatever email program you normally use.
  3. Make sure you add the names of the recipients to which you wish to send the file to.
  4. Select and click on the attach file button found on the email program. (most programs have an icon resembling a paper clip). Once there, go to the source in your computer or hard drive where the file is store. Select it and hit ok.
  5. After doing so, the file should begin to upload to the email server. The time it takes to upload will depend on the size of the file and your Internet speed.
  6. Once done, hit send and the file should be on its way.



Cloud Hosting


iCloud services are being used now for hundreds of different things all over the world. These cloud hosting services allow users to save space on their drives, cellular phones or other devices by storing it on another cloud server. If you upload your PowerPoint presentation or e-learning course to your cloud, you can then share it with anyone you choose to. Simply send them a link directing them to the source file. You can even share it with everyone around the world if you decide to make the file public. There is a great advantage about using a cloud hosting server. Users who do not have PowerPoint or other software usually required to view such files installed, can easily view it once you share it with them. The other benefit is that the files remain safe on your cloud server for as long as you want to.



Zip That Huge File


For those really large presentations, it may be necessary to turn them into smaller sizes by compressing them in order to share them with others. You can do this whenever they are too large to be sent as an attachment. You can also upload it to services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the file is uploaded there, you can share it with others via email link provided by them.

In order to share the compressed  PowerPoint or E-learning course zip files simply follow these steps:


  1. Find your hard drive icon and right click on it.
  2. Select “Send to”
  3. Select the compressed folder where the zip file is located.
  4. Once you are logged into your file hosting services , be sure to follow the proper steps to upload it. Next you will select the people whom you want to share the file with. You will get a link to share the file with others or one will be sent to them once you enter their email.
  5. When the link has been received by the others, they can simply choose to download the file or view it Online.


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We hope this guide on how to easily email a PowerPoint presentation or an e-learning course has been useful and helpful to you. These are some of the most basic and best ways to share your e-learning courses or PowerPoint presentations with others all over the world. Remember, you can always convert many different files easily here on Online Convert with into hundreds of  formats.

How To Convert Video To MP3

Video to Audio
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Do you know this feeling? You heard a great piece of music in a video and you are dying to put it onto your phone, MP3-Player or into iTunes.

Good thing that ripping the audio data from a video can be done within minutes!


In this tutorial, we tell you how to get music or other audio tracks from a video with ease and in no time!


Video To MP3

For our tutorial, we decided to take a video from user Shawn. If you want to test for yourself, you can download the video as well (it’s free and saved in the MOV format), or even paste the link directly into the URL input field of the converter: Acoustic Guitar Player In Studio


1. Choose Your Converter

As a first step, you have to decide which audio converter you want to use. There are many different audio formats to choose from, like AIFF, FLAC, WAV or the popular MP3 format.

We decided to use the MP3 converter.



2. Upload Your Video Or Enter A Link

Once you have chosen your converter, choose the upload method fitting for your video. You can either upload it from your hard drive, enter a URL (YouTube is not supported) or choose a video stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox folders.



3. Set Optional Settings

If you’re more experienced with audio files, you can set one or more of the optional settings. They allow you to change the bitrate or sampling rate, as well as to normalize your audio file.

The function of trimming your audio will be discussed further down. Check it out, this is a very useful tool!


4. Start The Conversion

Once you uploaded your file and set all options you need or want, it’s time to start the conversion. Simply click on “Convert File” and our service does the rest!


5. MP3 is downloaded

Depending on how big your video is, the upload and conversion may take a bit. A progress bar will show you the progress of the upload, and if you don’t want to wait for the result, you can always store the link and check again later (within 24 hours!) or get an e-mail sent to you (available with a free account).

Once the conversion is done, your music file is automatically (depending on the browser) downloaded.




Cool Features Of An Online Video To Audio Program

As mentioned before, there is a great optional feature you can use when converting your video file to audio: Trim Audio.

This option allows you to cut chunks from the beginning or end from a video so they don’t appear in your audio file. Why is this such a great feature? Because some videos containing music are longer, having an intro or long outro. With the trim audio function, you can get rid of these parts and download the “essence of the audio” so to speak.



This is a follow-up tutorial of Rip audio from a video clip, the easy way.


Easy To Use Hash Generator Online

Easy to use hash encryption tools - Online Convert
Image Credit by =

For those looking for an easy to use hash generator Online, then Online Convert offers you one with many different formats to convert to. Hash encryption used to be something that most of us heard on TV or movies involving high-tech plots. However, with the recent upsurge in Internet and electronic device usage these days, that is no longer the case. Hash encryption is everywhere and if you are not using it to protect your sensitive data, you could be in danger of hackers or scams.





Hash Encryption Defined


Hash encryption are cryptographic hash functions which are considered almost impossible to invert or devalue. One simple way to look at a hash function is by thinking of it this way; if you take the number 5 (five) and send it to someone, then it is easy to see it just as it is; the number 5. However, if you add hash encryption to the same number 5, it might turn out to be something like this – 8AEGHDC7 F67HGH7CA 98K24LM 45JH87KC KD392OP – which is nearly impossible to decode or figure out.  Another way to look at hash encryption is by thinking of baking a loaf of bread. With a loaf of bread, you first start out with your inputs ie; flour, yeast, water, etc. When you apply the hash function (baking + mixing) then you end up getting the end results which is a loaf of baked bread. There are many different hash functions such as binary or string. A hash function is considered any function which can be utilized to map data of arbitrary proportions to data of fixed size.


Need more info on the subject? Then Check out Hashing and Encrypting – What’s the Difference?


Why The Need For Hash Encryption?


As we stated earlier, the rise in both Internet usage and people with access to Online sites has risen quite dramatically the past few years. Electronic devices have made this possible since people no longer need just a computer or laptop to go online anymore. Because of this rise in Online usage, there is also a spike in hacking and cyber crimes. This means that having simple and/or easy to remember passwords is dangerous and not recommended. Hash encryption allows you to create hashes for important & sensitive data such as passwords. Having well encrypted passwords can help protect your personal data, files and financial information as well.


Still, there are many Websites which charge users for hash encryption. Other sites offer to do so but only if you sign up or download certain programs or software. None of these options are needed for hash encryption if you use Online Convert’s hash encryption tools. And yes, they are not just easy to use, but also totally free. For others looking to calculate the checksum of their files, you can also do that here as well.


Take a look at Checksum & Hash – What are they and what do I need them for?


What’s Your Hash Function?


If you are looking for ways to hash encrypt or convert files into MD4, Adler32, SHA-1 or any other formats, simply go to Hash Generetion and choose the generator required. From here you can generate a hash using Haval 128 Bit encryption tool or calculate your GOST hash from your passwords. There are all kinds of options to choose from which is pretty awesome and helpful.

Remember, always keep your personal information such as passwords stored in at least two different safe places in case you lose access to one. Of course, access to these places should be encrypted and well protected. There are Apps such as LastPass which work great in storing and keeping all of your passwords in one place.  Being able to browse or do whatever you choose to do Online should be safe and easy. By using Hash encryption and protecting yourself and your data, you are making sure that is always the case.

How To Convert Video Files to MKV Easily and Free

Find out how to convert video files to MKV easily here
Image Credit by =

Videos are everywhere you look these days. One the reasons behind this is the recent increase in usage of cellular phones and other devices which can record. Still, there are some video formats which come with restrictions and cannot be played, shared or watched on certain devices. For this reason we will show you how to convert video files to MKV easily and for free in a few steps.


What Is MKV Format?

MKV files are also known as video files in Matroska format. Since the MKV file format is so flexible, easy to use and open standard, it has become the preferred file extension for high definition video Online. MKV files are not a video compression or an audio format. They are files which are actually multimedia container formats that can incorporate video, audio and subtitles into an individual file.

The word Matroska is Russian in origin referring to the famous Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. However, the word is now synonymous with MKV as this is what most people immediately associate it with. Matroska is just like MP4 or AVI formats which are also open multimedia free formats. They are not covered by patents or restrictive licenses and financial hurdles. This is why many videos are not able to play in certain computers or devices due to restrictions. Once a file has been converted to MKV, it is enabled to carry similar kinds of multi-stream content such as Blu-ray or DVD discs. For that reason, among others, MKV is such a popular format to convert your files to.


Just in case you are interested, find out How to Convert Video for Android Phones


How To Convert To MKV?

We have already established why converting to MKV format is a great option. Unfortunately, there are many users out there who think that in order to convert their video files to MKV, they have to buy expensive software or download a program to do so. That is not the case. You can convert all of your videos or any other types of files easily and for free right here on Online Convert. Best of all, you do not need to download or purchase any software or program whatsoever to do so. For anyone looking to convert their videos to the MKV extension, here are some easy steps to follow.


  1. First step is to go to our Free Online File Converter page here and then choose our Video Converter tool. (See Image 1)

Convert Video Files To MKV For Free and Easily


  1. From the video converter tool, choose the file format you want to convert to (MKV) and then click on the “Choose File” button and upload the video you want to have converted. You can also enter an URL to the file you want to convert as well. (See Image 2)

How to convert to MKV file format easily


  1. For those looking for more options such as changing the screen size, frame rate and so on, the options are visible right under the “Choose File” button. With these options you are able to make other adjustments to your video before it is finally converted.


Take a look at the Top Video Converter Apps Of The Year


Once the video or URL has been entered, you simply hit the “Convert File” button and wait until your file is converted. Depending on your connection speed and the size of the video, your file should be converted quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that there are also numerous other file formats to which you can also easily convert your video, images or any other files you may have as well on Online Convert.

Convert Your Blog Article To PDF For A Greater Reach

Blog to PDF
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There are several reasons of why it might be useful to convert your blog articles to PDF. It’s an easy way to make the most out of your content and increase traffic to your blog and other websites. The best of all: you can do so by using content you already created. The blog articles you wrote already are your subjects of work, which means that you do not have to shed more blood, sweat and tears to create new content. Simply take your best articles or newest blog posts and convert them to PDF.

We are no SEO blog and we do not want to elaborate all the reasons why you should or are advised to convert your blog posts to PDF. We are here to provide a fast solution!


How To Quickly Convert Your Blog Post To PDF For Free

To generate a PDF out of your blog article, you do not need any plugin fr Firefox or Chrome Add-On. You also don’t have to download any program and install it on your computer. Everything can be easily done online without any installation or unnecessary download.

1. Go to

2. Enter the URL to your blog article in the URL field.


3. Click on “Convert file”.

4. After the conversion is done, the PDF is ready. Depending on your browser, it is downloaded automatically or you have to save it from your download manager.

5. Open your PDF to see your blog post.


And that’s it! Five simple steps and you have a PDF of your blog articles, containing images, links, graphics, tables, … What more could you need?

Check out our result of converting one of our most popular blog articles: Best free Picture Viewers for Windows


Use Your Converted Blog Article

Now, your converted blog post is ready for usage. You can provide it for your users as a download or add it to your newsletter as a small goodie for your subscribers. Of course, you can submit your PDF to other sites and directories and thus drive more traffic to your page. It’s your article, your PDF, feel free to utilize it the best ways possible!

One popular way its to upload your PDF and thus your blog content to slideshare. This service is closely related to LinkedIn and allows you to upload and display your PDFs as neat slide shows. You can share them on social media and easily embed them on your webpage. There’s even a special WordPress shortcode to display your slideshow on your WordPress blog.