Why GIF Images Are So Popular

Why GIF Images Are So PopularIf pictures are worth a thousand words, then an animated GIF image is worth a million. That may help to explain why GIF images are so popular. Animated GIF images are everywhere you look on the web. Millions upon millions of websites, social media sites and image pages, contain every type of GIF image you can think of. But what exactly is it that has made them so popular these days? Why are so many people creating their own GIFS and uploading them online? Especially on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?


What GIFS Are All About

An animated GIF image (Graphics Interchange Format) is what you call a file which contains a graphic bitmap image that has movements. The bitmap format of GIF images was developed by Steve Wilhite who was a United States software writer. He first discovered the GIF images back in June 15, 1987. GIFS are typically found on websites and come in banners, icons and pictures. In addition, GIFS loop infinitely which give off the impression that the file has not finished playing out.

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The average length of a GIF Image is between 10 to 15 seconds max. They can also be made from still images that show a few sequences and stop afterwards. GIFS are not the same as JPEG image formats because they do not degrade the quality of the images. They use lossless compression and include a maximum of 256 colors. Even though animated GIFS only contain 256 colors, people still use them widely. However, they are not the ideal format for anyone who wants to store their digital photos.


Why GIFS Images Became So Popular

Before animated GIF images were available, people had to resort to viewing still pictures. The only other way to see animation or movement in images was via videos. However, videos take a long time to upload and are often too huge in size to share. At the same time, a person must watch the entire video or skip to the part he or she is looking for to see it. Apart from that, videos take long to buffer and pose a problem for those who have limited data or slow speed internet connections. GIFS began to gain popularity when epic fail videos started popping up all over the web.

Many users took the parts of people doing crazy, embarrassing or unusual things, and turned them into 10 to 15 seconds mini movie clips. Before long, funny, crazy or wild animated GIF images were all over the internet. Since they took such little space, it made sharing, storing or saving them a cinch. In fact, their ability of a GIF image to be shared so easily, has helped to turn people into internet sensations. There are millions of GIFS images found on the web which are very popular and have turned unknown people, into online celebrities. GIFS images also help to spread clips of celebrities, athletes and famous people taken from movies, TV shows or games.


Making GIFS or Changing Formats

Another reason why animated GIF images have become so popular is because they are now very easy to make. Years ago, people had to use sophisticated software or programs. Others had to use photo editing tools such as Photoshop to create and edit them. These days, there are many websites which let you create an animated GIF image quickly and easily.

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You can use our Convert files to GIF tool here at Online Convert to make a GIF. In case you have any type of an image which you may want to convert to another format, you can use our other image conversion tools as well.

Animated GIF images are one of the best thing to happen to internet users who wanted to view animated images quickly and easily. That is one of the many reasons why they are so popular.

How To Transform Images Into PowerPoint Presentations

How To Transform Images Into PowerPoint Presentations
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Powerpoint presentations are a great tool and useful way for people to get their message across to their audience. They can also help you increase the impact your presentation will have on potential clients. Others use PowerPoint presentations as a hobby or for personal use. Whatever the case may be, knowing how to transform images into a PowerPoint presentation is essential. Here are some great tips on how to do so easily.




Converting Your Images


One of the great features PowerPoint has is letting users create a complete presentation from an entire group of photos automatically. Of course this can be done ony if the images are closely related to the principal content of the presentation you are doing. If for example, you have to give a product training presentation, it will require detail images of each particular product.


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An easy way to do this is by selecting the “New” option from the file menu. This is found on the new presentation task pane located on the right side of your program screen. Once you are there, click on the “Photo Album” option.


After you have clicked on the ‘Photo Album’ option, it will display a window. That window will let you start to select the photos you need for your particular presentation. Next step is to click on the ‘File/Disk’ button and choose the images. You can load your images from your source by hitting the ‘Camera/Scanner button. This will allow you to load your images straight from whatever source you select.


Other Useful Features


The best thing about the Photo Album feature is that it lets you easily reorder your images. Simply select any photos and clicked on the up and down arrows to do so. You can hit the ‘Remove’ button in case you change your mind about any image or order.


Other features let you change the tonal value of your photos and make proper adjustments. In addition, you can also change the ‘Frame Shape’ as well. Once you are done, you simply click on the ‘OK’ button to exit the Photo Album box. After you do this, PowerPoint will automatically create your presentation. It will use whatever parameters and images you selected. Your last option is to add text if you want and then you are done. In the event that you need to convert any of your images to another format, you can use our free Online image converter tool.


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PowerPoint is a great tool to use once you discover all of the many features it has to help you achieve your goal.

How To Make Money From Your Pictures

Online Convert - How To Make Money From Your Pictures
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One of the greatest things about the Internet and social media is the many doors it has opened for people all over the world. Employment opportunities are endless and constantly emerging for users. If you’re a photographer or just like taking pictures, there are many ways to make money from your photos. This can be very helpful for college students looking for extra cash to help them with tuition costs or other issues. It can also be a way for those just looking to make some extra bucks on the side. Best of all, your photos don’t have to be professional or real high quality. Most sites are looking for regular, and normal, everyday pictures you may take.


Sell To Stock Photo Sites


One of the best ways for people to make money off their images is by selling them to stock photo sites. The current list of the most popular sites is about 20 of them. If you do decide to go with one of these sites, just keep your pictures royalty-free. This will allow you to sell them to not just one site or person, but to multiple different ones. And the best thing about this is that you can sell them again and again. Although the money you may make from each photo won’t be that much, if you sell a lot of them, that money adds up. It is all about the numbers here since the more you sell, the higher your earnings will be.


Some of the top sites to use are






Need to edit your photos? Check out the Best Free Online Image Editing Websites


Night Clubs Photography


Going to your local club to drink, have fun and dance is cool. But you can also make money from going to night clubs by selling photographs. We are not referring to you selling photos to patrons in the club. That was something that was done years ago. The money you can earn comes from getting in contact with promoters of the club. They will pay you since they want photos from their clubs promoted or distributed. The pictures can end up on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which in turn, will promote the club.  


Be A Paparazzi


While many people hate the paparazzi (especially the famous people they are taking photos of), they make good money. Fact is, that without the paparazzi, several famous people would not even be considered celebrities. For those that live in the big city, this can be a great way to make money. If you get a good shot of a celebrity, it can end up making you some easy cash. In addition, catching the right photo, at the right time, of the right celebrity, may end up making you super rich. But this is kin to hitting the lotto since it requires some luck and patience.


Blog – Marketing


For those that love photography, teaching or blogging about it, can be a way to make some cash on the side. By using your photos to create articles, you can then sell things indirectly or directly. Linking to sites such as Amazon or others, can lead people to click on them and in turn, you get a commission of the sale. Also, each time someone clicks on one of the ads on your blog, you get paid as well. It may not be a lot of money, but it is something to help you make some extra cash. Still, if you use your marketing skills, you can end up promoting items online that people are looking for and link to them.


The Local Paper


Contacting your local paper and letting them see your portfolio, can open the door for you to make money from your pictures. Although it may not be a steady job, whenever they will need a photographer, your local paper will contact you. If you really like taking pictures, this may end up helping you move on to bigger things later on. Going to a local event and selling those photos to your local paper, can eventually lead to bigger gigs.


Photo Competitions


You can also enter photography competitions as way to earn some money on the side. Some of the most popular photos in the world just happened to be taken at the right time and place. Since no one really knows what picture may end up catching the judges eyes, the possibilities are endless. Countless of amateurs photographers have won up to $3,000.00 for a photograph, some even more than that. Plus, you can get some opinions on your work from other photographers or people in the industry.




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As with anything in life, the amount of success you have depends on the effort put forth. In the event that you have photos that need to be converted to another format, you can easily do so here on the site for totally free. By converting your photos to other formats, you can sell them to those looking for another option or format. The more pictures you take, and the more methods you try, can end up leading to more money and opportunities. Opportunities, are just that; a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.