Tips For Recording An Audition Audio File

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In order to ensure that you make it big as a recording artist you will have to ensure that you get the audition audio file spot on. You may sound great but if you are looking to record an audition audio file, there are certain things that you can do in order to ensure that the audio quality doesn’t fall apart. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with some of the best tips for recording an audition audio file.

Get a Quality Microphone

One of the first things that you will have to do when you are recording an audition audio file is invest in a good quality microphone. This will guarantee that you will not have any issues with the audio quality, since the microphone will ensure that the voice doesn’t break up. You don’t have to purchase an expensive microphone, since you can easily find a decent microphone without breaking the bank. You can even find one on rent, but one thing is for sure, you will have to acquire a quality microphone if you want to make sure that you record the very best audition audio file.

Maintain a Consistent Environment

In the ideal scenario, you should be recording in a recording studio, but since not every scenario is ideal, you should prepare for all contingencies. This means that you will have to record in an environment where there are zero disturbances and no echo as well. Any distortion in the voice will not sound well in the recording and you will not have great results for the audition audio file. Finding a consistent and stable environment is the key, since the better the recording environment, the more quality you will have in the audio file.

Get Rid of Ambient Noise

Ambient noise can be a deal breaker, especially if you want to get your recording quality top notch. Make sure that there is no noise that is distorting the recording quality, since ambient noise can disrupt the sound quality. Make sure that the recording environment is peaceful and that there are no other factors that are creating the ambient noise while you are recording your audition audio file.

Dampen the Sound

Once you are in the recording phase of your audition audio file, you can’t make too many mistakes, since that will only drag the recording process and stop you from achieving the best possible results for your audition. In a recording studio the walls can absorb the sound and that ensures that you get the perfect recording environment. If you aren’t recording in a studio, you need to ensure that you dampen the sound by ensuring that you take the right steps. This will not only enhance the quality of the sound for your recording session but will also provide you with the best audition audio file as well.

Choose the right Format

Depending on the software you are using for the recording, there are strict limitations in which format you can export your audition audio file. There are many factors to keep in mind. Best is to record your audition using a lossless audio format to maintain the best quality. Check out what options you have to record lossless audio and choose wisely.

However, there are still different lossless – and of course also lossy – audio file extensions. Always send the one requested. If you are not able to export your recording in the requested format, you can easily convert your audition audio file to one of many common audio file formats.


So if you are looking to record an audition audio file, follow these tips to get the right results.

Tools Every Graphic Designer Needs

Graphic Designer
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If you are an aspiring graphic designer and you want to leave your mark in the industry, then there are some tools that you need to have. We have discussed some useful tools for web and graphic designers already, mostly online or open source. These tools, however, are a must for every graphic designer as well. They are incredibly beneficial and it is important to have everything at your disposal as a graphic designer.


Every graphic designer definitely needs to have a machine that is fast and powerful. This is because graphic designers need to work with heavy software tools and applications and if you are serious about making a name for yourself, then you should choose the best possible machine for yourself. The Apple Mac has got a formidable history when it comes to graphic designing and its excellent OS and the built-in support plugins ensure that you get the very best when it comes to designing.

Whether you opt for the iMac or the MacBook generally depends on your needs, and if you are on the move a lot then you should opt for the Macbook. Whilst it is ideal to get an iMac if you work in a studio or office, and you can even get both if you can afford it.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Every graphic designer needs their tools and applications to ensure that they are able to design properly. The Adobe Creative Cloud has got everything that a graphic designer requires, which includes the InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well. While you can’t download the latest versions of these apps, but you won’t need to once you get the Adobe Creative Cloud, which will allow you to gain easy access to download the latest creative tools by Adobe. It is every graphic designer’s dream come true!


Every graphic designer needs to have a good quality camera and that means getting yourself a DSLR. It is great for shooting your own shots and for documenting other ideas for your work as well. With the DSLR you can shoot your own backgrounds and make textures for your images, which will really take your work to the next level.


Brainstorming is part and parcel of graphic designing and if you are just beginning you can do yourself a massive favor by getting a Moleskine sketchbook. Every graphic designer in the business needs to come up with unique concepts and ideas and having a pen and paper by your side will allow you to quickly put down your ideas easily.

Subscription from Computer Arts

One of the leading magazines for graphic designers has been Computer Arts and it has got unique tips and essential guides for becoming a successful graphic designer. It has been around ever since the year 1995 and is jam-packed with advice, the latest industry news, and other valuable resources for graphic designers that ensure that they are able to stay on top of their game. If you want to make it in the field of graphic designing then get your hands on a subscription of Computer Arts today.

Free Online Conversions

Designing is only one part of the process and work of a graphic designer. The other is – especially if you are a member of a small group or your own boss – presentation. Your clients want to get the best value for their money, and there is no better way to convince them then presenting your design in not only an appealing but also an easily accessible way.

While it is important to store your designs in their native format for, e.g., Adobe InDesign, your clients aren’t likely to be able to open such files. This is where a versatile file conversion service comes into play. The usage facilitates the handling of many different files and lets you create more common image, document, or presentation files for your clients to view.

Top Video Converter Apps Of The Year

Video App
Image by Joseph Morris

If you are looking to check out the top video convertor apps of the year, well you are in luck, since that is precisely what we have decided to review. This week we have decided to review the best video converter apps of the year, which can definitely get your media library organized in the best possible way. These video converter apps are easy to use and are definitely a step above some of the rest that are available in the market today.

You should remember that we have not made this list in any particular order and obviously some apps are better than the others. So without any further delay let’s roundup the top video converter apps of the year so far:

MPEG Streamclip (Windows/OS X)

The MPEG Streamclip is an extremely powerful video editor, player and conversion tool that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is used mainly for transcoding, but can also be beneficial or those looking to organize their media and video. If you really want to get a video converter app that is completely free, fast, and flexible then the best choice for you out right now has to be the MPEG Streamclip. It may not be the prettiest app out there but it is effective and can also convert any type of video within a matter of seconds with no complications.

Format Factory (Window)

One of the best video conversion apps available today is Format Factory, which is also free to use and can convert any type of video on any supported format. The interface is not that great but the app offers you a whole array of conversion tools and options that you can use in order to ensure that your video is absolutely perfect. It also offers you the chance to repair any broken video or audio and is extremely beneficial, since it can convert your video in any format.

Handbrake (Windows/OS X/Linux)

Transcoding and video conversion go hand in hand and if you want to get the job done then one of the best ways to ensure that is by getting this video conversion tool. Handbrake is definitely great at converting your videos and you can also convert multiple videos from one format to another without any problems. There are a host of features that you are afforded as well and you can definitely take advantage of one of the most detail oriented and rich in options apps that is around today. One of the best aspects of Handbrake is the fact that it is free to use and is extremely efficient in getting the job done when it comes to converting videos from one format to another.

Additionally, online conversion sites like are designed to support different mobile browsers. No matter if Opera Mini, UC Browser, or another mobile version of common web browsers, you can convert files just as easily as from the web. Plus, there is no installation of any app needed!

Finding the right video converter apps is definitely one of the most important things that you need to do, since they allow you the advantage to get your videos converted onto the right format. So if you want to find video converter apps, these are the best of the best this year.

How To Write an eBook

Image by Maria Elena
Image by Maria Elena

You will soon find that the more words and time you put into writing content as a freelance writer, the more you are rewarded. But what if you wanted to get super efficient, or simply have a deadline that you are struggling to meet. Before you compromise on quality, check out these steps.

Break It Down

Start with your numerical goal. Not monetary figures, but words. If your topic starts with something serious like ‘ The Ultimate Guide…’ then you might need the freedom of 10, 000 words or maybe even a little more to get the job done. The best strategy is to at least work on a longer and complex eBook once every ten months, and publish smaller ones in the time in middle.

Break the book into 2000 words and so on. Most blog posts are usually in the range of 1000 and 2000 words. This is what typically is recommended for most bloggers, even though many times longer and short posts do the trick. Sometimes, writing an eBook can easily look like an impossible task. However, writing 10 blogs does not always fare bad with a lot of people. For example, if you need to jot down 17000 words in one eBook, break it into 10 chunks of chapters, or sections, or anything that goes with the format of your eBook.

You will most probably be breaking down into sections like Introduction, The Why, Top Tips, Figures, Case Study, etc.

When you are starting out, it helps to brainstorm a list first. Plus, this way you will also be able to assess that anything that can be explained in another section does not need to be separately repeated in another chapter. You never know you might just think of something that you missed out. Moreover, if you are organized, things get done faster too.

Write These Chunks

It is okay and works if you approach each chunk that you have chosen as a mini book. This way you will be able to properly give each an introduction, fill it with supporting points and a conclusion. You are not only making things easier for yourself but also for people who are skipping to sections straight from the Table of Contents.

A good idea would be to simply outline everything that goes further into each section and take cues from there so that there is nothing to stop you from simply writing away the eBook.

Read It Like A Reader Would

Read the final draft from the start to finish and then evaluate what you think of it. You may come across new ideas that you missed or think that something is really irrelevant in an eBook.

Check out the eBook converter on our site, all you have to do is input the document and we will do the rest.

The New Music Apps Worth Downloading Right Now

Image by bangdoll
Image by bangdoll

Ever since some of the top apps just disappeared, millions of users have been on the lookout for the next best thing. It depends a lot on what kind of music you like to listen to. If you are simply looking to download something from the big labels, then look up Rdio or Spotify. On the other hand, if you want to find independent and new musicians, you might want to check out Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Here are the apps that make things a lot easier for you when it comes to finding the kind of music that you like.


This is a website powered by SoundCloud. You can find a song that you like on SoundCloud and use its URL in Noise Supply. You will hear the same song and then another one that is similar to it.

The design is really simple, the site is a product from the creators of DogeCoin and Jackson Palmer, the creator has planned on adding a bunch of features in the coming months.

Music Suggestions Ninja

The website is powered by YouTube and all you have to do is type in the name of an artist or a band and this tool will start making a playlist just for you, which will consist of Artists that the software thinks you might like.


This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Chromecast. When you are left with the task of picking music for a social gathering, it is never easy, especially since everyone likes to hear different kinds of music. This app allows everyone at the party who has a Smartphone to add in tracks from Spotify or Google Play.


Songhop is compatible with iOS and helps you discover the latest jams on your iPhone. It does not play the full versions of songs, just the short samples, which means it is less of a radio station and a lot like a music discovery service. You listen to several tracks and then make note of the ones you like in particular.

If you know how to use tinder, then this will be a lot easier for you, as the app makes use of the same tinder swipe system.


This is compatible with Windows and Mac. Spotify offers you ad supported and free version of their services. This means that you can listen to all the music you want to without any charge. Spotifree mutes spotify’s volumes while there are ads playing in the back. The ads don’t stop though.

When you are downloading audio files check out the ways you can you can convert the audio files into the formats you prefer.

Tips On Recording Narration On Your Own

Image by Todd
Image by Todd

In current day and age, you really do not have to be an engineer to be able to record anything. However, if you do plan on DIY a recording project for a narration, make sure that you stick to some of these handy tips to record high quality audios.

Place Your Microphone at the Right Distance from Yourself

People who place the mic to close to their mouths are only making things worse; the resulting audio recording is a clipping sound with distortions. In the same way, if the mic is too far away, the recording picks up on less comprehendible ambient noises.

The ideal distance is between 6 to 12 inches from the narrator; here you will easily get a clear, crisp voice.

Record A Demo First

A demo is very important for you to test not just how you sound but whether all the equipment are working as you expect. It is frustrating when you find that you are through the entire narration and something had been wrong which you over looked. So save yourself time and effort with a quick demo.

Listen To The Playback With Headphones

Listening to the resulting audio file in an isolated manner is the best way to find any minor problems. If you use speakers, you may not be able to tell which sound is part of the audio file and not from your real life surroundings.

Stick to Simply The Audio

If you are recording your audio file with the help of some e-learning app or software, you may be prompted syncing animations with the audio that you record. It is easy to get distracted trying to time the narration exactly with the ongoing animation. This is something that can easily be noted by the audience. Therefore, it is very important that you prioritize your recording over the animations and capture the best narration possible without having to time the animations.

Make Your Script Easy To Understand

Make sure that you practice reading the script more than once and try to make the tone conversational. If you are stumbling over words incorporated in the script, it is best that you replace them with easier words.

Record While Standing

When you record while standing, you are better able to breathe and are more energized in delivering the lines. If you must sit, do not slouch and make sure your chin is sticking out.

Have Liquids Available Around You

You will need to keep your vocal chords hydrated, so make sure that you have water or mild tea near you when you are recording. Your narration can be as long as you want. However, make sure that you avoid carbonated beverages, dairy products, and coffee for this purpose.

Lossless File Formats

Image by Groume
Image by Groume

It does not matter if you are making use of music, images, or plain video files; everyone needs to understand what various types of formats are and how to use them. By this we mean, by using the right format, you can retain a file’s audio and visual quality without making it too big in size.

Many people prefer to make use of lossless music files. Lossless are the files that reproduce exactly what you have on CD without any loss in quality. It can also offer its users high resolution with sample rates superior to that of CD.

One of the major benefits of lossless files is that when it is decompressed, it becomes a replica of digital downloads or CD. Once you rip a CD to lossless and play it back on any software you desire the file will be converted into the exact same digital stream as was on the original CD.

What Is the Difference between Lossy and Lossless Formats

RAW format is what we refer to as Lossless format because it preserves the file’s original data. While you may call JPEG lossy format as some data is always lost when we covert it to JPEG format. Here are some more examples of the lossy and lossless formats.

  • Images in GIF and JPEG formats are lossy, while PNG, BMP and Raw are lossless formats for images.
  • Audio files in OGG, MP4 and MP3 are lossy formats, while files in ALAC, FLAC and WAV are all lossless.

Some lossless formats also offer compression. For instance, WAV is entirely uncompressed but takes up a lot of space. ALAC and FLAC are lossless audio files that have the same data as the WAV file. These files use a type of compression to make smaller sized files. These two formats also retain all the data while compressing. But these are still bigger than the MP3 files. MP3 files omit a lot of data.

Should Lossy Be Converted To Lossless

Now it makes sense that we only right the digital wrongs, and convert back all our lossy audio files back to lossless, but unfortunately, it does not work that way. When you rip from an audio CD to an MP3 file, which is a lossy format, you lose a lot of data. Now when you convert it to, say, a lossless format like FLAC, you are only getting a bigger sized file and none of the data is lost. The new audio file will be just as good as the MP3 file is.

Now it is also a bad idea to convert lossy files into other types of lossy files. More data is thrown away. It is like taking a photocopy of a photocopy, as none of the copies are as good as the original.

But if you plan on converting the lossless formats to lossy directly, then that could work well for you. If you rip an audio CD to FLAC, you will end up with a file that is just as good as the CD.

Song Conversion 101

Image by Todd
Image by Todd

You may think that there is not much to converting an audio file that you downloaded from iTunes. It is true that it’s simple, but did anyone ever tell you the mechanics behind it all. Here is how you can convert a song from iTunes to a different file format and keep a copy of the original intact.

When you are converting files from a compressed format to an uncompressed one, for example converting an MP3 file to an AIFF one, the sound quality will remain the same. But if you are converting between two compressed files, then you will easily notice the sound quality has gone down.

Now the solution to this is that for best results, you might want to import the original audio file using a different encoding method.

To convert the format, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to iTunes Preferences. If you are using Windows, you might have to select edit first and then click on Preferences.
  2. Click on the General button and then select Importing Settings.
  3. From here, you will see the Import Using menu as a pop up. Choose the encoding format you desire and click OK.
  4. Next, choose the songs from your library and move on to File and from there Create New Version. The menu will show options for: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV and Apple Lossless.

If there are some songs that you have not imported to iTunes yet, you can do that now, and after that convert them then and there. Based on your preferences, a converted copy will be made of the file in the iTunes library. If you want to convert all the songs in the library then hold the Option key if you are using Mac or the Shift key if you are using Windows, and select File, then Create New Version, and then click on Convert. The Import preference setting will easily match what you chose in step number 3.

iTunes will automatically ask you for the location of the folder you want to import and have it converted. And viola all the songs will be converted just like that.

Compressed Data

When you are converting a song, some of the data can be lost because of the way some formats compress it. Because of this reason, sometimes the formats are called ‘lossy’ formats. There is a benefit of using such formats; the file sizes are always a lot smaller which means you can always store a lot more songs in the same amount of disk space. The downside of this is that the sound quality will not be what you expect it to be, that is the quality you heard from the compressed file. That being said, if you are using a really good pair of headphones or speakers, you might not be able to tell the difference at all.

Remember, once you compress a song file, (that is forcefully let go of some of its data) you will not receive that lost data back by uncompressing it.