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In late 2017, introduced a new palette of converters: the webservice converters.

The webservice converters are designed to make creating videos to share online and via web applications easier for you. They convert any video file into a format that is optimized for the specific platform or app. Also, they give you the option to use presets for quick changes, mute your videos or quickly cut them – all online.

You can access the full list here: Webservice Converter

Let us have a look at them individually below!


Dailymotion Video Converter

There are more video uploading platforms like YouTube out there. One of them is Dailymotion which you may want to use if you do not agree with some of YouTube’s limitations or regulations.

If you want to upload (some of) your videos to Dailymotion as well, make sure you won’t get a video upload error.

Have a look at the Dailymotion Video Converter or go through the tutorial on how to optimize videos for Dailymotion first.


Facebook Video Converter

Facebook is the largest social network today. People use it to share not only images and status updates, but short video clips as well.

With the Facebook Video Converter, you can quickly and easily optimize your video clips to upload them to Facebook and share them with all your friends and family.

Go straight to the converter here: Convert To Facebook Video or check out the tutorial on how to convert videos for Facebook.


Instagram Video Converter

Over the past years, Instagram developed into the most popular image sharing app. Next to images and captions, you can publish videos on your dashboard and stories as well.

The Instagram Video Converter enables you to quickly optimize any video clip to upload it to Instagram. You can also upload animated GIFs that way!

Go to the Instagram Converter or check out our tutorial on how to convert to Instagram video.


Telegram Video Converter

Telegram has become a great alternative to WhatsApp when it comes to instant messaging. You don’t have to only text though, you can also share images and video clips using the app.

With the Telegram Video Converter, you can make sure that your videos are optimized to send and share them with your friends.

Go straight to the Telegram Converter or look up the tutorial on how to prepare videos to send via Telegram.


Twitch Video Converter

Especially for let’s players cherish Twitch as a video streaming service. If you want to provide your audience with some videos to watch when you’re not streaming, you can do so as well.’s Twitch Converter offers a quick and easy way to optimize videos to upload them to .

Check out the Twitch Converter or have a look at the tutorial on how to optimize videos for Twitch first.


Twitter Video Converter

If you don’t need many characters to express yourself, Twitter is the right place for you. Concise statements, information, opinions, and updates are Twitter’s trademark. You can also upload images and, of course, videos to the social media platform.

The Twitter Video Converter provides an easy-to-use and fast way to optimize your own videos to upload them and share them with your Twitter followers.

You can go straight to the Twitter Converter or have a look at the tutorial first: how to optimize videos for Twitter.


Viber Video Converter

Instant messaging has become a big part of our daily conversation. Viber is one of the alternatives to use when you are no big fan of WhatsApp.

If you want to make sure to not get an error, try the Viber Video Converter. It optimizes your videos to share it using the app.

Check out the Viber Converter or read the tutorial on how to optimize videos to send via Viber.


Vimeo Video Converter

Much like YouTube, Vimeo is a video platform that allows users to watch and upload videos. Plus, it provides a versatile Video On Demand service.

In order to successfully upload your video to Vimeo, you have to make sure that it meets the technical requirements of the platform.

Use the Vimeo Video Converter or read the tutorial on how to optimize videos for Vimeo upload.


WhatsApp Video Converter

Text messages on modern smartphones got replaced by different apps bit by bit. The major player here is, without a doubt, WhatsApp! There, you can connect with your friends, create chat rooms, or send images, photos, and videos to one another.

In order for WhatsApp to be able to correctly send and play your video, you should consider optimizing them for the app in particular.

Try it with the free Online WhatsApp Converter or have a look at the tutorial on how to optimize videos for WhatsApp.


YouTube Video Converter

YouTube is not only the biggest video platform on the web, it is also a great opportunity to share your own video content with millions of millions of people.

If you want to become a part of it, precise video editing skills are not needed right from the start. You can develop alongside your growth on the platform. What you can do is to make sure your video is optimized to fulfill YouTube’s technical requirements.

Check out the YouTube Video Converter straight away or have a look at the tutorial on how to convert videos for YouTube first.


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