Easy To Use Free Video File Converter

Easy To Use Free Video File ConverterWith so many people around the world who now own smartphones, tablets and computer, video files are widely used. They are also more popular than ever. Most Mobile devices contain digital cameras which allow anyone to record videos anywhere. However, sometimes the video files need to be converted to another type of format. Online Convert has an easy to use free video file converter for you to help you change the video files. This great online video conversion tool works with any type of video files you may have.

Why Convert Video Files?

People often ask why do you need to convert video files to another format anyway? Why can I just use my video files and share them that way? The problem with video files is that there are so many different types. You have FLV, 3G2, 3GP, MOV, MP4, MPEG-1, MEPG-2, WEBM, WMV and several others. Plus, you also have to worry about converting videos to Android, iPad, iPhone or ipod.

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Being able to watch video files on so many different types of devices is awesome. But this wide range of choices comes with the price of compatibility. With so many different types of devices and types of formats, it can be almost impossible to keep track. It also impedes users of one type of device, to share it with others who own a different kind of device. While the video files may play on your device without a hitch, they will not work on someone else’s devices.

Luckily, our free to use online video converter tool can allow you to change the formats easily and quickly. You can then either share the files with others, or the person you sent the files to, can convert them to whatever format he or she needs. In some cases, you may find a video you like from an website or a link. The free video converter tool we have also lets you enter the URL of any file you want to convert. Plus, users can even upload files from their cloud storage.


No Need To Pay For Video Conversion

When users need to convert their video files to another format, they often think that they need to purchase programs to do so. They also find free programs or software that allow them do it for freel. The problem is that many of these programs are full of bloatware and adware. In some cases, they even contain viruses and malware. The truth is that there is no need to pay for video conversion programs or software. You can convert any type of video files here on Online Convert without having to download anything. There are even some optional settings we offer to let you change several other options of your video file such as video bitrate, audio quality and screen size, among others.


To convert your video files, follow the steps below.


  1. Use our free Video File Converter Tool here.
  2. Select which type of video file you want to convert your video to.
  3. Click on the format and select the “Choose File” tab. Here you will upload the video you want converted.
  4. You can also enter the URL of the file.
  5. Tick and change any optional settings accordingly.
  6. Click on the “Convert File” tab.
  7. Wait for your file to be converted and you are done.

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Converting video files doesn’t need to be a frustrating, confusing or costly experience for you. With our amazing free video file converter, you can have all of your video files converted in a few simple steps. You can also convert image, audio, Ebook, Hash and Archives files with our other free to use conversion tools.


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How To Stop People From Stealing Your Wi-Fi

How To Stop People From Stealing Your Wi-FiAt any given moment, if you check how many Wi-Fi networks there are available where you live, you will probably find more than 10. That’s because most people have Wi-Fi in their homes or businesses these days. But it is very easy for someone to connect to any of those Wi-Fi signals. In the same way, it is very easy for those around your home or business to steal yours. If you have Wi-Fi (and who doesn’t these days?) chances are your signal is being stolen by someone. It could be some of your very own neighbors or people you know, without you even knowing it.

These tips on how to stop neighbors, or anyone else, from stealing your Wi-Fi signal can help with this problem. In case you may think that it is no big deal if one or two people jump on your Wi-Fi signal, think again. For one, if any of those people who are stealing your Wi-Fi are using it to watch movies or download music, it can take a huge chunk of your precious bandwidth. Secondly, having a few people on your network can and will affect the speed of your own internet at home. Before you know it, your connection speed may be diminished due to their stealing your signal. More importantly though, hackers can gain access to your information via hacking your Wi-Fi signal.

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Change The Default Password –

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to Wi-Fi routers is leaving the default Admin password intact. Most companies have a password on the system when they install it for you. The problem is that there are websites and even phone apps, that can find these passwords. All they need to know is the router model and they can find the default login credentials. Make sure you change the default password right away to your own unique password. Also, avoid using things such as your name or other easy to hack passwords.


Find Out Who’s Stealing Wi-Fi

The best way to verify if someone is actually stealing your Wi-Fi signal is by checking your router. Anyone that may be taking bandwidth from you will appear on your router. The only problem is that not all the routers let you see this information. Others, may not even have it.

To see if yours does, simple log in to your router. You do this by typing the IP address of your router right into the address bar of whatever browser you are using. To find the IP address of your router, you can check the back of it. You can also call the company to obtain it. Or you can type or,

Once you are logged into your router, simply go to the tab where either a Device List or Attached Devices are. You should be able to see anyone who is stealing your Wi-Fi signal there.


Disable WPS –

Another step you can take to stop people from stealing your Wi-Fi signal is turning off WPS. WPS stands for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Anyone can exploit WPS to gain access to your Wi-Fi. There are Mobile apps dedicated to using brute force as a way to gain entry into Wi-Fi networks by using a PIN.


Keep Your SSID Hidden –

You can keep the name of your Wi-Fi network (SSID) hidden as another way to stop thieves from stealing your Wi-Fi. Hiding your SSID will disable it and your Wi-Fi will not be visible to those around you. Still, there are hacking tools and apps that can let someone find it. Nonetheless, it is something to consider to make it harder for them.


Verify Your Security Settings –

Many routers typically create connections for you automatically. However, they don’t always use the strongest possible security settings available. For those that steal Wi-Fi signals, this is an easy form of entry they exploit. Check your security settings to make sure they are strong.


Use Strong Passwords –

As we stated earlier, changing your password from the default settings is crucial. However, using a strong password is just as important since it will defeat the purpose of removing the default. Be sure to use a combination of characters, numbers and letters. Never use anything too obvious such as your name or the name of someone in your family. The stronger the password, the harder it will be for anyone to figure it out.


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Use An App To Watch Your Wi-Fi

You can use a number of applications that allow you to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi signal and who is connected to it. Using any of these Mobile apps will let you keep a close tab and make sure no one is stealing your bandwidth.

WhatsApp vs. Viber App – Which Is Better?

WhatsApp vs. Viber App - Which Is Better?There was a time when SMS was very simple and you even had to pay to sent text messages to people. Those days are long gone since now you have apps to send messages and do much more. And all are basically for free. Two of the most popular messaging and VoIP (Voice Over IP) apps are Viber and WhatsApp. But which one is better of the two for you? This article guide will go over WhatsApp vs. Viber app comparison and let you know which is better of the two.

Since both of these messaging apps do far more than just allow you to send free SMS, there are several issues to consider. We will cover features such as video calling, voice call quality, user interface, groups, public chats and a few others.


The Cost To Use –

Viber is free to use when it comes to Viber to Viber VoIP calls and messaging.
WhatsApp is free for the first year. Once the first year is over, the cost of using WhatsApp is $1 per year.

You can call people who don’t have Viber using the app but it will cost you about 1.9 cents a minute. This cost applies to both landline or mobile phones. Still, for Viber to Viber calling, the calls are always free of charge.

The Winner – Viber.


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User Interface –

WhatsApp has a very simple to use interface and so does Viber. Since Viber does offer a richer interface, it makes it a bit more cluttered. WhatsApp was actually even simpler to use a few months ago. It was then that Facebook — which owns WhatsApp – decided to change the ‘Status’ interface of the app. That change, has made WhatsApp a bit less user friendly in the view of some.
One problem Viber has is the annoying Stickers they are always trying to get users to purchase. That gives the edge to WhatsApp.

The Winner – WhatsApp


VoIP Features –

WhatsApp and Viber both allow users to call anyone who has the app installed. The calls to anyone via app to app are free of charge. But when it comes to calling someone who does not have the app installed, WhatsApp is left behind. Viber allows you to call people worldwide in either mobile or landline numbers for a very low rate. To access this extra feature you need to connect your account to your Paypal or to a credit card.

The Winner – Viber


Number Of Users –

This comparison may be one that makes the apps matter more to other users when it all comes down to it. Since most people use messaging and VoIP apps to connect with their friends and family members, this makes sense. After all, you want to be or go where you will find more people using the same app as you. When it comes to total number of users, WhatsApp is the clear winner. They have a bigger fan base and more people using it. Especially now that Facebook owns it. Still, Viber is slowly bringing more people into its fold due to the extra features it offers that WhatsApp does not.

The Winner – WhatsApp


Voice Call Quality

Even though both of these apps began and are featured as messaging apps, many people use them to make calls. That makes this a very important part of which is better between Viber vs. WhatsApp. Viber has been offering both video and voice calling for a far longer time than WhatsApp has. They also have HD quality options for users with high bandwidth connections. The results are clear voice call quality.

The Winner – A Tie


Desktop Access –

You may not know it, but both WhatsApp and Viber have desktops apps that you can use on your computers or laptops. WhatsApp has one for either Windows or Mac. The same goes for Viber except Viber also has Linux. But when it comes to features, the Viber desktop app has much more to offer. Viber desktop apps allows to not only send IM, you can also make voice and video calls.

The Winner – Viber


Video Calling

Viber has had video calling far longer than WhatsApp which just began offering the feature earlier last year. The quality of the calls will depend on the connection speed you have. But overall, Viber seems to be a bit better in Video calling for now.

The Winner – Viber


Public Chats

The winner by default here is Viber since WhatsApp does not have public chats.
Using the public chats from Viber lets you connect with public accounts from many places, companies and groups.

The Winner – Viber


Groups –

This feature is offered on both the apps and they are basically the same. Both Viber and WhatsApp have the same features when it comes to group chats since these are created by users. This makes the contest a tie.

The Winner – A Tie


Hidden Chats –

The hidden chat feature is another one that separates Viber from WhatsApp since only Viber has it. Using the hidden chats feature lets you keep the chat private and away from prying eyes. You set up a PIN number so that only the people who have it will be able to access the chat.

The Winner – Viber


Gaming –

Most people love gaming on their mobile phones. Viber lets you play a list of games you can play along with other Viber contacts. WhatsApp does not have this feature either. Keep in mind that the games are not on the Viber app. However, they are created by Viber and let you challenge your friends to play one another. The winner by default, again is Viber.

The Winner – Viber


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Conclusion –

WhatsApp may have a larger number of users than Viber does. That may explain why some feel that WhatsApp is better or more popular. However, when it comes to features, Viber is the clear winner. The app offers users a lot more than WhatsApp does. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to choose one from the other. You can simply have both apps installed on your phone and use them according to your contacts.

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How To Make Sure APK Files Are Safe

How to scan APK files for malware and virusFor Android users, one of the best things about the OS is the amount of control Android gives them. Unlike Apple, Android lets you do much more to your phone when it comes to installing apps. For iPhone, the only way to install apps is via the App Store or by Jailbreaking your iPhone. But Android lets users either install apps from the Google Play store or by using an APK file to side load them.

The only problem is that there is an amount of risk to using APK files. Since they are not authorized by Google Play, you can end up with a harmful file on your phone or device. So how can you make sure the APK files you are using are safe and won’t harm your phone or gadget? There are several precautions you can take.


Enabling APK On Android

Side loading an app using APK files is very easy to do on Android device. The only thing you have to do is enable Unknown Sources from the privacy settings. Once you do so, you then launch the APK file you want to side load. The next step is simply installing the app which came packaged in the APK file.  

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While those steps are very easy, there are some concerns you need to be aware of. If you download any apps using Google Play, then you never really have to worry about hacks or viruses. That’s because using Google Play is by far the safest option available. Recent research shows that Android users are more likely to install harmful applications on their devices when using other sources. In fact, the Android security team found that the chances of installing harmful apps outside Google Play increases by 10 times.


Checking APK Files For Safety & Security

Hackers always take advantage of free software offered to users to install virus and malware on it. This is why some APK files can be harmful. Still, that does not stop many people from using APK files anyway. The only way to protect yourself from any APK harmful files is by making sure you take these precautions.



One of the best ways to make sure the APK file you want to install on your Android device is safe is via the VirusTotal website. This site lets you check the APK files for any issues it may have, including viruses. All you do is upload the APK file to the site. The only setback from using VirusTotal is that the APK file cannot be larger than 128MB. Since most games these days are usually bigger than this, the site may not work for those APK files. Nonetheless, it is still a very useful tool if you have an APK file smaller than 128MB.


Hash Droid

Another application that can help you check the security and safety of an APK file is the Hash Droid app. Hash Droid lets you check the hash of an APK file. This is very important when it comes to APK files. The reason for that is that the SHA in any file is considered the digital fingerprint. By checking the SHA, you can find out if the app’s digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file. If they do not match, then the APK file is not safe.

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NViso ApkScan

The name of this application says it all since it is an APK scanning app. NViso ApkScan can help you check how safe the APK file you want to side load is. Once you install the app on your Android device and use it to check the APK file, NViso offers you a very detailed report about it. The best thing about NViso is that app has no size limit when it comes to checking APK files. Plus, it is very fast and easy to use.
Having freedom comes with a price and the same goes for your Android devices. Before installing any APK files on your devices, make sure you check them with one of these very useful tools.

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How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode On Your Browser

How to make YouTube dark mode easilyMost people don’t know that YouTube has a dark mode to it. That may be due to the fact that it is hidden. Dark mode lets you see videos – or the site – with a more cinematic feel to it. Knowing how to enable YouTube dark mode requires a few simple copying and pasting steps in the developer’s tools menu though. It is not too hard to do in either case and you can always remove it should you change your mind. Although the feature was only available on Google Chrome browser until recently, you can now also do so on Opera and Firefox as well.


There are a few benefits to setting your browser to enable to YouTube dark mode feature. YouTube dark mode lets you give your eyes a rest from too much light. This is very useful for those that like to stay up watching videos late at night. Below are the steps you should follow to enable YouTube dark mode for whichever browser you are using.


Google Chrome –


First you need to make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome.


  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the YouTube page.
  2. Log into your YouTube account.
  3. On your Google Chrome browser, open the Developer Tools pane. You do this by hitting “Command-Option-I for Windows and “Ctrl-Shift-I” for Mac users.
  4. Once you open up the Developer Tool panel, click on the Console tab that opens on your right side of Google Chrome.
  5. Copy and paste the following code here: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE”
  6. Once you have copied this code, hit paste and then Enter.
  7. To enable the feature simply close out the Developer Tools panel and hit the refresh button on YouTube page.


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For more extensive features and access, you can go to your YouTube profile. You will see a Dark Mode section there. Select and click on it to toggle and enable it. Hit Activate Dark Mode and you are done.


One setback for this is that you will need to continue to reactivate YouTube’s Dark Mode each time you restart your Google Chrome browser. Perhaps Google will soon make the Dark Mode feature on YouTube permanent and you won’t need to do it each time.


FireFox –


To access and enable YouTube Dark Mode on Firefox, you need to do the following:


  1. Open up your Firefox browser.
  2. Go to the YouTube page.
  3. Log in to your YouTube account.
  4. On the Firefox browser, go to Tools, then Web Developer and then Web Console. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts using “Ctrl+shift+K” for Windows and “Cmd+Option+K” for Mac users.
  5. Once you opened up the panel, copy and paste the following code:

var cookieDate = new Date();

cookieDate.setFullYear(cookieDate.getFullYear( ) + 1);

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; expires=” + cookieDate.toGMTString( ) + “; path=/”;

  1. Close out the panel page.
  2. Hit the Refresh button on your YouTube page or browser.


The next step is simply going to the top right hand corner of your profile and finding the Dark Mode tab. Click on it to turn it on and you are done.


In the event that you want to turn Dark Mode off again, simply open up the panel once again and copy and paste the following code:


var cookieDate = new Date();

cookieDate.setFullYear(cookieDate.getFullYear( ) – 1);

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; expires=” + cookieDate.toGMTString( ) + “; path=/”;


Once done, once again close out the panel and hit the refresh button on your page.


Opera –


To enable the YouTube Dark Mode feature on Opera browser do the following:


  1. Open up your Opera browser.
  2. Log into your YouTube account.
  3. On Opera, go to the View then Show Developer Tools panel. Once you bring up the Developer Menu, go to the Developer and then Developer Tools tab. You can access this via the keyboard shortcut by entering “Ctrl+Shift+I” for Windows and “Cmd+Optons+I” for Mac users.
  4. Once you opened up the panel, copy and paste the following code:

var cookieDate = new Date();

cookieDate.setFullYear(cookieDate.getFullYear( ) + 1);

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; expires=” + cookieDate.toGMTString( ) + “; path=/”;


  1. Close out the panel page.
  2. Hit the Refresh button on your YouTube page or browser.


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To disable the Dark Mode feature, simply copy and paste the following code below once you open up the Developer Tools panel again:


var cookieDate = new Date();

cookieDate.setFullYear(cookieDate.getFullYear( ) – 1);

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; expires=” + cookieDate.toGMTString( ) + “; path=/”;
After you have copied and pasted the code, simply close out the panel boxes and hit the refresh button once again.

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How To Mute Tabs In Google Chrome

Mute Google Chrome

If you’ve been on the internet, you have surely met one of it’s most annoying traits: audio adverts. Like auto-playing videos, ads that play audio disturb your usual browsing experience. Luckily, at least when it comes to Google’s Chrome browser, there are a few ways on how to fight against these noisy, loud and intruding sounds.

Learn How To Stop Videos From Autoplaying On Browsers

Unfortunately, not even we can stop ads from popping up and playing music or weird voice overs in a new browser tab. But we can tell you how to mute tabs in Google Chrome! This is not only helpful for those noisy ads, but also for blogs that play background music, embedded HTML5 players and more!


How To Mute Google Chrome Tabs

Chrome is already doing us a huge favor by indicating which of the many tabs we have open are actually playing music. You can easily identify them by the small speaker icon inside the tab-description:

This makes it easy to find the annoying tab and simply close it. If you still need it, however, there are two other ways to mute Chrome tabs.


1. Mute Tab Via Right-Click

This works with tabs playing music as well as tabs that do not even have audio or a video playing. Hover over the tab and right-click. In the menu, choose “mute tab” and that’s it. The tab will be muted until you un-mute it again.


2. Set A Flag To Mute Tabs With One Click

If you want a faster way to mute your tabs in Chrome, there is a flag you can set to easily do so. In order to set this flag in your browser, enter the following into your browsers URL field:


There, click on “Enable” under “Tab audio muting UI control”. Afterwards, a relaunch of your browser will be needed. Once restarted, you can find a minimal change when it comes to the small speaker icon shown above. Now, when hovering your mouse over it, it changes to a crossed out speaker symbol.

Now, all you need to do, is click on the speaker and the tab will be muted!



Please note that muting a tab will NOT pause the video or music that is playing. It will merely mute the tab so you can’t or don’t have to hear the sound anymore. If you want to pause a video that is open in another tab, you have to go to the respective tab and pause it.

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How To Show File Extensions On Windows

How To Show File Extensions On WindowsIf you have Windows OS then you will not be able to see any of file extensions you use. That’s because Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 don’t show file extensions by default. But to learn how to show file extensions on Windows, all you have to do is change a single setting. This way, no matter which version of Windows you are using, you can see the full extension of each file.


Reasons To Show File Extensions


Some people may be wondering why do I even have to show file extensions. Well there are several reasons as to why you should show your Windows file extensions. Every known file that Windows uses has a file extension. Some of them are normally about 3 to 4 digits long. But they can be longer in other cases though. If you ever looked at a Word document, you may have noticed that they have either the .doc or the .docx file extension name on it. For audio files, the name extensions may be .wma, .mp3, .flac, .aac, .ogg or several others. The name will depend on the software and files you are using.


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One of the best reasons for showing your file extensions is for security reasons. When it comes to .exe files, it is very difficult to tell if they are legitimate programs or safe documents. Since Windows uses .exe in many of file extensions, this is important. Especially since many virus and malware will be come in the .exe file form. Being able to see what the file extension of a file is, will let you know all about each file before you open it. It will also help tell you whether or not the document is safe to open with a particular program or not.


Showing File Extensions on Windows XP


  1. Go to Windows Explorer and select Tools, then Folder Options.
  2. Click on the tab which says View located in the Folder Options dialog box.
  3. Select Show Hidden Files and Folders in the Advanced Settings tab.
  4. Hit the Hide Extensions For Known File Types option.
  5. Select the OK button.


Showing File Extensions on Windows 7


  1. Go to the Organize button located on the Windows Explorer toolbar.
  2. Select Folder and Search Options so you can open it.
  3. Select the View tab located at the top of the Folder Options window.
  4. Under the Advanced Settings, click on the disable button to Hide Extensions For File Types check box.
  5. Click on the OK Button to change your show file extensions settings.


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Showing File Extensions on Windows 8 and 10


Although you can access this via the Control Panel or the Options button, doing it this way is much faster and easier.


  1. Click on the View tab found on the ribbon.
  2. Go to the Show/Hide section that lets you toggle file extensions either on or off.
  3. Select and activate the File Name Extensions box.
  4. You are done.

In the future, File Explorer will remember the choice you made and the setting. It will be active until you decide to disable it again.

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How To Stop Videos From Autoplaying On Browsers

How to stop videos from playing automaticallyAutoplaying videos were meant to make a person’s internet browsing easier. However, most of us find the feature kind of annoying and if you have limited mobile data, costly. This tutorial on how to stop videos from autoplaying on browsers can help you. The autoplaying videos feature can be easily disabled on any browser. If you have Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, then you can end the autoplaying feature quick.

Not long ago, videos that would autoplay could be stopped without a problem since they used Flash. All you had to do was disable the Flash on your browser and the problem was fixed. But since then, the world wide web has moved forward with some new technology. So now since videos are in HTML5, that option is off the table.

While websites and advertisers may love that fact that you have to see their videos automatically, most of us hate it. It is very annoying to have a video start and you are not even aware of it. Especially if the videos starts playing loudly and unexpectedly while you’re at work or in a quiet place.

Proof of how annoying the video autoplaying feature is can be found by the many different types of searches people do on the topic. From the ‘stop videos from playing automatically’ to ‘how to do so on iPhone or Android phones,’ the searches are many. For people who have data limit on their mobile plans it can also prove costly. These autoplaying videos can eat up a lot of data quickly. Worse of all, it is for something you did not even want.

Below, we have outlined a few easy to follow steps on how to disable these annoying autoplaying videos.

Opera Browser –

To disable autoplaying videos on Opera, follow these steps.

1. Launch Opera and install the Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension. Once you add the extension, the videos will no longer autoplay.


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Safari Browser –

For Safari users, disabling this feature requires a few more steps. That’s because in order to do so, the Terminal on macOS needs to be opened.

1. Since you need to close out Safari before anything, press ‘cmd+q‘ or simply click on the top bar, then Safari, then Quit Safari.
2. The next step is to open up Terminal. You do this by pressing “cmd+space bar.’ Then you type ‘Terminal‘ and hit enter.
3. Once you are there, you have to copy and paste the following command in Terminal: defaults write –
com.apple.Safari com.apple.Safari.ContentPageGroupIdentifier.WebKit2AllowsInlineMediaPlayback -bool false.
4. By entering this command in Terminal, you will disable any videos from ever autoplaying again on your Safari browser.
In the event that you want to enable video autoplaying feature again, simply type this command in Terminal to do so: defaults write – com.apple.Safari WebKitMediaPlaybackAllowsInline -bool false.


Google Chrome Browser –

Google Chrome users don’t really have to do much in order to disable videos from autoplaying.

1. Launch your Google Chrome browser and install the following extension called “Disable HTML5 Autoplay. Once you have added it to Chrome, the autoplaying feature will no longer work. Go to sites such as YouTube to try it out and check for yourself.


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With these cool and helpful browser extensions and tips, you no longer have to put up with videos that play automatically. You can now watch the videos when you want to and are ready to do so.

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10 Tips For Waking Up And Staying Awake

the best ways to wake yourself up in the morningWe all go through it every day. The ritual when our alarm rings and we have to wake up. Most people hate waking up and when the moment comes, they usually end up going back to sleep. Once they do wake back up again, they realize that they are late and the rush is on. When this happens – and it occurs often – we tell ourselves that we will start waking up earlier. However, doing that and actually carrying it out consistently, is easier said than done.


These 10 tips for waking up and staying awake can help you avoid these problems. The cycle of waking up and staying awake or ignoring the alarm, is very common. That’s because we all love to hit the snooze button and hope to get at least 5 more minutes of sleep. But in the end, those five minutes turn to much more which then causes us to be late. Follow these ten tips and you should be able to wake up and stay up.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Yes, we know that this may sound redundant or too vague. However, not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest reasons people wake up tired. And in turn, feel the need to continue sleeping. If you deprive your body and mind of rest, they will both feel tired and not want to wake up. Avoid using your cell phone late at night or at least one hour before going to bed. The same for watching TV right before going to bed. Also, be sure to keep any electronic gadgets out of of your bedroom.


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Keep Your Alarm Clock Far Away


Although this is a very simple to follow tip, it is one of the most effective ones to help you wake up on time. Most of us tend to hit the snooze button each time the alarm goes off. That, in turn, lets us continue to sleep longer than we were supposed to. It also results in making you late for whatever you wanted to get up for.


If you place your alarm clock away from you, you will have to get out of bed to turn it off or hit the snooze button. Chances are that once you do that, you will realize that you have to get up anyway. If you sleep with others around you, it will motivate you to get up so your alarm won’t disturb them. Plus, not being able to hit the snooze button as much will do the trick.


Remember Why You Need To Wake Up


If there is an important reason as to why you have to wake up at a certain time, then you need to remember it. Motivation is key according to many experts on sleeping habits. If you keep in mind the reasons why you have to wake up when the alarm goes off, it will make it easier to do. Take time to reflect on why this is crucial to you and why you need to be on time.


Sleep The Right Amount Of Hours


Most researchers and sleep experts always recommend that we sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day for adults. The reason this is important is because if you sleep the right amount of hours, you will most likely wake up when you need to. There are some who still feel a bit groggy even after 7 hours of rest. If that is the case, then try sleeping for another 14 minutes intervals. Once you do this, you will find the right amount of time  your body needs to wake up fine each day.


Use A Gradual Alarm


Some people have alarms that are truly annoying or hard to wake up to. Annoying and loud blaring sounds are not the best for waking someone out of their sleep. On the other hand, if you use a gradual alarm tone, chances are you will want to wake up easier. Try using your favorite song as your alarm tone. There is also a great app called Sleep Cycle which works very well.


Adjust To Your Body Clock


We all have a clock in our body that is different from other people. Some of us may need to only sleep a certain amount of hours and minutes to wake up feeling right. Others, will require more or less time to do so. This all depends on your body clock. You need to get to know your body clock and adjust your alarm to it. There are several great apps that can wake you up in 15 minute increments to learn your body’s clock. Once you and the app, figure out what that is, the app will work very well. And you will wake up feeling much more energized and better.

Make Your Bed Quickly


One of the best ways to make sure you don’t go back under your covers, is to make your bed. As soon as your alarm goes off, jump out and make your bed. That will keep you from getting back into it and under the sheets. It will also help you keep your room organized. In turn, you will feel more motivated and effective. Be sure to make a habit each morning to produce better results.


Drink A Glass Of Water


Many people don’t want to wake up and stay awake due to dehydration. The best way to make sure you avoid this is by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It will keep you refreshed and ready to go and much more awake. In addition, your body and mind will feel much better throughout the entire day.


Open Up Those Shades


The best way to tell your body that it is time to wake up, is by letting in the sunshine. This trick will tell your body that it is time to accept that the time for waking up has arrived. If you wake up during the morning hours, the sunlight can do wonders for your mind and body. Research has shown that bright lights can have positive effects for waking you up and keeping you awake.


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Throw Cold Water On Your Face


This may be the oldest trick in the book. But throwing some cold water on your face will get both your body and mind’s attention. A couple of splashes on your face or taking a cold water shower can do the job. The cold water will get your adrenalin and body moving quickly.

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13 Cool Apps To Use Offline On Your Smartphone

The best apps without internet android and iphoneSmartphones are not just for making phones calls anymore. These days people use their cellular phones for just about everything else. One of those great things you can use your cell for is entertainment. Phones provide fun when you are taking a long trip somewhere, on your way to work or waiting somewhere. For people commuting to work each day, their smartphones are the best getaways. But in many cases, using your phone while online can mean wasting your cellular data. People who have unlimited amounts of phone data usage don’t really worry about this. However, most do not and have to make sure they keep an eye on their limits.

Luckily, there are several apps you can use on your phone without being online or using your cellphone data. These 13 offline apps can help provide hours of entertainment for occasions when you need to kill time.


Feedly –

The Feedly app is already an awesome application to get tons of news from countless sources. Via the RSS Feedme reader, the app allows you to gain access to all the things you need to know. The latest news and events are right at your fingertips. But the best part about Feedly is that you can have all of your news pulled via Wi-Fi. Then, later on, you can go offline and read all of the content.


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Spotify –

For those that have Spotify’s Premium subscriptions, they can download all of their favorite songs on either their Android or iPhone phones. You can then listen to them while offline at a later time. You can download up to 3,333 songs from Spotify. And you can use up to 3 different devices. All you need to do is connect to the internet at least once every 30 days. If you do so, you will have constant offline access to all your favorite tunes.


Amazon Kindle App –

For those that like reading books, the Amazon Kindle app is the best ebook reader available. What makes this app even more awesome is that you can continue using it  for hours without an internet connection. All you need to do is get a free book or buy one. Once you have the book, download it to your device and you are ready to go.


YouTube –

Believe it or not, YouTube has an offline feature. But the only problem is that it is only available in some countries such as Egypt, South Africa, India, Thailand, Pakistan and several more. For people in those countries, YouTube can let you use their services offline. Just hit the download button located next to the video you want to watch later on the YouTube app.


TripAdvisor –

If you want to find out about some travel information, then TripAdvisor has an offline function. They have City Guides that are dedicated and right on the app internally. You also have offline access to photos of over 300 cities, maps and reviews as well.


Netflix –

There are many Netflix Original Series and other content you can watch offline on either Android or iPhone devices. But there is a limit to what you can watch since all of the content on Netflix is not available for offline. Still, just find the ‘Available for Download’ section in the app and you can browse to see which content you want. Once you download it, you can watch it later on at your own leisure offline.


AccuWeather –

We all need to know about the weather at one time or another. The AccuWeather app is one of those that lets you get an accurate forecast of up to 15 days without being online. Of course things with the weather can change in an instant. But having this kind of info for a few hours may be all the time you need.


Pocket –

Many people kill time reading while they are commuting or waiting somewhere. The Pocket app lets you read tons of articles from the internet you may have not had time for. Once you have the Pocket app installed, you can download and save articles you may want to read later on. Once the time comes for being offline, then you can pull up all of them and enjoy reading them.


Monospace –

We all need to take some notes at one time or another. The Monospace note-taking-app is very useful for that and more. Best of all, you can use many of the great features on the app without being online. Functions such as italics, bold and text-formatting are all there for you to take advantage of.


Apple Music –

If you’re an Apple paying music subscriber, then you can take advantage of their offline option. They allow you to download many songs and listen to them later on while offline. All you have to do is tap on the download icon located next to the song you want. Once you are done, you can listen to the songs without the use of internet access.


Google Drive –

Even though Google Drive is actually a cloud storage service, you can still use it offline. The Google Drive app lets you download documents or files to your smartphone or device. Once you have done so, you can then use them offline without a glitch. After you go online again, the documents or files will sync back into the cloud services.


Amazon Prime Video –

Having an Amazon Prime membership has its benefits. One of those is being able to have access to the long list of Amazon Prime Video. To make it even better, you can use this service with the offline option. Just tap on the download button next to the movie or show you want to watch later. You can even change the video quality settings to all the files as well.


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Podcast Apps –

One of the great things that our smartphones let us do is listen to podcasts. This is by far one of the best time killing forms of entertainment available offline. All you have to do is find the right podcast app for you to use. Once you have one, then simply begin to download any of the podcasts you find fun or interesting. When gain access to the internet again, the new podcasts will be downloaded automatically.

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