Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone

 Tips on How to Save Space on Your Phone - Online Convert
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The vast majority of users on the Internet are now looking for useful information on saving space on their mobile devices. Online Convert has put together some helpful tips on how to save space on your phone. A few years ago most of us used to always worry about saving space on our computers, PC’s or laptops. However, the worldwide explosion of mobile usage by so many has changed even what most people are searching for these days. Cleaning up your phone of space is not only a great way to save space, but also essential in keeping your device from lagging and running slower.








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Delete Old Messages


One of the most common problems mobile users have when it comes to saving space on their phones is not knowing the default settings on their phones. Most mobile phones such as the iPhone come with preset factory settings which keep and save your text messages forever. That means that if you text constantly (who doesn’t?) then you can end up taking a large chunk of your device’s memory on old text messages alone. To make sure you stop your cellphone from storing and saving text messages forever follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings app and hit ‘Messages’
  2. Scroll down all the way until you find ‘Message History’
  3. Change forever to 1 year or 30 days, depending on your preference.

Doing this will allow you to save not only space, but also let your phone work faster. Most users send tons of videos and photos so this only adds to the amount of space used up and what can be freed up.


Clean Your Phone


Between browsing history and various apps running in the background, there are numerous things which can clog up your phone. One of the best ways to keep your phone from lagging or freezing is to clean your browsing history. Just like a computer, each page you visit is saved on your mobile device via cookies. In a matter of weeks (Depending on how much you surf) you can ramp up quite a few MB of browsing data. For those that want an even better way to keep their phone clean and running smoother we recommend an app called “Clean Master”. This app does everything from cleaning your device’s browsing history, deleting junk files and much more. You can also use it to clean texting apps such as Whatsapp and others. The reason Clean Master is useful for those that use texting apps is that most of them keep a history of all the photos, files and videos you send and receive. This means that in a few weeks you can end up with a duplicate photo or file on your phone for each instance you send it out. Clean Master also comes with a security scanner which is very essential in protecting your mobile device.


Use Alternate Data Storage


Cell phones which have SD card slots are a great way to let users be able to store data on them and save them elsewhere. These SD cards are very useful for moving videos, pictures and music you may have on your cellular phone. Most cell phones take up quite a large amount of space for photos and videos. This is because most phones now have HD capacity and a much higher quality format for pictures and videos. For those who have devices with no SD card slots capacity there is always Cloud services. These cloud services are not only great for saving space on your phone, they also act as a back-up to your files in case your device is ever lost, damaged or stolen. Most cell phone carriers have sync services which automatically back up your data each day. You can choose the frequency which the device does so, although daily backup is recommended.


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Another way to clear up space on your device is to delete all the unnecessary apps which usually come bundled with the phone. There are numerous apps which are pre-installed which most of users will actually never use. However, be sure that other apps are not Dependant on any of the applications you delete since it may cause instability on your phone or cause it to fail or malfunction.  Lastly, you can use sites such as Online Convert to change the format and file extensions of large files on your device. That 4 GB video can be easily converted to a mere few MB in an instant using our free and easy tools to convert them.

How to Save a Video From Facebook Easily

Save Facebook Videos in a few steps
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Ever seen a funny or great video on Facebook and wondered how you could save it to your mobile device, tablet or computer? Here is one method from Online Convert which we found to work flawlessly. Remember, in case the video may be too large or you want to convert it to another file extension you can do so here for free.








Video Sharing Online


When Facebook first started it was all about staying in touch with friends and family members all over the world. However, the past few years, social media trends have changed and now people are sharing just about everything. Users are now sharing so many different images and videos everyday. Many of us log onto Facebook and social media sites now to simply enjoy the funny and awesome photos, videos and stories which other users share. It is a ritual for users to now log on to their Facebook accounts just to see them daily. In fact, video sharing and viewing on social media sites have become very popular. So much so that there are now tons of people who have dedicated themselves to making videos and sharing them on sites like YouTube and other websites.


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Monetizing Through Video Sharing


Those that create videos which viewed and are shared frequently end up making a lot of money doing so. This explains why so many people are creating videos and sharing them online now. YouTube pays very well for those who have numerous subscribers on their profiles and for each view their videos receive.

But what if you see a video and want to be able to see again later without being logged into your Facebook account? Maybe you want to save it on your device to be able to see if as much as you want and show it to others later on. Perhaps you simply want to share with someone who does not have a Facebook account. Some people just want to share the video directly from their account as opposed to sharing it from another source. After all, what’s the point of seeing a really great video if you yourself can’t save it to your device? Whatever the reason might be, luckily, there is an easy way to save the videos so you can do what you want with them.


How to Save the Video Easy


The first step is to log into your Facebook profile.

Next, you go to the page or person’s profile where the video has been uploaded to and shared with everyone.

You now want to go to the Adress bar at the top of the browser (See photo 1) where is located. Once here you simply highlight the address and copy it.


How to Save a Video From Facebook Easily - Picture 1


Next, you go to the Online Convert site here – and paste the URL address (See photo 2) then hit enter.

Save Facebook Videos Easyly



** NOTE ** We have used AVI as the default file extension which to download the Facebook video. However, you can change the file format to any other extension you want to download the video such as MP3, MP4, FLV or any of the other many formats Online Convert lets you choose from.
There are also other options you can choose from such as changing the screen size, video quality and many other options.



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Next step is to simply hit convert video (See photo 3) and you are done. Your video should be ready in a few seconds depending on the size of the video and your download speed.

Easily Download Facebook Videos in 3 easy steps


Simply choose where to save the video to and you are ready to look at your Facebook video, re-share it or do anything else you would like with it. :Remember, you can easily convert the videos here on Online Convert to FLV, MPEG, MP4, MOV or any of the other many file extensions we offer video conversion to.


Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware

Online Convert - Best Ways To Protect Your Mobile Devices From Malware
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The recent explosion of mobile devices as well as other gadgets the past few years has been astounding to say the least. It seems as if everyone we know has a tablet or some sort of gadget to connect to the internet with. But how do you protect yourself and your device from all the would be hackers out there who are intent on stealing your personal information? Here are the best ways to protect your mobile devices from malware, hacks and virus.




Download Only From Trusted Sources

It goes without saying, but one of the most common mistakes mobile users make to compromise their electronic gadgets is downloading apps or files from unknown sources. Whenever you are downloading apps, it is imperative that you only do so from legitimate app stores. Going to other sources to get an app will only lead to trouble and perhaps compromising your personal data. Worst of all, many of these apps are nothing short of malicious applications intent on overtaking your device. Hacking and stealing all your banking, credit card and personal information is their only true goal. When downloading apps, be weary of those that ask for permissions which are out of the normal boundaries of other apps.


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Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Devices

Android and iPhone users often ‘Jailbreak and root’ their devices in order to allow certain apps to work on their phones. However, doing either one to your devices disables most of the security measures put in place by the manufacturers to protect you. They also disable features from apps stores which help defend your device. This is because jailbreaking or rooting means to allow full access to the operating system and features of your devices. Too many users who want to avoid paying for an application and rather get it for free to save a few bucks end up paying a lot more in the end. Some have ended up losing their phones altogether since their devices end up being useless after the hacks.
If you still want to jailbreak or root your device, be sure to keep your personal information such as banking and credit cards out of your phone.


Update Your OS

We all get annoyed sometimes when we get and see those pesky “Available system update” messages on our phones. Most of us are inclined to ignore them and leave them to install for later. However, it is wise to keep your mobile device’s operating system up to date all the time. Hackers never sleep and they are always finding ways to infiltrate security holes left in the operating system. Security patches are ways that manufacturers and developers keep their software and apps updated and secured from hacks.


Other Security Tips to Consider

Other tips to consider are being weary of “Free Wi-Fi or Hotspots” you find everywhere these days. Countless hackers know people are always looking for a freebie and they in turn will give users access to their Wi-Fi or Hotspots. However, their only intent is to gain backdoor access to your phone and hack it for their personal gain.
Be sure to always use cloud-sharing alternatives to back-up and protect your files and phone data. Enable location security services such as “Find my phone” which can pinpoint your phone’s location should it ever be stolen or lost. Lastly, be wary and vigilant whenever you download any files from the internet. If you want to use online conversion tools to convert any files, make sure you only use those from trusted sites such as


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Following these tips will greatly ensure that your devices are always protected and secured. After all, security should always be done in a preventive manner. This way, you can stay one step ahead of all the hackers out there.

Top Reasons Why You Should Write an E-book

Top Reasons Why You Should Write an E-book
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There many bloggers and writers out there who monetize through what they write online for their own sites or others. However, making some real money from doing that is not that easy. It takes a long time to build up an audience or get visitors to your site. This is what accounts for most of the money you will make through Adsense or other advertisers. Writing an Ebook can make a huge difference as far as the money and several other factors. Here are the top reasons why you should write an Ebook today.




E-books Give You Status


Writers and bloggers could spend years doing it and most will not make that much money from it or be truly recognized or appreciated for their work. However, writing your own e-book can instantly give any writer an author status. It also gives you a position as an expert in whatever field you are writing your e-book about. This is because writing an e-book can boost your authority and credibility. Once you publish it on sites like Amazon, you can end up having your work next to some of the biggest names in the industry.

For those trying to build up their email list, offering an E-book as an incentive is a great way to get hundreds of subscribers and followers. Most people these days are really weary of giving up their emails to people, even when the sites offer good information. This is largely due to users being afraid of getting bombarded with Spam. However, once you offer an e-book or part of it as a bonus for users to sign up, the numbers of followers will increase tenfold.


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Mistakes to Avoid


There are millions of E-books available out there these days covering just about every genre or topic. Still, many of them are embarrassingly bad, to say the least. This is because too many people rush to write them and release them before they are even ready or worth publishing. Most don’t even have a clue about writing an E-book. Too many authors forget that writing an average or great E-book takes about as much work as a regular book. Another mistake to avoid is picking a subject or topic you know little about. Any good writer knows that writing about something they love is easy and the words will flow right through them. However, picking a topic you know little about will require lots of research and maybe even paying someone to fill you in on certain parts.

Is There a Need For Your E-book?


You should also make sure your E-book is something people really need or want. What’s the sense of writing a great E-book if no one really needs to read it or has any use for it? Another problem many authors face is giving up or quitting before they finish their work. Although writing an article is simple for most writers, it is not as easy to write an entire E-book or numerous chapters. Still, you need to finish what you started and keep telling yourself that you will not stop until you get it done.


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In the end, there are many advantages to writing an e-book. You need to keep in mind however, just how much work and time it will require from you. Once you get it done though, the rewards will be immense. Not just monetary wise, but for several of the reasons we covered here as well as many others. Nothing great is ever easy which means if you want to succeed in your E-book venture you need to work hard at it. In the long run, once it has been  written and published you will feel as if you are the king or queen of the world!

Document Converter Online For Free

Online Document Converter

For anyone looking for a document converter site online for free then is the place to visit. There is no need to buy any software or install any kind of programs to use our easy to convert tools. The user interface is also extremely easy to use which makes converting your files a cinch.


Avoid Shady and Dubious Sites

There are numerous reasons why knowing about where to go to in order to convert your documents is important. For one thing, various sites which claim to offer ways for you to convert your document, video, audio or any other kind of files can actually end up causing problems for you. Many of these places will only let you convert your documents or other files if you download their bloated software. Most of these programs you need to download contain PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) virus which install 3rd party software. The software will offer numerous freebies for you to take advantage of.

Problem is that most of these “Freebies” are not really free at all, but simply trial versions. However, if decide you do not want them after the time is up, they are almost impossible to remove from your device. Worse of all, they end up installing other unwanted programs which repeat the process all over again until you end up with hundreds of PUP in your mobile devices, tablets or computers. Some sites can also lead to you downloading a trojan into your device which can end up hacking and stealing your personal information.

Other sites offering online conversion will also require you to give your email address in order to “Send you your file” once it is converted. Of course, after you get your file (if you do get it) you will also end up getting a vast amount of unsolicited emails or spam.


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Online-Convert: Safe & Trusted

Having any kind of file you want to convert shouldn’t require you to do anything other than simply upload and convert your file to whatever extension you need. There should not be any email requirements, much less software or program needed to be installed in your device in order to do so. Online-convert takes pride in knowing our site is one of the safest and most trusted on the web. Our motto is simple “You upload your file and we convert it for you”.

So now you may be wondering if the file you want to convert can be converted here. Well no matter what kind of file it is, we can convert it for you.  For document files such as DOC, DOCX, Flash, HTML, ODT, PDF, PPT, PPTX, REF to TXT, it can all be done here quickly and easily.

Simply select the target format which you want to convert to and then choose the extension. Depending on the file size and your connection speed, the process will be done very quickly.


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So remember, next time you are looking for a document converter Online site for free, visit us here and we will convert your file in a heartbeat and without a hitch.

Social Media and Other File Sharing Dangers

Social Media and Other File Sharing Dangers
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It seems as if everyone we know has a social media account these days since it allows family and friends to easily connect from different places all over the world. Let’s face it, social media usage has gone up at least 10,000% the past 2 years. From Facebook to Twitter, there are thousands of sites where people interact and share with one another all sorts of videos, files, documents and more. However, there are many social media and other file sharing dangers that most people don’t really know about or pay enough attention to.



P2P (Peer-to-peer) File Sharing

Years ago a P2P program called Kaaza came out on the Internet and it immediately became an overnight success with users. People were finding millions of files being shared by users remotely from all over the world. From movies, software and songs, there wasn’t anything you couldn’t find on Kaaza or similar sites; and all for free. However, hackers soon invaded these sites and began to upload files filled with malicious virus and trojan horses. The programs also began to collect private user data and practically took over your computers. Most of the P2P programs actually were sending out emails through your own computer without users even knowing about it. Millions of computers and laptops were infected and people soon began to realize the dangers P2P programs presented.

Anyone who has P2P software installed on their PC or devices should be very careful, especially if you are using it at the workplace. One of the easiest forms of hacking someone comes via P2P sharing. Chances are that those costly programs and files you are finding for free on P2P networks may end up costing you much more in the end. Always use caution and examine the files you download with an antivirus program before opening them.


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Dangers of Flash Drives

Flash drives have made our lives so much easier when it comes to file sharing. However, they are extremely risky and are one of the most commonplace tools for infections and virus. This is because flash drives bypass network security when you run them. Some have an autorun on them which makes it even worse to control. The minute you insert a flash drive into your device, it can start a virus to run and infect your computer in seconds. It can spread from your PC and disable security programs as well. Just like files you download from the internet, always check flash drives for infections and viruses.


Email File Sharing

We all receive thousands of emails a month, depending on your email program. Because of this, sharing files via emails is one of the most dangerous and quickest forms for users to get their devices hacked or breached. Emails are not designed to be secure so they can easily be manipulated to act as a trojan horse by hackers. If you receive an email with a file attachment then be super careful when opening it. Even if these files are from friends or family members, use caution. Most hackers will hack your device and send out emails to those on your contact list to make it appear as if the emails are legit and coming from you. By the time the others realize what has happened, they too have also been hacked. Using file sharing services is always best if you send out files or receive some from friends, co-workers of family members. Most bogus or dangerous emails will come with really catchy or eye grabbing subject lines to induce you into opening them. If in doubt, it is always prudent to simply delete them.


Cloud File Sharing

Last year, over 2 Billion dollars were lost to hackers by businesses whose employers ended up using some sort of cloud file sharing services. Sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox are awesome to use since they make file sharing so much easier. However, they also open up a plethora of security risks for users. Some people just love sending out files to others and fwd them. Still, often times these files being shared can easily be modified by a user on the list while they end up adding some malicious virus or trojan to the original document or file. Many companies are now using professional grade file sharing services for their employers and are forbidding them from using consumer grade  programs to avoid being breached. Be sure to follow your employer’s security protocol when using a company’s computer lest you lose your job behind sharing or receiving files from others.


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In all reality, file sharing can be great and has made our world so much easier when it comes to sharing files all over. Social media is a great tool as well since we can all share files all day long and see or get files we would never had been able to do so before. However, it can also end up costing you or others your personal data and information if you’re not careful. Use caution and be fervent security wise in your file sharing usage.  

How to Make a Video File Smaller

Online Convert - How to Make a Video File Smaller
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Everyone has a cell phone or some sort of electronic gadget which allows them to record just about everything these days. Furthermore, most of these devices now let you record the videos in HD format which can make them extremely huge in size. It is because of this that the size of the videos makes it almost impossible to upload and/or share via social media sites or with your friends and family. Here we have a how to make a video file smaller article which will tell you what to do in order to overcome that obstacle.



Why Go Smaller?

There are many reasons why you should compress or change the format of your videos in order to make them smaller. For one, most social media sites limit the size of the videos you can upload to their sites and rightly so. Take Facebook, for example, which limits the sizes of uploaded videos to 1 GB or 1024MB. While your video may only be about 2 GB or bigger, imagine what would happen if sites allowed millions of users to upload those huge videos all day? Before long their servers would overload and become full. Second, sharing the video with friends or family members can be a problem. If they do not have a fast speed connection or limited data usage from their carrier, it will make downloading those big size videos files from you take forever. They would also end up using all of their data packages before long while trying to download the video. Lastly, converting the videos to smaller sizes also saves you time and space on your device. Proof that videos do not really need to be large in size or length is the huge success that sites like Vine are having lately. These websites are dedicated to users uploading and sharing all kinds of videos all day. However, they are limited to just about 6 and half seconds.


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Convert and Make Adjustments

One of the first things you will need to do is convert your video to either .mp4 or .flv format. Both of these have smaller sizes than your other formats. You can also change your bitrates to a lower value or resize the dimensions of the video as well. Adjusting the bitrate works really well since bitrate constitutes the volume of data that can be processed in an appropriated amount of time. When it comes to videos, the higher the bitrates, the better the quality of the image and audio of the video. However, it also means that it will be a larger size as well. Compressing the video will reduce the overall quality of the video. Still, it will make sharing and uploading to social media sites that much easier and better in the long run. You can also or may have to change the resolution of the video as well. The resolution is represents the size of the video as far how wide and tall it is in terms of pixels.


Change the Format

Being able to change the format of your large size videos is a blessing which so many users appreciate being able to do. It used to be that in order to do so before, most people had to buy or use an expensive program or software. However, thanks to sites like Online-Convert, that is no longer necessary. Here you can quickly and easily change the format of your video; and it’s all free! Your video can be changed to MOV (QuickTime Movie) MP4, AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) WMV (Windows Media Video and other formats. If you do not want to convert your video or change the format for fear of losing quality then there there are other options as well. You can simply divide your video into several smaller clips. However, deciding what part of the video to divide it at can make this process an arduous and time consuming one sometimes.


Here’s another helpful article which you may also find interesting; What is the Best Video Format?


In the end, knowing how to make a video file smaller or how to convert it will save you and those you share your videos with a lot of time and space. Take advantage of sites such as this one which make conversion of your video files easy and quick.

Tips on Protecting Important Files

Tips on Protecting Important Files
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Whether it’s on your computer, tablet or mobile device, all of us have files on them which are important and therefore need to be backed up, protected and secured. The problem is that many people wait until it is too late to actually begin to take steps to back them up or properly copy and secure the data. Here are some great tips on protecting important files you may have and how to make sure you never lose them or that they get hacked or stolen.


Step One –  Backup Your Files

One huge mistake most people make is thinking that their gadgets will never ever break, get lost or stolen so they do not bother to backup their files. However, we all know that is not the case. Whether you have a laptop, PC or another sort of device, your first order of business should be to backup all of your files and data right away. You can buy an external hard drive which can store up a tremendous amount of data depending on the size you purchase. Best of all, you can take these external hard drives with you wherever you go. However, because of that option, you should also make sure you secure your external HD with a password or encryption in case it is ever lost or stolen.

Most devices these days also come with Cloud services which allow you to upload your files to their private servers via the Internet. This is awesome since most of the time the backup is performed automatically and continuously as you add more files each day. Nevertheless, be sure the Cloud services you are using is secure since some have been hacked as of late.

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Lastly, there are many Websites which offer free online file storage that are quick, fast and easy. You can get about 10GB for free on most of them. However, if you have large files which take up more space such as movies or videos, you may need to purchase a plan that offers you more space.

Before you download any programs, be sure to read on the Dangers Of Downloading Free Files From The Internet

Step Two – Secure Your Files

The vast majority of us have files on our computer and devices which may be sensitive or for our eyes only. Maybe you could be working on an awesome idea for a new invention. Perhaps you have a business start-up plan which you do not want your boss or other co-workers to see. There could also be photos or videos that you may not want your little nephew, niece, your kids or spouse to find and look at as well. Lastly, you also have to think about securing your personal information against hackers too since the threats grow each day. In any event, whatever the files are, your second step is to secure them. Luckily there are numerous apps and programs available which allow you to encrypt and secure your private data easily. Having the option to lock the data via a password, swipe pattern or a number digit password is essential, smart and prudent. If you haven’t done so already you should begin to do so immediately. Using your devices without any kind of encryption or security of your personal and financial information is a huge mistake. It is similar to leaving your brand new car outside with the keys inside while it is unlocked which none of us would ever do.

In this world where everything is now technology driven, it is important to be one step ahead of the game. Using these useful tips on protecting important files is just one of the many ways you can help to protect yourself and your data.



Xbox File Converter Free & Easy

Xbox File Converter Free & Easy
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For those looking for programs or websites which offer X-Box file converter free & easy then has all the tools you need. With so many file formats available these days it is often hard to find the right kind of file to play on your gaming consoles. This is true whether you have a mobile device, tablet or an Xbox or another kind of game console.  


No Software Needed

Many people think that in order for them to be able to convert their files to play on their gaming consoles they need to buy expensive software being offered on the Internet. Still, others resort to downloading bloated programs which you have to install on your computer or devices in order to convert the files. The bad part about most of these programs that they offer for free is that they are usually filled with either PUP ( unwanted adware, spyware) or a virus. In other cases, they contain a Trojan virus which can steal your personal information and even hijack your computer, tablet or device. Yet the truth is that none of these are true when it comes to converting files for your consoles. Thankfully, on our website you do not need to do any of those things. You simply need to upload your file to our site and Online-Convert will do the rest for you. Best of all, our site has one of the highest ratings for safety and security.

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Can you play mp4, MVK, DivX Files on Xbox 360?

One of the questions most Xbox One or Xbox 360 users have is “Can you play mp4, DivX or MVK files on the console?” According to Microsoft’s support pages, the answer varies. This is because Mp4 files are inclined to have different video codecs. In many instances these codecs may not be compatible with the gaming console. Unlike Mp4 files, MVK and DivX files need to be converted completely in order to be used or played on the Xbox. This is because Microsoft has very rigid and strict requirements when it comes to the input formats it allows on their Xbox consoles. Nevertheless, once these files are converted properly all the stringent requirements are obsolete.



Online Convert Makes it Easy

The Xbox 360 console supports many file formats from the MPEG-4 file extensions such as m4v, mp4v, mp4, mov, avi and a few others. Containers like MPEG-4, Quicktime and other video profiles can also be played on the gaming consoles. So what if you have a file which is not supported by your Xbox? Most people used to think that they had to either delete the files, give up on using them, buy an expensive file conversion software or simply buy the game or video in the proper format. However, thanks to sites such as that is no longer the case. You can now easily get those files converted into the proper format and begin using them right away.



Quick File Conversion

If you have files such as MKV which cannot be played on the Xbox console then simply follow our easy to use guides. You can choose the files that you are trying to convert on our dashboard. These include Audio, video, documents, images and several others. Once there, you pick the targeted format you wish to convert the file to and then let our website do the rest. Once the file has been converted, your new file in the format you chose will be begin to automatically download and you are done.

Our Xbox file converter tools are the safest and easiest way to convert those files you may have thought you would never be able to use. Take advantage of these tools and let the games begin, or continue!


Hashing and Encrypting – What’s the Difference?

Hashing & Encrypting - What's the Difference?
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Many people often get confused when it comes to knowing the differences between hashing and encrypting. has put together this article to help better explain about hashing and encrypting and what’s the difference between both of these important security tools.


What is Encryption?

With so many hackers on the Internet today, without encryption, the web would be like finding a bank vault full of cash wide open with no police around. Think of encryption as thousands of hard to open locks systematically placed to stop intruders. Encryption actually turns data into an array of indecipherable characters. These unreadable characters are not  created into a fixed length so therefore they are almost impossible to decipher or decode.


One huge difference that hashing and encryption have from each other is that if you have the right key or code, you can actually reverse back encrypted strings to their original  form. Public key encryption and Symmetric key encryption are two primary types of encryptions.


While public key encryption has two different keys, in symmetric key encryption both keys are the same. In the public key encryption, one is used to first encrypt the string of data while the private key is then used to decrypt it. Only the person receiving the encrypted messages has access to the private key which allows them to decode the messages even though the public key is accessible for anybody to use it to encrypt their messages. Two popular algorithms are PGP (Public key encryption algorithm) and AES which uses 256 bits of key size so it is considered the gold standard encryption key.


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What is Hashing?

While a hash is a number or a string developed from a string of text,  unlike encryption, the number or string reproduced by hashing results in a fixed length number. The generated string or number will greatly differ with minuscule variations in input.

It is impossible to turn a hash back into its original number or string since the hashing algorithms are constructed for just that. Two popular algorithms are MD5 which produces a 16 byte hash value and SHA which produces a 20-byte hash value.


If wasn’t for both hashing and encrypting, the billions of amounts of data which flows through the Internet daily would be in jeopardy. All of our personal information, credit cards and banking, would be wide open for hackers or anyone to access and use. So we need hashing and encrypting to make our world a safer place; especially in a world where just about everything flows through the web everyday.