5 Windows Folders and Files You Should Delete To Save Space

Tips For Saving Space On WindowsThe Windows operating system is one of the most popular and widely used in the world. Whether you are a fan or not, the Windows operating system is here to stay. But the truth is that Windows does have its share of problems. One of those is the many files and folders on Windows. While some are very useful to operate the system, there are many of them you don’t really need. This guide has several Windows folders and files you should delete to save space on your computer or laptop. In the same manner that smartphones come bloated with apps and programs you don’t really need, Windows has its share.


Some of these old files may have been on your computer for a really long time. From hidden caches to temp files, over time, they do take up a lot of space. Moreover, they can also slow down your PC. There are a few things you should know in order for some of these tips to work properly or better. For one, you should close most programs, browsers and folders on your computer. Keeping them open will prevent Windows from deleting some files since they will be in use. Also, you should repeat these steps at least once a month.


The Temp Folder –


Folder Location – C:\Windows\Temp


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If there is ever a Windows folder that is full of files you don’t really need, it is the temp folder. It is here that Windows stores files that you used at one time or another during the time you had your computer. The problem is that these temp files are no longer needed. Once they get passed their initial use, they become obsolete.

Tips for deleting temp files on Windows

To access these files, just open up any folder and type this address in C:\Windows\Temp and then hit enter. Once you are there you will see countless of temp files. Hit Ctrl + A to select all of them. Then press delete and you are done. You may get a message that the files cannot be deleted. This will happen if you have a program that is using those files. Be sure to close out everything to make it easier.


The Downloaded Programs Files Folder


Folder Location – C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files


The Downloaded programs files folder is a source of confusion for many Windows users. The files found on this folder are not really for  programs you have downloaded.  What they are is for files that Internet Explorer Java applets and ActiveX uses. They are there so if you visit a website and use the same feature, they won’t have to be downloaded again. But the reality is that this folder is basically useless and it’s just taking up space. In addition, ActiveX has many security flaws and Java applets are seldom used. Lastly, a lot of Windows users don’t even use the Internet Explorer browser that much either. If you have junk there, delete it now.


The Hibernation File Folder –


Folder Location – C:\hiberfil.sys


Much like bears that hibernate through the winter, Windows has its own hibernation folder. But unlike a bear which depends on this ritual, your computer doesn’t really need the folder or files. The hibernation mode on a computer can be compared to the sleep mode. The difference is that the operating system ends up saving all of the work you have open to your hard drive. It then shuts down when it needs to.


The size of your hibernation files will vary depending on the hard drive you have. Some are a few gigabytes in size, maybe more. If you don’t really use this mode, you can disable it. The reason for disabling it, instead of deleting it, is because if you do delete it, Windows will recreate all over again.

To disable it, open your Admin Command Prompt. You do this by right clicking on the Windows Start button. Once there, type this command which will disable hibernation mode – powercfg.exe /hibernate off – then you are done.


The Recycle Bin Folder –


Folder Location – Recycle Bin


Yes, we know that the recycle bin is not really a folder. However, it is a place where lots of junk is stored. If you delete something, Windows automatically sends it to the recycle bin. This is one of the reasons we are including it here. There is a difference between sending files to the recycle bin and permanently deleting them. Just go to your recycle bin and explore the contents there. Once you are sure you don’t need any of them, hit delete.


The Windows Old Folder Files –


Folder Location – C:\Windows.old


No, we are not making this up. There is actually a folder called ‘The Windows.old folder.’ This folder is usually found whenever users upgrade from one version of Windows to another. In this folder, all of the files that were part of your old Windows version are here. They stay there in case the files did not transfer properly when you made the upgrade. Or if you want to go back to your previous version of Windows. If you want to explore the folders to see if there is a file you may want to use, then do so before you delete them all. Still, even if you don’t remove this folder, Windows will do so after 10 days anyway.


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If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you download the CCleaner program. This is a great tool to help you delete your browsing history, junk files  and keeping your computer running smoothly.

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8 Awesome YouTube Tricks That Rock

Must read tricks and tips for watching YouTube VideosWhen it comes to watching videos on the internet, YouTube is the primary choice for most of us. That’s because there are all kinds of videos for you to watch and enjoy on the powerhouse video site. Although there are few other alternatives to YouTube, it is still number one for various reasons. But, there are certain tips that can make your user experience on YouTube even better. These 8 awesome YouTube tricks that rock will do just that. Using these tricks will let you bypass a few obstacles, let you make tweaks and get more out of each video.


Turn A Video Into A GIF


No doubt there are some videos on YouTube that will leave you shaking your head, laughing, in shock or wanting to watch them over and over again. If you found a video and it contains a scene you like, you can make a GIF image out it. Creating an animated GIF image out of any part of a video is cool for several reasons. For one, you can share it more easily since it will be smaller. Second, you can watch it over and over without even being on the site. Whatever the reason, here’s how to do so.


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Here is a YouTube video which has some really funny moments = youtube.com/watch?v=lGP1YFE5s4M

To change it to a GIF image, simply add this to the beginning of the URL =  gifyoutube.com/watch?v=lGP1YFE5s4M

This will take you to Gifs.com where you can make some edits and pick and choose the part of the video you want to make a GIF out of.


Play Videos In Slow Motion


We all seen a really amazing video on YouTube that we wished we could watch in slow motion. Luckily, there’s a cool trick that lets you do just that. From your computer, hold down the spacebar as the video is playing. Doing this will make it go slower.

8 Awesome YouTube Tricks That Rock
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/1OPEVCL


Watch Videos In HD At All Times


YouTube has a tendency of picking which format it may want you to watch their videos in. Since HD is the best one, most people choose that one. However, often times, YouTube won’t offer those formats due to connection issues or other discrepancies. But you can simply unlock the HD all the time trick and bypass this.

For the video below = youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A

simply add “&fmt=18” to the end of the video’s URL. This will get you 480×270 resolution and stereo sounds. You can also get 1280×720 resolution by adding “&fmt=22” to the end of the URL.


Bypass Any Age Restrictions


There are many videos on YouTube which have been deemed for mature viewers only. In some cases, people simply don’t want to bother to sign in order to watch the videos. No matter what the reason may be, you can simply bypass the age restriction by doing the following trick.


In the video URL here = youtube.com/watch?v=H37_t55mWSk

simply delete the “watch?”


Skip Parts Of The Intro


Some videos have really long intros that you really don’t want to waste time watching. If you found a video that you would like to bypass or skip a certain amount of the intro on it then doing this trick will do it. You can skip whatever amount of time you want by specifying the minutes in numbers such as “60” seconds and so on.


In the following video URL – youtube.com/watch?v=vU6_HFDm9HU we want to skip 15 seconds to get straight to the trailer. So we add the following – add start=15 to the URL and instead you will end up with this = youtube.com/watch?v=vU6_HFDm9HU&start=15


Link To A Specific Point For Playback


If you want to send a link of a video to someone and want it to start at a specific time, then you can do so easily. Simply add ‘#t=” to the end of the video URL. You then add the minute you want it to start at (use an m) and lastly, you add the second (use an s). So you would end up like this = youtube.com/watch?v=l8u98U37HZE#t=02m24s

You can also just add the total time of 2m24s to #t=144s


Loop The Video


If there’s a certain part of a song that you love, you don’t have to keep repeating it manually. You can loop a YouTube video infinitely by adding ‘repeater’ to the URL after Youtube. So instead of this =


You will have this youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=FF_IETJUXKE


This will take you to the YouTubeRepeater site where you can loop the song and keep repeating over and over again.
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Convert The Video To Other Formats
For those videos that you want to convert to another format such as MP4, FLV, 3GP or MKV, you can do so here at OnlineConvert. Simply use our free conversion tool and choose the format you want to change the video to. You can insert the URL or  choose to upload the file. Click on the Video file converter here.

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Tips For Playing Videos Seamlessly On Your PC

Playing Videos smoothly on computer suggestionsThere is nothing more frustrating and annoying than watching choppy video playback on your computer. For one, it does not let you enjoy the movie or whatever video you are watching. Plus, it can also make the video much harder to understand. Luckily, these tips for playing videos seamlessly on your pc can help.

Choppy video playback can occur while you are watching them online or through a DVD. Regardless of how it happens, below are some suggestions to help you fix what may be causing the problem. Before we go into anything else, there are a few things that largely affect how video is played back on your computer. Some problems with video playback normally occur when you have an outdated media player. It can also be due to a slow or bad internet connection. Lastly, you may just have a low performing computer that simply cannot handle high quality video playback such as Blu-ray or HD.


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Online Video Playback Issues –

The vast majority of people that experience choppy video playback do so when they are watching them online. If you are one of those people, then there are few things you should do right away. The first step is to make sure that you do not have any data-hungry programs which may be clogging up your network. A simple way to find this out is as follows:

1. Right click on your computer or laptop.
2. Bring up your Taskbar and then select the Task Manager.
3. Once there, take a look at the Processes tab.
4. Select the Network tab. If you look there, you can see the percentage number that tells you the network usage. You can check them to see exactly what programs are taking up all your network data. This is other than your browser, of course.

You can also check on the RAM usage tab. Most programs and online video playback, require sufficient amount of ram in order to run smoothly. Just like in the steps above, do the same thing all over again. However, this time you need to click on the Memory tab. If you notice any programs running that you don’t really need for video playback, then simply choose End task. Once that program ends, it will free up some RAM on your computer.

The last thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your system. Keep in mind that there are certain websites that have changed to HTML5 from Flash Player. Still, most browsers require Flash Player versions in order to be able to play videos. If you haven’t already, download and install the latest version of Flash Player on your pc. You should also make certain that hardware acceleration is disabled. Finally, be sure that your browser is up to date as well.


Offline Video Playback Issues –

For offline video playback issues, the steps are a bit simpler. For one, you need to make sure that your current media player is up to date. Whether you are using Winamp, VLC or another program, you need to have the latest version. Check the corresponding program’s website to see what version they have available.

The next step is making sure that you have all of the audio and video codecs properly installed. keep in mind that codecs are what process both audio and video data. However, some videos come in certain formats that simply are not playable on your computer; especially if the proper codecs are not installed. In other cases, the codecs may be corrupted or damaged.

To make sure you have the latest and proper codecs, go to the Microsoft site. They have an official codec package just for this issue. Your next step is making sure that your computer can actually handle the videos. Videos come in several different qualities such as 1080p, 720p and HD. For the 1080p videos, they play at 3O FPS – frames per second. Those require a few less range performance than the 60FPS videos. You also need to make sure that your computer can handle video rendering. Your graphics card, RAM and processor all come into play in this issue.

Finally, make sure that your GPU drivers and chipset are installed and current. Doing so will ensure that maximum output from your hardware.


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Help With Other Video Formats

In case that you have videos which are in a format that you cannot play on your computer or anywhere else, we can help. You can simply use our free Online Video Conversion tool to do so. With this awesome tool, you can make your videos smaller, change the screen size, bitrate and much more. Best of all, it is all done in a few quick and easy steps. And it does not require anything from you at all. Just upload the video and wait for it to be converted to your choice.


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Compress PDFs On macOS Without Losing Quality

PDFs files are great and make it so easy for us to share text and graphics which seem like printed documents with just about anyone. But sometimes, there are certain tips and tricks about a program or software that can make using PDFs a lot easier. This tutorial shows you how to compress PDFs on macOS without losing quality. Best of all, you don’t have install any software or added programs since your mac already has it.


The feature in reference is one that is little known to many people. Preview, is an awesome mac functionality that lets you shrink the size of PDFs files easily. Below are the few simple steps.


  1. Open a large PDF file using Preview.
  2. Click on – File> Export.
  3. Once there, from the Quartz Filter drop down box, choose the “Reduce File Size” option to make your PDF file smaller.


Although this is a very simple to use feature, there is a problem when you use it though. Whenever you use this method, you end up making your PDF files too small. In turn, it makes them very unreadable and very blurry. To avoid this you can do the following methods.


Compress PDFs Without Losing Quality


First, you go to /System/Library/Filters so there you can make several edits to the XML files. They are the ones which control the behavior that causes these issues. You can use the browse down option to get there as well.


Next, locate the file named ‘Reduce File Size.qfilter. Click on the copy and paste option and then copy it to your desktop. For those that want several compression options, you can create several copies of this file. Doing this will allow you to have them there for when you need each one accordingly.


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The next step is to find the ‘Open With>TextEdit‘ and right click on it. You can also choose another text editor if you have one just in case you want to do it differently.


In the ‘Compression Quality‘ field, you will see that it is set to ‘0’ by default. Look at it and you can set it to any number you want to. They range from 1 which is the least compressed, to the -1 which is the most compressed.

You can set any of these to 0.50 which is medium quality in case you  are creating multiple files. Also, you can set one to 0.75 for high quality files.


The next field you can edit is the ‘ImageSizeMax’ option. This is set to 512 by default. However, you can increase it to final size, whatever that may be. Most people set this option to 1684 for their medium quality compression. That ends up resulting in A4 at 144 DPI. For high quality compression, they set it at 3508 which results in A4 paper at 300 DPI.

The last step is to check the ‘Name‘ field in every one of them. You should change the name to something self evident. That’s because this is what will end up appearing in the Quartz Filter drop down menu option later on.


Once you have named the files to match the names, you then copy/paste them back into the /System/Library/Filters directory. Doing this will add new options for the compression you selected to the your ‘Export’ menu. Remember, you can dabble with the numbers and values if you don’t really like these suggestions.


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Free Online Document Converter


Keep in mind that you can always use our Free online document converter tool to convert your images and documents to PDF. There are many useful features and options for converting all kinds of files here, not just PDF’s.


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8 Tips and Tricks For Getting Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

8 Tips and Tricks For Getting Free Wi-Fi Anywhere
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/2hE3b0f

With so much to do on the internet these days, it is very easy for us to use up all of our mobile data really quickly. Some people without limits or data end up going over and racking up huge bills each month. But what can a person do when there is so much stuff to check out and do online? The best way to browse the web, avoid wasting your mobile data and getting a huge bill is using free Wi-Fi when you can.

These 8 tips and tricks for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere can help you do just that. Best of all, you can find out about some really cool tricks that you may not even been aware of. The truth is that with so many ways for people to have access to the internet now, finding ways to browse the web for free is essential. Wi-Fi is the answer for all of those people who have data limits or simply want to spend all day using the web without paying.


Trains & Buses

If you use public transportation, then chances are you can get free Wi-Fi as you ride to your destination. In most cities, buses and trains are now equipped with free Wi-Fi spots for customers to use. In cities like New York, the MTA is now looking to add even more underground WiFi stations for riders to enjoy. So get on the train or bus and search for that free Wi-Fi spot as you ride.


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A lot of parks are getting in on the act of offering free Wi-Fi to those that visit or use them. It is the best thing to happen since the slice bread for a lot of people. Being able to go to the park and relax while you surf the web for free is simply awesome. Check online to see which parks in your area have Wifi available.


Seek Out Hidden Networks

There are hundreds, if not thousands of hidden Wi-Fi networks out there. There are also several apps which allow you to find these hidden networks as well. Lounges in airports, electronic stores and a few other places all usually have hidden networks. It may take some searching, but if you do your homework, chances are you will find a few out there. However, when you do find one or two, keep them to yourself. If you start telling others about it, chances are the Wi-Fi owners will begin to notice and protect it.


Get It From Your Cable

Most cable providers now offer customers access to all of their Wi-Fi hotspots they have around the city. If you are a cable subscriber or use it for internet at home, then you can get free access from them as well. Take a look at their website to see where the hotspots are near you. Most of them have mobile apps which show you as well.


Join Loyalty Programs

There are hundreds of loyalty programs you can join for which in return for signing up, give you free Wi-Fi. Hotels and restaurants such as Kimpton, Marriott and many others, all have these loyalty programs. Of course you may get bombarded with lots of emails in return. But you can just put your spam filter to work if that happens and continue using the Wi-Fi.


Tether Your Smartphone

One of the most easiest ways to get internet access is by tethering your cellphone. If you have a phone with 3G or 4G capabilities, then you can use your computer to tether it. For Android users, there are several apps you can use, but you still need to root your phone. In the same manner, iPhone users will need to have their phones jailbroken to do so as well. Still, once you do it, you will be able to use this method just about anywhere in the world.


Get Coupon Codes

It may take some digging, but there are a few places which give you coupons to get Wi-Fi for free. Several companies give users vouchers they can use for hot spots in their areas. A few of them, partner with other businesses as way to offer these cool services.


Do Some MAC Spoofing

For those that have some computer knowledge, there is a great way to find and use free Wi-Fi. Most free Wi-Fi spots only give you a few hours limit. But if you can do some MAC address spoofing, it is easy to extend that time. There are people who have unlimited access to Wi-Fi services. If you can spoof their MAC address, then you are on your way to unlimited Wi-Fi.


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Use Free Wi-Fi With Caution

Although there are a lot of benefits to using free Wi-Fi spots, you also have to be aware of the dangers. Hackers tend to offer unrestricted Wi-Fi access to users as a way to lure them to using their services. However, once you log on to their Wi-Fi, they can gain access to your personal data. Try to avoid doing any financial or credit card transaction while you are using free Wi-Fi spots. Save these matters for when you are on your computer or on a trusted network. Keep this in mind and you will be able to enjoy the wonderful benefits of using free Wi-Fi every day!

10 Benefits To Using Cloud Services

10 Benefits To Using Cloud Services
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/2hWF9Oz

A decade or so ago, none of us could have ever imagine that we would be able to store our files in a virtual ‘cloud’ someday. Yet that is exactly what has transpired with the invention of cloud computing services. These days, there are many advantages to storing your files on a cloud server. The only questions for those that are not making use of the cloud is why not and what are you waiting for? If you are one of those still hesitant about it, then here are 10 benefits to using cloud services that may change your mind.

Cloud servers are logical servers which are built, hosted and available through the internet via computing. You can access them from just about anywhere in the world. The truth is that whether we like it or not, cloud computing is the way of the future. The perils of not using cloud services are far greater than any reasons you may have for not doing so. Below, are some of the best advantages of using the cloud.



Easy Access –

Since cloud storages can be quickly accessed from any device or place in the world, they provide easy access to your files and data. Unlike a few years ago when you had to drag around an external hard drive or your laptop to take your data with you, the cloud is anywhere and everywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can work from any place you desire.


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Security –

Dissimilar from a desktop, laptop or other device where the data can fall into the wrong hands if it is lost or stolen, the cloud offers more security. The level of security on an actual device is only so much before someone can access it if it fell into the wrong hands. However, the cloud lets you store your sensitive data and keep better security of it. Just be sure to always have passwords that are not too easy to guess or hack.


Chaos Preparation –

If there is one thing you can expect in life is that one day chaos will strike. Whether it’s at work, home of office, at one time or another, something will happen that could change our lives in an instant. Disasters such as fire, theft, floods or any other kind of catastrophe, come without warning. When they do happen, you can end up losing all of your work in an instant. Having your files and work saved on the cloud can protect you and your business, in the event of a disaster. It equals to having a spare computer, laptop or device stashed somewhere whenever the other breaks, is lost or stolen.


Stability –

When it comes to cost ratio performance, cloud services have one of the best stability records around. That means you can have stability and peace of mind knowing that even if your own personal servers or data gets damaged or corrupted, the cloud backup will not.


Numerous Choices –

When cloud systems first appeared, they were costly and there were only a few companies to choose from. However, as the cloud popularity grew, so did number of the different businesses offering them. They also began to give more features for less. These days, companies like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive give users up to 5GB of free storage. If you need more than the free storage given, you can then choose a plan which is very affordable.


Collaboration –

One of the best things about cloud computing is being able to collaborate with others from any place in the world. If you have a team of people that need to access the data from different locations, then the cloud lets you do so easily and quickly. You can use several programs to actually work in unison on the data or files. The cloud servers are what you can call virtual workspaces.


Space and More Space –

There was a time when computers or laptops only came with a 20 to 100GB of available disk space. Although most come with 1TB and higher theses days, the disk space can fill up just as quick anyway. That’s because even though the size of hard drives have increased, so has the kind of files we use. Most videos and big files now take up a lot of space. Having a cloud server, gives you unlimited space. Of course you have to pay for whatever amount of space you want to have. But you don’t have to worry about having to have actual hard drives or other space taking devices anywhere to do so.


Software Updated Automatically –

Unlike software or programs you run on your systems that you have to worry about keeping updated, the cloud works differently. Cloud computing does its own software and system updates automatically for you. Any security or other updates, are all done remotely and you don’t ever have to worry about any of it.


Saves You Money –

For people that have to have their own servers, using cloud servers can save them money. They are economically more efficient since there are several things you don’t have to worry about. Issues such as maintenance, electricity cost and other problems are non-existent in cloud computing.


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Better Environment –

For those that have concerns about the environment, cloud servers give you that too. Since you will only use the cloud as needed, there will be less carbon footprints left behind. That makes the environment a whole lot safer and better for everyone.


Tips On How To Backup And Save Your Text Messages

Tips On How To Backup And Save Your Text Messages
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/29otLYM

With smartphones in the hands of people all over the world now, everyone uses them to communicate, especially via text messages. These tips on how to backup and save your text messages can be really helpful if send out a lot of SMS. Best of all, you can do so whether you use IOS or an Android device.

Sending out SMS messages  is a great way to instantly stay in touch with friends and family members no matter where they are. But if you send out a lot of text messages – and most people do – chances are that they will start to add up and take up space quickly.

This is even more so since some people send out pretty long text messages. They also have extensive conversations with those they talk to via texts. Apart from taking up space on your phone, it is also prudent to be able to save your conversations just in case. You can lose your phone or something along those lines where you no longer have access to your history of conversations.

Luckily, there are several ways for you to be able to backup and save your text messages. Some tips require a bit more work or tech savvy than others. However, if you just want something really simple, then there are some ways below to do so as well.


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Using Gmail Account –

For those that have an Android device, backing up their text messages using their Gmail account it’s really simple. Moreover, being able to use this method allows users to use their Gmail account as an SMS storage vault.

The first thing you need to do is configure your Gmail account so that it can have IMAP access. That’s because the SMS backup process requires IMAP access to the Gmail account in order to work.

The second step is configuring the SMS backup using the App from the Google Play Store. Download the app and once it is installed you follow the screen info and features for toggling the process. You can do automatic backups if you prefer as well as other useful functions. The instructions are pretty basic and easy to follow.


Save Texts On iOS –

For those that have Apple iPhones or are using iOS, they can backup their SMS messages using iTunes. The process is simple to do since most Apple users are already quite familiar with the iTune app.

First, connect your phone or device to your computer and in iTunes, click the icon which corresponds to your device.

Once you see the section labeled ‘Backups’ on the Summarytab, click on the ‘Manually Back Up and Restore‘ option. Select the ‘Back Up Now‘ option and you are done.

Once your text messages are saved, you can then simply use iExplorer to access all of your backed up SMS.


Use Other Apps –

For some people who don’t really want to use either of the options above, they can simply choose to use different applications. There are several apps available both for Android and iOS devices which help you save your SMS messages. Some of those apps are My Backup Pro, MySMS and Morobobo. Keep in mind those are all for Android devices. Apple has SMS Export and iMobie AnyTrans apps for their users, among others.


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No matter what device, app or tactic you use to save your SMS messages, backing them up is something everyone should do. Some people wait until the lose their devices to begin to inquire oh how to do so. By then, it is already too late for the older messages you had on your device since they will be lost. Take a proactive approach, think ahead and backup your SMS text messages today.

8 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Phone

8 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Phone
Image Credit by = http://bit.ly/1NFjW0J

With so many new phones being sold on the market, chances are that you will want to purchase a new one and replace it. Or it could be that you may want to upgrade based on a deal offered by a carrier. Other people at times just choose to donate their old phones. No matter what the reason may be, there are some very important factors to consider.

Below are 8 things you should do before selling or donating your phone. While some of these steps may vary depending on whether or not you have an Android or iPhone, the end results are the same. Keep in mind that you can and should use these same tips if you have a tablet you may be thinking of selling or giving away to someone. 

Remove Your Wireless Carrier Account

The first thing you should make sure that you do before you go and sell or donate your mobile phone to someone is to remove your old wireless carrier account. It is imperative that you deactivate your device from the wireless carrier list you been using. If you don’t, then the person you sell the device to can easily use the info to make calls or charge data. On the other hand, depending on the carrier, the new owner may not be able to activate it either. Lastly, you may end up having to pay extra cash  later on for this line not being deactivated.


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Backup Your Data

One of the great things about the Android OS and iPhone apps is the ability to back your old data to your new phone easily. Not too long ago, most of us had to do this back-up manually which took a long time. Now, you can simply sync your contacts and other info quickly. If you have an Android account, then you can save all of your info with your Google account. For those that want to do a more complete back-up, then there are apps or software that help you do even more. iOS users can easily back up their apps and data using their iPhone’s iTunes software.


Take Your Sim With You

A lot of people who sell or donate their phones often forget to remove their sim cards. Your sim cards store a lot of information on them including your contacts. Some sim cards even store sms and text messages on them. Be sure to take your sim card out before handing the phone over to someone else. You don’t want your personal contacts or other info on the hands of someone else.


Remove Your MicroSD Cards

For those that have Android phones, they will most likely have micro SD cards on them. Be sure to remove it and take it out of your phone. Especially if you have videos, photos and personal data on it. Too many people forget to take them out since they are hidden. If you don’t need the micro SD card or want to sell the phone with it, then make sure to format it before doing so.


Backup Your Videos And Photos

Unlike Google accounts such as calendar, contacts and email, your photos and videos may need to be backed up differently. You can choose to use a Cloud account or do so manually to your computer or laptop. For the cloud option, you can use programs such as Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photo or Microsoft OneDrive. You can use Wi-Fi to back up all of your photos and videos on your old phone. Once they are there, you can connect and add them to your new phone later.


Back Up Call And Text Logs

There are some people who have thousands of text messages or calls on their old phones they may not want to part with. In the event that you don’t want to give these up, you can back them up. There are apps to help you backup your SMS messages. For call logs, you can do the same depending on your carrier since some like AT&T and Verizon offer them.


Disable Security Locks & Passwords

Most of us have security patterns or passwords on our mobile phones to help us protect them. These security measures help to keep prying eyes away from our personal information. However, if you do have any of these patterns or security codes on them, others won’t be able to access the phone without them. Make sure you disable all security locks patterns and passwords on your old phone to allow the next owner to set their own.


Wipe Your Data

After you have already backed up all of your data, photos, videos and text logs, your next and final step is to wipe it away. All phones, whether they are Android or iPhone, let you perform a factory reset. Apart from removing all of your apps, it also allows you to remove all of your private and personal information from the phone. Things such as email accounts, personal credit cards or banking info and everything else, will be wiped and erased.


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Keep in mind, that some instances of data remaining on phones even after factory reset has been done, has been reported. While it is very rare, it can still happen. After you have done the factory reset, be sure to check your phone thoroughly. Make sure that email accounts, passwords, photos and videos are completely gone. After you have checked and made certain the phone is completely cleaned, the only thing left is to say goodbye to it

8 Ways To Use The Internet Like Hackers Do

8 Ways To Use The Internet Like Hackers Do
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If there’s one thing hackers know how to do well – aside from hacking of course – is surfing the web. Their main focus is leaving behind as little trace of their browsing tracks as possible. In addition, they also know how to do everything to protect themselves and their devices, from other hackers or malware. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to surf that way. That’s why these tips showing 8 ways to use the internet like hackers do is so useful. Too many of people use the internet and leave themselves wide open to hackers, virus and malware. Plus, there are numerous sites which collect user data and personal info. Luckily, these tips will help you not only browse the internet as safe as possible, but also assist you in protecting your privacy as well.


  1. Use Multiple Accounts –


When it came to having an email address, most people only had one or two, at best. However, as email increased in popularity and usage, more and more individuals began to add extra email accounts. Statistics from Microsoft in 2011 showed that average users in the United States each had at least 3 email accounts. It is safe to say that those numbers have gone up quite significantly now. Having multiple email accounts is not a bad idea for various reasons. For one, it lets you separate your personal from the business or professional life. Secondly, it allows you to have one account where you can use for regular surfing. Take Google accounts such as YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and Google Drive. All of these require that you log in to be able to use them. By having separate accounts you can use each one accordingly. See tip 2 for more.


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  1. Surf Using Incognito Mode –


One of the best tools browsers have is the incognito mode. This mode allows users to surf anonymously without being tracked or monitored. Most website automatically store your data and account information without you even knowing it or giving them permission. While some do ask, most do not. Using incognito mode will also work great with step 1. Using it, you can log in using multiple accounts. On a regular browsing mode, you can use one account for Google, Facebook or any platform. But if you open an another incognito window, you can use a totally different account. It’s like having 2 devices available at the same time. A useful shortcut is pressing CTRL+Shift+N at the same time in either Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Doing so will open up a private window for you to use.


  1. Reopen Last Used Tab –


A great trick to know when surfing the web is reopening the last tab you closed. It could have been by mistake or something else. No matter what, if you press “Ctrl+Shift+T” simultaneously, you will automatically open your last closed tab. That command works for Windows. For Mac OS, press “Command+Shift+T”. This tip is very useful if you want to compare websites or products on pages.


  1. Hover Over Links –


One of the biggest tricks hackers use to fool people into visiting harmful sites is phishing. This is sending a link to a site such as a bank, credit card company or other legitimate site. However, the real destination of the site is quite differently from the name on it. If you receive a suspicious email or link to a site, simply hover over the link. Next, you look at the bottom left corner on your device. It is there that you will see the real and actual website you are being sent to. If it does not match the actual name, avoid it altogether.


  1. Use Password Managers –


One of the most frustrating things is having to constantly input your username and password every time you log in to a site. Apart from that, it can also be dangerous since it leaves you open to hacks. Using a password manager such as LogMeOnce, Dashlane and LastPass are great options. They also work very well with both Firefox and Chrome. Another useful thing about them is that they can also work across different computers. That means you can use them while at work and at home. Apart from time, they will also help keep you secure since you can create even more difficult passwords.


  1. Search Using Highlight –


A very useful tool users can take advantage of is searching while highlighting a phrase or a term on an article. After highlighting any term, word or phrase, all you have to do is right click on it and then select which search engine to use. Most people have Google on it, other browsers have Google, plus other search engines. Once you do so, a new tab will open up and you save a lot of time having to do manual search.


  1. Use Adblock –


The vast majority of websites have popups and annoying advertising when you visit them. Some sites seem to be entirely more ads than anything else. Using an add-on such as Adblock, will allow you to make your browsing experience much better. Keep in mind that certain sites will not let you browse their content if you have Adblock software activated. You can either use an incognito page or turn it off for that particular site until you are done.


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  1. Use The Site: Function –


We have all experienced a moment when we had been surfing a site, then closed it or forgot about the path. Luckily, there’s an easy way to find the site you are looking for. Simply go to any search engine and use “Site:website.com” function. For example, in the search query, type “Site:” and then add a word or search query to it. This will most likely return you to the page you were using. This function is very helpful because it narrows down the number of searches.

Tips On How To Avoid Vishing Attacks

Tips On How To Avoid Vishing Attacks
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Have you ever heard of vishing? Do you know what they are and how much of a threat they posed to you? Chances are that you have probably been a victim of it and have not even realized it. These tips on how to avoid vishing attacks can help you find out what you need to know. Vishing, also called voice or VoIP phishing, is a new way for hackers or scammers to try and trick you. It is a tactic used electronically where individuals try to deceive you into revealing your personal or financial information to them. Although similar to phishing, it doesn’t always happen over the Internet. In most cases, it is done by scammers using voice technology.


How Vishing Is Done


Vishing attacks can be carried out in several different ways. In many cases, hackers or scammers use cellular telephones, voice mail, landlines or VoiP (voice over IP.) One of the tactics vishers use to try and trick you is by posing as someone else. One of the most exploited approaches is by pretending to be IRS agents. In fact, there were a record 898,000 people who reported being contacted by scammers pretending to be IRS agents or officials in the past year. By impersonating IRS officials, they try to trick victims into releasing personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth and other pertinent info. The maneuver has been so successful for vishers that out of 5,000 victims, they stole over $26.7 million from them.  


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Vishing Tactics To Watch Out For


One of the strategies vishers use is threatening people with license revocation, police arrest, deportation and other methods. Vishers use fear and strong arm tactics to get your attention. They can do this maneuver by either calling, sending you a text or leaving a voicemail. When the latter two are done, they usually include links or numbers for you to call. The messages will contain urgent language so you can act right away. Furthermore, they will warn you about your accounts or money being in danger. Using this approach will lead you to act quickly with them over the phone. The scammers gain a lot of information from victims using social media sites, searches and numerous other ways. Keep in mind that most of these scammers are very persuasive. They are really good at making sales pitch which often sound too good to pass. In addition, they use technology that allows them to alter their phone numbers and caller ID’s. That tactic is called spoofing since they can easily disguise their true origin of the call, phone number and name. In a lot of cases, the vishers are not even located in the USA.


How To Avoid Being A Vishing Victim


There are several ways to protect yourself and avoid becoming a vishing victim. First of all, never divulge or share any sensitive information over the phone. This includes details about your credit cards, banking info or social security, etc. Keep in mind that banks will never ask you for your personal pin, passwords or other info. If you receive a text or voicemail which you are unsure of, be careful. They know most people will usually listen and respond to them. However, if you do ever receive a suspicious text or VM you are weary of, don’t answer it. Instead, be sure to check with your bank either through official websites, numbers found on credit cards or statements.


Other Tips To Consider


Other tips to consider are keeping an eye on all of your account statements each month. Be on the lookout for suspicious transactions. By doing this, you can act quickly and stop any more illegal activity from taking place using your information. Another tip to follow is making sure phone, mobile and landline are registered with the bank you use. Include your email as well. That will allow them to send you instant alerts when any suspicious transactions take place.


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Be sure to also register your number with the donotcall.gov registry. This will keep your phone number off most National Do Not Call lists. One of the ways this helps you is that the majority of legitimate telemarketers will not break these rules. They follow the Do Not Call registry laws which means suspicious calls won’t likely be from them. Just in case, you can file a complaint with them on the website as well. If you think you have been contacted by a visher, visit ftc.gov right away to report them.