All About The Online-Convert Google Chrome App

Chrome App is more than just a file conversion website! Of course you are already familiar with our API that lets you incorporate file conversion in your own applications and services. But there is even more. Thus, we want to present to you our new Google Chrome App!

In this article you will find all kinds of information about the app, how you can use it and what it is compatible with.


The File Conversion Chrome App

First things first, where can you get the app? In the Chrome Web Store, of course. Just look for and you will find it. Alternatively, you can click here.


As it is a Chrome App, you will find it under “Apps” rather than under “Extensions”. On the shop page, you will find all kinds of information about the Chrome app as well as a link to the Online-Convert website and a video on how to use the service. Simply add it to your Chrome browser and you can start converting your files directly from Chrome.


Where Can I Use It?

Once you installed the app, it is available for usage both in Google Drive and Gmail.


Gmail is an e-mail provider provided by Google. If you receive a file as an e-mail attachment, you can open some of them directly in your browser. PDF documents and certain image files, for example. For other files, there is the Online-Convert app. Clicking on the file will open a preview (if available). To open or edit the file, or in this case convert it, you will find the Online-Convert app at the bottom.


The usage in Google Drive is just as easy. This cloud storage allows you to save your files online and access them from anywhere. With a simple right-click on the file in question, you can access the app after navigating to “Open with”.


How Is It Done?

Once you clicked on the app, in both cases, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose the output format of the conversion. This means, here you will choose what file you want in the end. For example DOC or TXT, JPG or GIF, MP3 or MP4.

After clicking on the format you want, the conversion will start. It will automatically download into the folder you specified for Google Chrome downloads.


Easy, isn’t it?

Give it a try and convert files directly from Gmail and GDrive.

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How To Mute Tabs In Google Chrome

Mute Google Chrome

If you’ve been on the internet, you have surely met one of it’s most annoying traits: audio adverts. Like auto-playing videos, ads that play audio disturb your usual browsing experience. Luckily, at least when it comes to Google’s Chrome browser, there are a few ways on how to fight against these noisy, loud and intruding sounds.

Learn How To Stop Videos From Autoplaying On Browsers

Unfortunately, not even we can stop ads from popping up and playing music or weird voice overs in a new browser tab. But we can tell you how to mute tabs in Google Chrome! This is not only helpful for those noisy ads, but also for blogs that play background music, embedded HTML5 players and more!


How To Mute Google Chrome Tabs

Chrome is already doing us a huge favor by indicating which of the many tabs we have open are actually playing music. You can easily identify them by the small speaker icon inside the tab-description:

This makes it easy to find the annoying tab and simply close it. If you still need it, however, there are two other ways to mute Chrome tabs.


1. Mute Tab Via Right-Click

This works with tabs playing music as well as tabs that do not even have audio or a video playing. Hover over the tab and right-click. In the menu, choose “mute tab” and that’s it. The tab will be muted until you un-mute it again.


2. Set A Flag To Mute Tabs With One Click

If you want a faster way to mute your tabs in Chrome, there is a flag you can set to easily do so. In order to set this flag in your browser, enter the following into your browsers URL field:


There, click on “Enable” under “Tab audio muting UI control”. Afterwards, a relaunch of your browser will be needed. Once restarted, you can find a minimal change when it comes to the small speaker icon shown above. Now, when hovering your mouse over it, it changes to a crossed out speaker symbol.

Now, all you need to do, is click on the speaker and the tab will be muted!



Please note that muting a tab will NOT pause the video or music that is playing. It will merely mute the tab so you can’t or don’t have to hear the sound anymore. If you want to pause a video that is open in another tab, you have to go to the respective tab and pause it.

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