Digital Photography And How To Master It

Digital Photography


With smartphone cameras becoming better and better, many people feel better about dabbling with photography.

If you want to take the step to upgrade from your iPhone to a digital camera, there are a few things you need to know. In the past, we have published many information and tutorials about digital photography, the files associated with photos, and some basic image editing needs we can help you with in different ways.


Information About Digital Photography

This listing of further information is split into three segments:

  • using digital cameras
  • camera RAW image files
  • image editing and handling

The last part is also interesting for photos taken with your phone, so check them out.


Digital Photography

Using a digital camera is way different than using the one integrated into your phone. iPhone cameras, for example, also provide some settings for you to tweak the end result. However, using a digital camera, you get even more settings to play with to make sure that your photos are exactly how you want them to be.

Here, we have some further information about handling (and choosing) a digital camera and its settings:


RAW Image Files

When using a more professional camera, you have the choice between taking pictures in JPG or the camera’s native RAW image format.

Both formats certainly have their advantages, so what should you do? Check out the informative articles and tutorials below.


Image Editing

What comes after you successfully took your picture and transferred it to a computer or your phone? Some editing might be needed.

Find out how to optimize your images for social media and do basic image editing either online or with free resources.


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