Which Camera Produce The Best Skin Tone?


Digital cameras have come a long way. You get better sensors, higher megapixel count, a variety of built-in filters, autofocus settings, connectivities, and a plethora of other features. If you’re thinking about getting a new camera, many professionals will say that any brand and whatever format will most likely fulfill your needs. However, there is one important thing that any decent camera should be able to do and that is to reproduce skin tones correctly.

Which Camera Produce The Best Skin Tone?

Ask those who make their living from photography and many will tell you that Canon does skin tone better than any other brand. Canon’s skin tone has always been flattering. That’s why many wedding photographers still trust Canon cameras as their main gears.

We’re not saying that other brands are brand. They just play with colors differently. That’s why people say Canon is best for portrait, Nikon gives waxy look, Sony is cool and muted, Fuji is film-like, and so on.

“Dang, I already bought a [NOT SONY] camera. What do I do now?”

Well, we don’t recommend selling it and replacing it with a Canon. With a bit of a tweak in post, you can get the skin right or mostly right. In any case, if skin tone is important to you and getting a Canon camera is out of the questions right now, just play within the limitations of your gear. After all, the photographers are the ones who make the photos.

Modern cameras have different color profiles built-in. It is useful when you prefer shooting JPEGs. Play with that one first and see which one gives you the best skin color reproduction.

The camera is not the only things you can play with to capture the best skin tones. Lighting is important too.

Good photographers will spend a good amount of time to get the white balance right. They take advantage of natural lighting as much as they can and play with extra lighting when they have to.

The glass attached to the front of your camera also affects color reproduction. If you’re thinking about saving money and buying a super cheap portrait lens, then don’t expect it to produce stunning and accurate skin colors.

Too many people are shooting themselves in the foot when they go cheap on the glass. That said, you don’t need a super expensive lens to get capture the best skin tones. If you do your homework, there are several affordable lenses that reproduce excellent colors yet don’t burn holes in your wallet.

Last but not least, you should make it a habit to always shoot in RAW. Just in case something is a bit off in how you capture the skin tones in those photos you just took, you have a much more data and detail to work with. Yes, we know you enjoy shooting more than processing. However, when things went slightly off, take a deep breath and remember that you can always tweak things in post.

If you don’t have the right software to convert your RAWs, you can use the online raw converting tool to convert a wide variety of RAW file formats into both lossless and lossy image formats. The tool is easy to use. You don’t need to install anything on your computer. Just upload the raw file and you and convert away.

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Want to get in touch with us? Hit us up on our social media channels!