Multi-File Conversion [NEW FEATURE]

Multi-File Conversion


You, the users, have waited for this new feature and now it is here! So far, only for image, document, audio and e-book conversions, but bit by bit, all other categories will follow!

For us, it is important to provide you the best experience for online file conversion. With this long-awaited new feature, we made it yet a bit better once again. Continue reading to find out how it works and what it looks like: multi-file conversion!


The New Multi-File Upload

Users of the API already knew how to convert several files in one conversion. Now, we introduced this new functionality for users of our website as well!

Check out below how this new feature changed the look of the converters and how it works.


How Multi-File Conversion Works

First, let’s have a look at the new file conversion interface. The image below shows the complete interface which we will break down and have a closer look at the single parts.


The first and very striking difference is the file upload itself. Instead of the three options in mere text-form, you can now do everything in the upload box. Thus, you can now also easily drag-and-drop files into the green-colored area to upload your file. Clicking on “Choose Files” allows you to browse your hard drive or computer for files. Using the links below, you can either specify a URL or grab a file from Dropbox or Google Drive.

When adding a file via URL, please note that you need to click on “Add URL” to upload the file. This way, you can easily upload several files using links instead of just one.


Want to check out the conversion first? Click on the “Add example file” link to test the converter with one of our many example files.

If this is all you need, a simple conversion, you can click on “Start conversion” and wait until Online Convert took care of your files.


If you want to use the optional image settings to change, edit and enhance your images, you can do so too! All the image editing options are still there. Same goes for the audio conversion options, as well as the OCR feature for document conversion, e-book reader presets, and so on. After you entered all you need – maybe even saved your own set of options – you can start the conversion.


Few Conversion Only – For Now!

As mentioned in the beginning, the multi-file conversion is available for image converters, audio converters, document converters, and e-book converters only. For now!

Bit by bit, we will enable this for all our converters. This just gave us the time to work out the last kinks that may arise from introducing this new feature. So, yes, you have something to look forward to!


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