How To Cut Video Files

Cut Videos

There are two easy and free ways to cut your videos. Shortening a video or cutting a part of a movie is easy and does not require installing any software. We will show you how. The first way is using the one of the video converters of The other is using our powerful and easy to use API.   How To Shorten A Video Following, we will give you a step by step tutorial on how

5 Reasons Why You Need Online Video Conversion

5 Reasons Why You Need Online Video Conversion

Online Video Conversion can help you in many different ways throughout your (online) day. Check out these 5 reasons why you need an online video converter for social media, your smart phone and other reasons. We will also show you why online is the key here: no installation, no software, no apps!

How To Prepare Your Videos For WhatsApp

WhatsApp Videos

WhatsApp is a popular way, nowadays, to share photos and videos with others. To make sure that you can send your videos trouble-free and that others can watch them with no issues, check out this article. Find out the specifications videos need to have to be sent via WhatsApp – and how you can optimize your videos for forwarding them to your friends & family.

What Does The p In 720p Stands For?

What Does The p In 720p Stands For?

When you are editing and saving videos, you might have seem them before; numbers with a little p behind them. Even when you are just a casual YouTube watcher, you must have seen them before when checking the quality settings of the video you are watching. This already gives you a hint for what these numbers stand for: they are display or video resolutions. The most common video resolutions you will come across today are 480p, 720p,

Turn Animated GIFs Into Video [TUTORIAL]

Turn Animated GIFs Into Video [TUTORIAL]

Animated GIFs, images that loop clips like a video, are very popular. They are used to express different moods or react to posts on social media or elsewhere online. They capture short sequences of a video or animate still images to loop after one another. Sadly, animated GIFs are not supported by all social media platforms yet. Facebook and Instagram, for example, disable the animation. If you upload an animated GIF to either of them, all you

How To Upload Animated GIFs to Instagram


Instagram is the perfect way to share images and videos with your followers and the world. The focus is on the image, with the text being merely complimentary to the visuals. There are so many ways to draw attention to your pictures, with filters, editing, and Instagram stories allowing you to draw and write on images. Yet, have you ever tried to upload an animated GIF to Instagram? If you did, you have surely noticed that

The Difference Between HD, HQ, SD And 4K


  When it comes to creating videos – as well as when you convert them – there are a lot of different video formats to choose from. They range from 3GP with a smaller file size and lesser quality, to big, high-quality files like AVI or MP4. However, even when watching videos, there are different “formats” to choose from. When watching a video on YouTube, you can choose different quality formats, depending on your viewing