Optimize Your Videos For Vimeo

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Sure, YouTube is the number one video platform out there, but it is by far not the only one! Today, we want to take a closer look at a YouTube “competitor”, namely at Vimeo.

Vimeo is a video platform that allows you to watch and upload videos created by the Vimeo user community. Movies, episodes of series, and sport events are often offered by broadcasters and companies either as Video On Demand or Download for a small fee. Especially the VOD feature makes Vimeo stick our from the mass of other video platforms on the net.


Which browser should be used to upload videos to Vimeo? While Vimeo is supported by all major browsers, it is advised to use one that allows the usage of the Advanced Uploader. The Advanced Uploader allows for more secure uploading and enables the user to pause and resume uploads should the internet connection fail.

  • Firefox (version 5 or above)
  • Chrome (version 10 or above)
  • Safari (version 6 or above)

Video File Formats, Size, Codecs, and Resolution

Video File Formats

On Vimeo, uploading is not as much a question of file formats, but rather of video codecs used in the specific files. Thus, encoding the video correctly is more important than choosing the “correct” file type. However, the service supports all major video file extensions like:

  • 3GPP
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MPEG4
  • MOV
  • WebM
  • WMV

Video File Size

If you are using a Vimeo Basic account, you can upload videos up to a size of 500MB per week (not per video!). Vimeo Plus members can upload videos up to 5GB per week, while members with a Vimeo PRO account have a limi of 20GB per week.

Every seven days, the upload space is refreshed and you can upload according to your quota again.

Video Resolution

Depending on the Vimeo account you have, you can watch and upload videos in HD. Thus, the by default down-scalled videos of 720p can be also watched in 1080p. The following settings have to be met to display the videos in the according resolution:

  • 1080p
    • Width: at least 1824px, OR
    • Height: at least 1026px
  • 720p
    • Width: at least 684px, OR
    • Height: at least 513px
  • SD
    • All videos

Vimeo is also currently working of making the streaming of 2K and 4K videos available. Currently, however, uploading 2K and 4K videos is possible for Vimeo Pro members. To display the videos, they will be down-scaled to 720p or 1080p, however they can be offered for download in 4K quality. The same applies to the Video On Demand (VOD) feature.

Furthermore, deinterlacing videos before uploading them to Vimeo is advised. As is resizing them to 1280×720.

Video Codec

Most of the major video codecs are supported by Vimeo, however using the High Profile H.264 codec is the site’s very own recommendation, as videos using this codec produce the best results. As for audio, the Vimeo team recommends using the AAC-LC codec.

Codecs that are not supported by Vimeo are: G2M2, G2M3, Canopus HQ,  and Apple Intermediate Codec

More details about bit rate, frame rate, compression, etc. can be found in Vimeo’s Compression Guidelines.

Optimize your Video

Optimizing your videos to upload them according to the Vimeo standards and guidelines isn’t difficult at all. All you need is a properly encoded video and a trustworthy and reliable online video converter.

The many different options given allow you to optimize your video according to the compression guidelines when it comes to bit and frame rate, and screen size. Furthermore, you can cut videos that are too long, or change the audio or video quality to reduce the file size.

Video Options

How to Choose an Online Video Converter

There are dozens of reasons that might make it necessary to convert video files to a different type of video file. Knowing that you need to convert your video is the easy part. It becomes a little more difficult when you start trying to determine HOW you will make that important conversion.

The good news is that there are hundreds of options when searching for an online video converter. Unfortunately, that is the bad news as well. There are so many options to choose from and it quickly becomes very confusing.

We’re going to help you with that. Here are some of the factors you should consider when searching for a tool to convert your video to a different file type.

Type of File Being Converted

The first thing you should do is make sure the online tool you are considering can handle the type of file you need to convert. This should be simple if you have a basic file type of WMV, MOV or AVI. However, if you have a more unique file type, you should make sure the tool you are considering has the ability to convert it.

Type of Output File

Along the same lines as the input file, you should also consider the type of file you need at the end of the conversion process. If you need to convert a video file, there is a reason you need to convert it. It’s important that the online video converter tool you use has the ability to provide you with the type of video file that solves your problem.

Features & Price

You should also consider the other features available from the video converter you are considering. If you just need a simple conversion, this may not be an issue for you, but if you want to receive encrypted downloads, convert very large files, etc, you should make sure the video conversion tool you are looking at has that ability.

As is often the case, you can probably find a free video conversion tool that handles most of the basic video conversions. However, if you have more complex needs, you may need to consider a more advanced tool, which is likely to cost money.

Of course, the best case is to find something that can be used for free while your needs are simple, but has the ability to also provide more advanced features if you determine they are needed.


You will discover a wide range of options when you start looking for an online video converter. However, an important consideration is how simple they are to use. This is where the online versions really stand apart from the options that require you to download something to your desktop.

The simplest way to convert your video file is to simply go to a good video conversion site, browse to the file you need converted, select the type of output file you need, press a button, and get your converted video file. If there are many more steps involved in with the tool you are considering, they are probably making the process much more difficult than it needs to be.

Future Use

Another consideration is to determine what other options are available on the site you decide upon. Chances are that at some point in the future, you will need to convert another video, PowerPoint, PDF or Word document into a different type of file.

It makes sense to find an online video converter that can also handle those other types of functions. That way, when it comes time for you to convert a different type of file, you will already know how the process works instead of starting from scratch with a different conversion site.

Now you know the key pieces of information that should be considered before choosing an online video converter. It’s time to pick the best one and start converting!

Best Video Converter: Online or Download?

If you regularly find yourself in need of a file converter, reliability is essential.  It does seem that having software available right there on your computer, just a click away, would be the easiest route.

But there’s another option that is also just a click away.  Online video converters are rising in popularity due to their ease of use and security advantages.  Anytime a file is downloaded there is a risk of malware or a virus piggybacking onto what appears to be a legitimate download.  Just the other day I fell for this, and on a site I had trusted for years.  In the process of finding the program I wanted, there were yet 2 more malware infected downloads.  Thankfully I got lucky the 4th try and managed to get the unwanted invaders off my computer.

Malware and viruses are just one reason to choose an online file converter.  Imagine never having to install another update.  How aggravating is it to get ready for a project you want to complete and then have to wait 10 minutes for an update?  Yes, we’ve all been there.

Microsoft, Adobe, and other major software companies get it.  Why not just always keep the web application up to date offering the best version available at all times?  That is what online-convert.com does for all its users.  No updates, no installs, just always the best online file converter just a click away.

The main concern it seems people have with using an online video converter is security.  Online-convert.com does not EVER sell or share your information.  Entering your email address is not required.  Your file is available to download for 24 hours, then completely erased.  Generally, to activate a software download, you will be required to enter your email address.  If you choose to go with a download, be sure they promise not to share ANY of your information.

The best video converter is the one that serves your needs.  Online-convert.com offers a free, fast, and secure file conversion service, no download required.