Best Video Converter: Online or Download?

If you regularly find yourself in need of a file converter, reliability is essential.  It does seem that having software available right there on your computer, just a click away, would be the easiest route.

But there’s another option that is also just a click away.  Online video converters are rising in popularity due to their ease of use and security advantages.  Anytime a file is downloaded there is a risk of malware or a virus piggybacking onto what appears to be a legitimate download.  Just the other day I fell for this, and on a site I had trusted for years.  In the process of finding the program I wanted, there were yet 2 more malware infected downloads.  Thankfully I got lucky the 4th try and managed to get the unwanted invaders off my computer.

Malware and viruses are just one reason to choose an online file converter.  Imagine never having to install another update.  How aggravating is it to get ready for a project you want to complete and then have to wait 10 minutes for an update?  Yes, we’ve all been there.

Microsoft, Adobe, and other major software companies get it.  Why not just always keep the web application up to date offering the best version available at all times?  That is what does for all its users.  No updates, no installs, just always the best online file converter just a click away.

The main concern it seems people have with using an online video converter is security. does not EVER sell or share your information.  Entering your email address is not required.  Your file is available to download for 24 hours, then completely erased.  Generally, to activate a software download, you will be required to enter your email address.  If you choose to go with a download, be sure they promise not to share ANY of your information.

The best video converter is the one that serves your needs. offers a free, fast, and secure file conversion service, no download required.