Google App Lets Contacts Know Where You Are

Google App Lets Contacts Know Where You Are

Don’t miss reading about this new Google app that lets your contacts know where you are at all times. While this app is designed to keep you safe, find out if there are any privacy and safety issues you should be concerned about.

Microsoft Word vs. OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice

Office Suit

Which office suite is the best for me? Microsoft Office or one of the free versions, OpenOffice or LibreOffice? Or should I go for the online solutions of Google? We have gathered some information and interesting facts that can help you to find the office suite that meets your requirements!

Google’s Open Standard File Formats


There are many different kinds of file formats out there, most of them associated to certain programs or developers. Take for example Adobe’s PDF or PSD (Photoshop) files; all the different document files by Microsoft, Apple, and the open source equivalents; or eBook files that are solely linked to the Amazon Kindle. Many of these files and especially their skeleton or insides are protected or even secret. This makes it difficult for other (open source)