API Tutorials [OVERVIEW]

googleplus-cover_oc provides a reliable, fast and accurate online service for all your file conversion needs. On our website, you can convert many different files of different types to more common formats.

The website is easy to handle and accessible from everywhere with a device that has internet access. But that is not all! also provides a powerful API that allows you to include file conversion in your own projects and applications. To demonstrate what our API can do and to help you to find your way through the process, we have created many tutorials that show you, how to use our API.


Thus, following you find a masterlist of tutorials from that treat the usage of our API.


How To Use The API

Before we list all the different video and blog tutorials we have made, you sure want to know more about our API in general. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about the API:


• What does it do?
With the API, you can convert different files (video, audio, document, image, ebook and more) into other, more common formats. Cross-conversion, aka conversion from one file type to another, is also possible (e.g. from video to audio).

• What do I need to use the API?
For the free version of the API as well as the professional paid version, you need a personal API key. You can get it via registering for a free account on

• What can I do with the free API?
When using the free API, compared to the paid one, you have a few limitations. The amount of conversion minutes available for the free usage are 30 conversion minutes per 24 hours. Furthermore, only files with a size up to 100 MB can be uploaded.

• What about the paid API?
The paid version of our API is not limited with the aforementioned restrictions. Payment is made upfront and you can decide how many conversion minutes you want to purchase. Files we can not process and therefore not convert will not be charged. Invoice payment is also possible.


For more detailed explanations, information and the exact prices, you can have a look at our API documentation:


API Tutorials

With all these information in mind, lets have a look at the tutorials that will show you how to use the API. For all of these, you will need an app called Postman. It is cost-free and the perfect tool to test our API and create your first API calls. You can find it here.

If you are just starting out with using APIs and need some guidance on the basic commands and the handling of Postman, you should have a look at the introductory first. In the following blog tutorial, you can learn how to use the app to make easy API calls, as well as find a link to a collection file you will need:

We also have an introductory video tutorial to Postman and the first steps with our API. You can find it on YouTube together with other tutorials of or by following this link:


Batch Conversion

Something that our webservice does not offer is batch conversion. In order to convert several files, you have to open the converters you want to use in different tabs. The API, however, supports the conversion of several files at the same time, either to the same or multiple target formats. How this is done is explained in this tutorial:

Of course we also created a video tutorial for this. Check it out on YouTube:


Video Editing Via API

There are several ways to edit a video using not only the Online-Convert website, but also the API. Cropping and cutting, changing audio and video codecs, changing aspect ratio, removing audio and even more is possible with the API.

The following tutorials contain all needed information and code necessary for video editing:


PDF Editing Via API

Another feature that the web-service isn’t able to offer is the editing of PDFs. Combining PDFs into one document or adding password protection to your document is made easy with our API. You can edit any file you upload as long as the format you convert it to is an Adobe PDF.

These tutorials explain how you can edit your PDF documents using our API:


Extract Metadata From Files Via API

Files, no matter if they are documents or audio files, images or videos, contain hidden data that can not be seen when opening it. Using our API, you can extract these information in an easy to read JSON file. The file can be open in any word processing software to reveal hidden metadata.

  • Extract Metadata From Files

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at time2help [at] online-convert [.] com