Why And How To Convert From PDF To JPEG [Tutorial]



While PDF is a very versatile file format, it might be helpful to have your PDF documents in another format. For example, it is a lot easier and more intuitive to view an image file on a mobile phone compared to a PDF.

So, what can you do? Convert your PDF to JPEG, PNG, WEBP or other image formats.


Why Convert From PDF To JPEG?

First of all, why would you want to convert your document into an image? Especially a PDF document that is, n general, better supported than other formats such as Microsoft Word or ODT.

  • Mobile users all and foremost will know why a picture is easier to view than a PDF. Image formats can be opened on any device, basically, while you need certain apps to open a PDF.
  • Uploading images to all kinds of social media platforms is natively supported. PDF documents, on the other hand, often have to be added as links.
  • Using a PDF in programs that are not designed to work with document files, e.g. video editing programs, can be difficult, while images and pictures are easily supported.

In general, you can convert your PDF document into various image files. Some popular ones are:

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • WebP

We recommend using the JPG or JPEG format as it’s the most widely supported one of the bunch that provides a great compromise between quality and file size.


How To Convert PDF To JPEG?

Now, let’s have a look at how to turn your PDF into a JPEG image.

  1. Go to the online JPG converter
  2. Upload your PDF by browsing, using a URL, Dropbox or Google Drive
  3. Click on “Start Conversion

And that’s it! An easy PDF to JPEG conversion.¬†Optionally, you can use different image editing options before starting the conversion.

Also, if you upload a PDF with several pages, each page will be converted into a separate picture.


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