The Benefits Of Batch File Conversion

Batch Conversion

For a little while now, Online Convert supports the uploading of multiple files. This has been a long-standing wish our users have had and finally we were able to implement it.

We have already talked about how to upload multiple files using the API. But now, let’s have a look at all the benefits batch file conversion on the website has.

Advantages Of Batch Conversion

Using batch conversion is easy and self-explanatory. Either you drag multiple files into the upload field, specify several files when uploading from your hard drive, Google Drive or Dropbox, or add one link to a file after the other.

Why would you use batch conversion though? Here’s why!

It Saves Time

Multiple conversions could be done on Online Convert before. However, for this you had to open several tabs and upload one file per tab or window.

In addition to being a tad inconvenient, it also took some time to set up all tabs and upload all files. With batch conversion, this is not an issue anymore. You can easily upload multiple files in one single tab for your conversion.

Use Optional Settings Once

Many of the converters offer optional settings. For example, in document conversions, you can use OCR, in audio conversions, you can change the codecs, image conversions allow you to apply image editing, and video conversions let you change the bitrate or frame rate of the video.

When using batch conversion, you have to specify these options only once and they will be applied to all the files you uploaded.

Of course, when you have a free account, with Online convert, you can also save the optional settings to use them again.

Convert Many Different Files To One Output Format

Another big advantage of batch conversion is that you can upload many different files and convert them to the same output file format. When uploading a ZIP or other archive, for example, the files inside must be of the same type (all images, etc.) for the conversion to work.

Batch conversion, however, allows several input types. For example, you can upload a text file, a spreadsheet, and an image and convert all of them to PDF at the same time.

It’s Available For All Users

As mentioned above, using preset settings for our converters is a feature reserved for logged in users. Batch conversion can be done by all users though, logged in or not!

Batch Download

Batch upload and conversion is not the only advantage. Since you can convert multiple files, it’s only natural that you want to download multiple files as well. This is possible, of course.

After the batch conversion is done, you are redirected to the download page. There, you can either download all the files individually or choose to download them all in one ZIP archive.

More about the new download page.

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