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E-Book Editing
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E-books are the (not too) new, convenient way to read. But did you know that there are many reasons to write an e-book yourself as well?


Writing the book itself is, of course, the major part of getting your e-book ready or publishing. Instead of having to install a plethora of programs, however, you can easily edit your e-book and get it ready for publishing with some very handy online services and pages.

Check out these web services that are just great for e-book editing:


Cover Design

For a book, the cover is one of the biggest selling factors. E-books do not differ that much in this respect, hence why it’s advised to put some thought into the book cover as well.

When publishing with Amazon, you can use Amazon’s Direct Publishing Cover Creator that allows you to upload images and choose layouts, design and font.


A nice alternative is the O RLY Cover Generator. User manuals and scientific work usually have rather simple book covers and that is what the O RLY Cover Generator relies on.


Clicking on “Download” saves the finished PNG file on the hard drive.

Publishing to Amazon, for example, requires you to provide a cover image in another format, however. Don’t worry, you can easily convert your PNG cover from O RLY to JPG with a free online image converer.



Depending on the word processing software used for the writing part, it’s possible to denote author and title of your work already. Note that the title differs from the file name you specify when saving your DOCX, ODT or PDF document!


If you couldn’t add these information to your book, there is still a convenient online method to add title and author to your book. How to do so using an online converter is described here: E-Book Customization & Conversion



Now, you have your book almost ready, but it’s just a DOCX or PDF…


Don’t worry! This free e-book converter allows you to convert your document into the most common e-book formats:

  • AZW (for Amazon Kindle)
  • EPUB
  • FB2
  • MOBI
  • PDF
  • and more!


All you have to do is upload your file and click on “Convert file”. The conversion will run and you can start the download of your converted e-book once it’s done.



Once your e-book is “ready”, you should not be too fast to click on “Publish” though! Double-Checking is a practice you should incorporate to your routine with everything you plan on sharing with people, especially online.


Next to checking the content, it’s also important to check the layout and formatting of your e-book once you converted it. You can, of course, upload it to your own reading device – or you use one of many EPUB readers that are available online.


How To Read E-Books on Chrome & Firefox – In this article, you will find chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons that allow you to read e-books saved in the popular EPUB format, as well as web services that display your book just as it would look like on a e-book reading device or tablet.



In order to promote your writing, you should always consider the possibility of sharing your content online for free. Whether you decide to publish your article, first book, or only a few chapters for free, such giveaways always draw in people that are interested in the topic you wrote about.


One popular and versatile sharing platform is Issuu. Issuu is used by many independent and professional writers to publish magazines, manuals and other kinds of writing with the world wide web. Signing up for Issuu’s basic plan allows you to upload your book, article or chapter in a way that is optimized for mobile viewing as well.


The upload format for publications on Issuu is PDF, so make sure to convert your e-book to PDF if you don’t have an PDF copy anyway.




If you decide to not only offer your e-book for free or as a download in your own store on your website, you can publish using the biggest book retailer there is: Amazon. Thanks to Amazon Direct Publishing, getting your book out there for other people to purchase and enjoy is as easy as never before.

How does it work?

  1. Sign in on with your Amazon account
  2. Enter your tax information
  3. Go to “Bookshelf” and click on “Add new title”
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Upload your book cover (JPG file)
  6. Upload your book
  7. Double-Check your book with the online viewer
  8. Click on “Save and continue”, you will advance to the “Rights and Pricing” page now
  9. Choose the right, royalty rate and price
  10. Click on “Save and publish”

Once your book is ready, you will receive an e-mail by Amazon. Now, you can start promoting your book!


Prepare For Your Presentations On The Go!

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Some loathed practices from school span over your whole life. No matter if you are in college or go through an apprenticeship, even in your future job you will most probably not get rid of it:



Giving a talk or lecture is required by students throughout their educational career. Many jobs require you to present your findings or show your designs to potential buyers and clients. Even in you every day life you may have to prepare a presentation and hold it in front of people – either because you agreed to be an orator at a wedding or need funds from your bank.


Be Prepared For Your Presentation!

One big part of a talk, lecture or presentation is the presentation itself. You need content, visual appealing methods to show your findings, results or plans. You can organize for your presentation to be more interactive if possible, bringing models, printed out pictures or exhibitions to your talk, but the most common way of presenting in front of a large crowd is by using a PowerPoint presentation (or keynote or open document presentation).


We have already provided several tips that can make your presentation more versatile or appealing:


These tips are very helpful when you set up your presentation, want to add different media to your slides or when you want to share the slideshow with your colleagues, clients or fellow students. With these, a big part of preparation is done. However, a very crucial part is still missing: the talking!


Present Your Slideshow By Speaking Freely

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The best way to present something is always to speak freely. No matter of you have a slideshow or other exhibits to show, fumbling with clue cards or a whole collection of printed paper will give your audience the impression that you don’t actually know what you are talking about. Plus, when you hold cards or a sheet in your hand, your eyes are more likely to linger on whatever’s in your hand instead or creating a connection with your audience.

Get rid of the paper mess and learn how to speak freely!


Of course, preparing clue cards for practicing is completely okay. After all, you should go through your presentation and the speech multiple times. Those cards help you to memorize the order in which you are presenting as well as keeping in mind important facts.

If you have an e-book reader or a tablet with an e-reader app installed, you can also use your slides as clue cards to practice. No need to print out your whole slideshow and risk to mingle with the correct order or tear and loose the papers.


Convert Your Presentation To E-Book

Depending on which e-book reader you have, you can convert your whole presentation into a fitting e-book format. That way, your slides will always stay in the correct order and no sheet will get lost! Find out which files are supported by your e-book reader.

Using a cost-free online e-book converter will do the whole job for you. All you have to do is upload your presentation and click on one single button. You are not limited to PPT and PPTX files though. A good e-book converter can convert from several different formats like documents (Word and PDF) and images (JPG, PNG or even SVG).


Not only can you go through your presentation from anywhere you go – and carry your e-reader or tablet to – but you can also read other people’s presentations. A fellow student has held a talk crucial to yours or an upcoming exam? Convert their presentation as well to easily read them on the bus, train or comfortably at home on your couch!

Frequently Asked Questions About e-Book Converters

When people were first introduced to e-books, things were quite simple. You purchased an e-reader, and then you purchased books so you could read them on that e-reader. Life is still that simple for some people, but for many others it has become much more complicated as the electronic world has expanded because of the need to convert your e-books from one type of file to another. If you are a regular e-book reader, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about e-book converters to help ease the potential confusion.

Why Are e-Book Converters Needed?

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When people ask questions about e-book converters, one of he first ones is why they are needed. The reason the e-book world became so complex is because of the number of options that are available to you in today’s world. In the past, you probably bought an Amazon Kindle or a Nook and read all your e-books on the device you bought it for.

However, since you purchased the e-reader, you probably also bought a new phone, a tablet and maybe even a more curent e-reader. The problem comes in when you want to read your e-books on a device other than the one it was purchased for. That is what causes most of the questions about e-book converters.

For example, if you purchase an e-book from Amazon for your Kindle, it will come as a specific type of file that your Kindle can handle. However, if you want to read your book on your phone or on your tablet, it may, or may not work. The device you are using to read the e-book must be able to read the type of file of your original book.

In the case of Kindle books, most other types of e-readers can handle those because the Kindle is one of the more popular formats. It makes sense for other e-readers to be able to accept those types of files. But there are simply too many different types of formats for all reading devices to be able to handle.

If you originally had a less popular type of e-reader, you may not be able to read the original books you purchased on a new device. However, if you convert the ebook file to one that can be handled by your new device, it will work again.

What Does an e-Book Converter Do?

The second of our questions about e-book converters is about what the converters actually do. As described above, the converter simply converts the behind the scene code of the e-book that is related to how the book is created. This conversion changes the file extension. It’s somewhat similar to the difference between a DOC file from Microsoft Word and an XLS file from Excel.

How to Convert an e-Book

Answers to some of the questions about e-book converters can be somewhat technical; however learning how to actually do it is much easier. The only difficult part is finding a good online e-book converter to use.

It is important to find an ebook converter that is easy to use and can convert your e-book to the type of file your new device needs. It’s a bonus if the file converter also has the ability to convert audio files, convert videos and convert documents. That way when you come across the need for those other types of document conversions, you will already have one ready to use. If you get one converter that handles all of those, you will never have to look for a new converter again!

Once you have a converter, it’s as easy as browsing on your computer to tell the conversion tool what file you want converted, and what time of file it needs to be converted to.

Now that we’ve answered these common questions about e-book converters, you should be able to handle just about any type of e-book file and convert it so it can be read on any type of e-reader you might have.