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Example Files

Last week, we have introduced one of the greatest sources of information on the website: a huge and continuously growing list of file formats.

But there is more to this list than meets the eye. Next to information it also provides examples for many of the featured file formats. That means you can download and look at an example for a file if you are not entirely sure what it is or if you can open it with the programs on your computer.

Lets have a closer look at what there is to know about these example files.


Free Example Files For Download

For some files in our file format list, we have managed to create an example file for your usage. You can access them via the specific page of a file format. The example on the right side shows the list of example files created for the popular PDF format.

In some instances, like for PDF, we managed to create different kinds of example files. In this case, they are PDF documents created using text or scans, single or multiple pages, or a mixture of those. For other types of files, there are other distinctions between example files. You can easily derive them from the file name. For example:

  • example_2s.avi is an AVI file that is 2 seconds long
  • example_animated.gif contains an animated GIF instead of a still image


How To Get The Files

There are two ways on how to find and download the example files:

There are advantages and disadvantages of both ways to access the list of example files. The former is primarily a source of information about different file formats. Unfortunately, not every file format that is described comes with a respective example file. On the other hand, while the latter lists only the available files, there are no additional information given about the formats in the second list.


The License

All example files, no matter if audio, video, image, document, e-book or other, are all published under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license of Creative Commons. This means you are free to use the files in any means, share them and even alter them to your liking. There are only two premises that have to be met: attribution must be given to the original author (in this case and the altered files have to be shared under the same license.

Other than that, you are free to do whatever you like with these example files of different file types.


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