10 Ways To Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Better

10 Ways To Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Better
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PowerPoint presentations are very popular and widely used by many people to convey their messages to others. However, often times, the majority of the people watching these presentations become bored or tuned them out before the message can even begin to be told. In order to avoid giving a boring or ineffective PowerPoint presentation, there are several tips you should follow. Below are some of 10 best ways to make sure your next PowerPoint presentation is a successful one.





Pick Great Fonts


Depending on the theme or topic you are presenting, using the right kind of font for your PowerPoint presentation is very important. One of the great things about Microsoft PowerPoint is the options you have to choose from so many different kinds of fonts. From Times New Roman to Helvetica Neue, the combinations of fonts available are numerous. Just make sure you play with different ones until you find the right one for your theme.


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Be sure to play around with different colors

Play With Colors


The best thing about a rainbow is that it contains so many different colors. Unfortunately, some people either choose to not use the many colors available to them in PowerPoint, or simply use one. Adding different colors to your presentation can instantly liven it up and add pizazz to it.


Say It With Words


While it is important to use great graphics or pictures when preparing your presentation, it is also crucial to use text or have a script to tell your storyline. Adding a few lines of text or using it to tell the story of your presentation can create instant appreciation and attention. Keeping your audience interested in whatever message you are conveying is important. Often times, graphics alone are not enough. Still, make sure you don’t overuse the words by making the presentation mostly or only text.


Try Different Combinations


Whether you decide to use images, graphs, text or a combination of all, try different ones. There are many templates out there to choose from which can give you an idea of how you may want to go. Playing around with different combinations may lead to you finding the right one for your presentation.


Be Creative


If you don’t want the people you are presenting your work to fall asleep or lose interest, then remember to be creative. One of the best things about PowerPoint is the ability to let you do just about anything in your presentation. Take advantage of the many different ways you can make your presentation a great one.


Make sure to use shapes in your PowerPoint Presentation

Use PowerPoint’s shapes


PowerPoint has so many different shapes and designs available that there is no reason for yours to not have any. Take full advantage of the numerous PowerPoint’s shapes available for you to use. From oval, rounded, and many rectangle patterns, the possibilities are endless.


Integrate Websites Within PowerPoint


Before, whenever people wanted to show a website during a PowerPoint presentation, they would merely create a link to the page which would open via a browser. However, you can now easily integrate websites within PowerPoint. You can use normal HTML iframe or use tools such as LiveWeb which allow you to show the site without interrupting your Presentation.


Say It With Images


The famous English idiom of a “Picture being worth a thousand words” is very true. It is also even more essential when using it in a PowerPoint presentation. While text can convey what you may want to say directly, using images tend to catch people’s attention better. Also, images are more powerful and make your message easier to follow and a lot more interesting.


Use big text in your PowerPoint Presentations

BIG Is Good


Using BIG, bold words during your presentation can convey to the viewers which parts of your message are more important. It can also show what parts you feel they should take away from it. Using Bold, Big letters can instantly and immediately grab the attention of the audience from anywhere in the room.


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Use Infographics


Believe it or not, 50% of people watching presentations are more likely to take something away from it, when it contains infographics. Adding infographics to your presentation will show the audience actual statistics which cannot be disputed. This is of course, providing you are using actual, real stats. The point is, infographics show your message by numbers. And nothing can beat numbers or actual stats.