Convert Your PowerPoint to Video For Greater Flexibility

For many people, creating a Microsoft Power Point file is the best possible way to create and view a presentation. The templates available within PowerPoint make it easy to create slides and the nature of the presentation allow a speaker to switch to the next slide with a simple touch of a button, while maintaining eye contact with their audience.

However, the reality is that there are many circumstances when your carefully prepared PPT file is no longer the best solution.

Here are a few of the very common real-world scenarios when it would be helpful to have an online PowerPoint to video conversion tool.

Mobile Devices

Yes, the world has gone mobile. That means more people than ever before are accessing their email and important documents via a mobile device. If you have a presentation that people may want to watch while they are out and about, they may not be able to do it on their smartphone. Maybe they will watch it when they get back to their computer, but maybe they won’t.

If you convert your PPT to a video before you send it, people will be much more likely to view your wonderful work because they can do it wherever, and whenever they want.

Universally Accepted Format

Another common problem with PPT files is that you may have big plans for your presentation, but then discover the site you want to download it to doesn’t accept a .ppt file. If you want to add your presentation to most of the popular video sharing sites, you will need to convert the PowerPoint to a traditional video format.

This is the same reason some of our other online conversion tools have become popular. You can’t just create a great presentation; you have to convert it to the specific format accepted by the site you want to use for posting.

No PowerPoint

You may also run into problems with your PPT files if you send them to someone who doesn’t have PowerPoint on their computer. Most people who have PPT make the assumption that “everyone” has it, but that isn’t the case. Because of this, if you convert your PowerPoint to a video before you distribute it, the people you send it to will be much more likely to actually to view it.

Wider Distribution

If you have a presentation that you would like to “go viral”, chances are a PPT will cause problems. People are more familiar with videos and they will be much more likely to share your presentation if it is in video format.

How to Convert a PowerPoint to a Video File

Regardless of your reason for needing to convert your file, we have the solution. Use our online PPT to video converter to turn your presentation to a video so you can avoid many of the potential problems we’ve discussed.