An Online File Converter Will Beat Any App Every Time

As the world shifts further towards mobile devices and away from desktops, the rise of file conversion apps has become noticeable. And why shouldn’t they be popular? They’re small in size, a few swipes and taps away, and at times require no internet connection. However, file conversion apps have yet to topple online file converters from the top.

If you have been using apps instead of the real deal, here are the top reasons why you should re-embrace online file converters.

Online Converters Don’t Take Up Space

A file conversion app will rob you of 2-3 MBs from your device’s memory. Though this may seem like a small price to pay, why should you do so when you can save that space for something else and use a web-based service instead? All you need to do is direct your browser to your favorite online converter to get the format you need within minutes.

File Conversion Apps Aren’t Necessarily Stand Alone

How many times have you downloaded an app only to discover that you still need the internet to operate its features? Most apps are like that; so why not cut to the chase and directly go to the website on your own? This will save your thumb or finger from a few additional swipes and ensure that your files are converted quickly.

Online Conversion Websites Offer a Wider Array of Conversions

Most of the mobile device apps that convert files offer a very limited range of conversions. Some are even dedicated to only one format. However, regardless of your job or age, you need a variety of conversion tools. For example, you’ll regularly need an audio converter to get your MP3s and a document converter to convert Word into PDF.

Web-based Converters are Mostly Free

Most of the online converters you’ll find will offer their services for free. That isn’t the case with most apps. Even those that are available for $0 will be tiring since they will annoy you with ads or try pushing a heavier, costly full version for you to buy. So, if you compare the value offered by both, web-based file converters definitely take the cake.

File conversion apps do have their charm and benefits, but comparing them with their web-based counterparts shows how far they are from delivering the same services. Who knows? Developers always go back to the drawing board after each release, so maybe one day this popular online converter will have an app that mirrors its own strengths on a smaller platform.