Convert to MP3 for Better Sound

If you’re a music lover, you probably have thousands of music files on your devices. Of these, a number of files may be in MP4, WAV and WMA formats because you have downloaded them that way. However, if you have some time on your hands and really appreciate music, one thing you should consider is converting these files to MP3.

Still not completely convinced?  Here are four of the top advantages this file format offers its users.

  • Good Sound Quality within a Smaller File – Professionally recorded CDs use .WAV files to ensure the retention of original data and ultimately the best sound quality. However, these files take too much space, an issue modern mobile device users hate. MP3 files are about ten times smaller and almost of similar quality when played on consumer-level equipment.
  • Convenient Sharing – Because of their smaller size, MP3 files can easily be shared via email and instant messages. Though you’re welcome to convert to another music format that produces smaller files, only converting to MP3 will retain the original sound quality of your music files.
  • Faster CD Burning – If you have a CD player in your car or home (or still use a decade-old Discman), you may burn CDs regularly. The process may be taking you ages, especially since non-MP3 files are larger in size. By converting to MP3, your CD burning period will be smaller. Besides, burning MP3 allows you to store over 50 sound files on your CD rather than be limited to no more than 20 if you’re lucky.
  • Easier Interaction – For DJs, MP3 is the perfect format since most of the software you use recognizes this format and some only accept it for modifications. In addition, software that generates electronic slides and video presentations uses MP3 files for narratives or background music. So if you need to deliver a presentation any time soon, make sure that your files are in MP3 format before you start.

Using an audio file conversion tool, you can compress your sound files to the familiar MP3 format. If you’re using an online MP3 converter, you will be doing yourself a favor since you’ll save your money and disk space. However, the key to using one is learning how to use an MP3 converter. The process is simple, but knowing about it beforehand will help save more of your time.