5 Reasons to Convert Word DOC to PDF

MS Word is one of the most popular word processors around. However, even its most loyal users take advantage of online file converters to create PDF (Portable Document Format) versions when sending certain information like bills or handouts. This is because word documents can be altered whereas PDF ones can’t. If you want more reasons to convert word to PDF, here are five.

#1) Word Documents Don’t Keep Their Formatting

One of the main reasons people use Word to PDF converters is because MS Word reformats documents when opened on a different computer. Even if you use the same computer but a different printer, the formatting you spent your time and effort on will be lost. So to keep the document’s formatting intact, you should convert your .doc file into .pdf.

#2) References Can Become Mismatched

If you open your word document on any other computer, chances are that your table of contents will become a mess. This is because page numbers can change in long documents. For eBook and report writers, this can be a nuisance, which is why they convert their documents to PDF files.

#3) MS Word has Multiple Versions

Old versions of the software can’t properly open files created in new versions. For example, text in Word 2010 files usually lacks spaces when opened in older versions. On the other hand, the format of .pdf files is the same, allowing users to access files regardless of version.

#4) There are Many Word Processors

MS Word is just one of many word processors out there, which means that some of the people you’re communicating with may not have the software installed. On the other hand, .pdf is a more universal file extension that is accessible via a number of software aside from Adobe PDF Reader. So if you want your document to be viewed by a large readership, convert it to .pdf.

#5) PDF Files are Mobile Device-Friendly

With most users shifting their operations to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you can’t afford to stay behind. Most convert Word to PDF because files of the latter are easy to access and their apps are usually free. On the other hand, Word files require special apps that cost a pretty penny and don’t support many features since they’re not by Microsoft.

Now that you know why you should convert Word to PDF, bookmark the best online file converter around!