Compress Your Files Online | NEW FEATURE

Constant improvement and expanding our inventory of file conversion tools is one of the main goals of Thus, we are happy and proud to introduce our newest file editing category to you: Compress files!

Conversion is only one thing you can do with your files – and we’ve been taking care of this for years. Now, we will make sure that your files will not be too big!

Find out all about the new tools that can make your files smaller and reduce the file size.

What Is File Compression?

Compression is the process used to reduce the file size of various files. This mostly concerns the metadata, but also the content of your document, video, or image file. This entails, for example:

  • removing unnecessary metadata
  • lowering of the DPI of an image
  • compressing images inside a document
  • lowering the video bitrate

List Of File Compressors

At, we offer the compression of document, image, and video files. A more complete list with links to the compression tools can be found below:

How To Compress Your File?

Now, let’s have a look at how to use the different file compressors. They are all explained below.

How To Compress A PDF File?

Most PDF compression uses metadata and images inside the PDF file in order to reduce the file size. When using the online-convert PDF compression, you can choose between strong compression (small file size & medium quality) and basic compression (medium file size & high quality).

In addition, you can compress your PDF even more by choosing to turn all images and graphics inside the PDF into grayscale.

How To Compress An Image File?

Images are mostly compressed by lowering the DPI of the image. Most of the time, the lowering of the quality isn’t all that visible.

For our JPG compression, you can choose the compression level as well as the quality of the image.

PNG compression works similarly. Here, you can also choose the quality of your compressed image.

How To Compress A Video File?

Video compression works a bit differently than the compression methods above. Instead of changing the quality of the images the video is comprised of, MP4 compression changes the video bitrate.

In addition, you can specify the approximate file size you wish your resulting video to have.


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