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At we are constantly improving and expanding our collection of online file conversion tools. The newest addition to our list of features is a whole category for OCR converters only.

This special conversion is already available in some of our document converters, but now you can extract text from images or scans even better!

Read on to find out all you need to know about the OCR converters and how to grab text from photos, images, pictures, or scanned documents.

What Is OCR?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. It’s the name of a process that checks an image or document file and tries to identify the visually represented characters. It compares the characters present to a list of letters, punctuation marks, and other symbols, and creates a textual representation of the text detected this way.

It works for typed fonts only. In rare cases, handwritten notes can be interpreted as well, however, they need to be written very clearly and resembling a type font. Also, the quality of the image or scan is important. If you yourself can hardly see or distinguish the characters, the OCR process will have a just as hard time.

More on how OCR works: Extract Text from Pictures

List Of OCR Converters

On, you can find different specialized OCR converters. They show clearly which source files (images, PDFs, scans) can be converted to different target files (plain text, Microsoft Word document). Here’s the full list:

How To Use An OCR Converter?

Let’s have a look at how to use the OCR converters. They all work in the same way. The only thing that differs is what kind of file you can upload and what kind of file it’s converted to.

How To Convert An Image to plain text?

Most PDF compression uses metadata and images inside the PDF file in order to reduce the file size. When using the online-convert PDF compression, you can choose between strong compression (small file size & medium quality) and basic compression (medium file size & high quality).

In addition, you can compress your PDF even more by choosing to turn all images and graphics inside the PDF into grayscale.

How To Compress An Image File?

Images are mostly compressed by lowering the DPI of the image. Most of the time, the lowering of the quality isn’t all that visible.

For our JPG compression, you can choose the compression level as well as the quality of the image.

PNG compression works similarly. Here, you can also choose the quality of your compressed image.

How To Compress A Video File?

Video compression works a bit differently than the compression methods above. Instead of changing the quality of the images the video is comprised of, MP4 compression changes the video bitrate.

In addition, you can specify the approximate file size you wish your resulting video to have.


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