Top 5 Must-Know ChatGPT Hacks

Top 5 ChatGPT Hacks

By now, you have likely witnessed firsthand the limitless potential of ChatGPT. From personalized designs to providing in-depth tutoring on complex subjects, it has transcended its original boundaries. While the official ChatGPT app has made its debut on Android and iOS platforms, the desktop version continues to offer many opportunities for exploration and innovation. So, let’s explore some ChatGPT hacks that can transform your experience and redefine how you interact with AI!… Read the rest

How Gmail Filters Can Help Organize Your Inbox

A screen showing Gmail filters.

Have you ever “lost control” of your inbox? At some point, it happened to all of us. Since not using email is not an option, knowing how to better manage your email account will save you from unnecessary stress. This is where Gmail filters come into play!

Google’s webmail service, Gmail, has become indispensable for both business and private communication. Thanks to its powerful filtering options, it allows to automatically perform various actions on the received emails.… Read the rest