Mastering Audio for YouTube: Elevate Your Video Sound Quality

Recording Setup: Audio for YouTube

Welcome to our little guide on mastering audio for YouTube videos! When it comes to capturing sound, the audio from cameras and smartphones often leaves much to be desired. Built-in preamps struggle to deliver the clarity we crave, leaving us with background noise and fuzzy audio. But fret not! We’re here to unveil three stellar options that will revolutionize the way you record audio for YouTube!

1 Using a Microphone

Let’s kick off with the simplest solution: hooking up a microphone directly to your camera. Not all microphones are made equal; they come in various types, much like camera lenses.

For YouTube videos and interviews, we highly recommend a shotgun microphone. These mics are directional, meaning they capture sound primarily from where they’re pointed, minimizing background noise. Plus, using this option records your audio directly onto your video files, saving time in post-production.

Mic Setup

Once you’ve got your shotgun microphone, you need to set it up for optimal results. Begin by adjusting your camera settings to lower the audio input level. Then, tweak the microphone gain until you achieve a balanced audio level, aiming for around -12 decibels to allow for adjustments later. And remember, keep the microphone close to your subject but out of the frame for the best sound quality.

2 Lapel Microphones

If you require more distance between yourself and your subject, lapel microphones are an excellent choice, especially for interviews. You can opt for wireless or non-wireless versions. While wireless setups eliminate the need for post-syncing, they can be prone to interference issues. Many prefer non-wireless lapel microphones to avoid these complications.

One standout option is the Tascam DR-10L. This device records directly onto a mini SD card, offering various gain and recording length options. A particularly useful feature is the ability to record two simultaneous tracks at different audio levels, providing a safety net against sudden loud noises during interviews.

A content creator mastering audio for YouTube
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3 External Recorder

When it comes to recording audio, consider the option of using an external recorder. This method involves placing an external audio recorder directly below the frame, functioning like a shotgun-style microphone. Instead of recording onto your camera, the sound is captured directly onto the device.

A highly recommended external recorder is the Zoom H6, often dubbed the Swiss Army knife of audio recorders due to its versatility. With the ability to swap out different microphones, record in various modes, and even serve as an audio interface, the Zoom H6 offers unmatched quality and flexibility, making it a favorite among creators.

By positioning the recorder close to yourself, this setup ensures high-quality audio without the need for visible lapel mics. While it’s not ideal for run-and-gun situations, it’s perfect for studio-style shots, providing crisp sound for your videos.

In Conclusion

We hope this blog post has offered you valuable insights into enhancing your audio recording for YouTube videos. Remember, audio plays a crucial role in video content, often overlooked by many creators.

By paying attention to your audio quality and making adjustments in post-production, you can significantly enhance the overall quality of your YouTube content. Here’s to creating better-sounding videos and elevating your presence on YouTube!

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