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With more and more of our everyday life being handled online, staying safe is more important than ever! Contact details, bank details, login credentials – all of this sensitive data is a potential target to threats.

There are many ways how you can protect yourself against malicious viruses and malware. At, we are specialized in file conversion and everything that has to do with different files. So naturally, we want to show you an easy and quick way to increase your protection when it comes to potentially infected files.


Virus Scan For Files

In our day-to-day online life, there is no chance to not get in contact with different types of files. Image files like JPG or PNG are among the most common, but documents like PDF and DOCX, music files such as MP3 and video files like MP4 and AVI are everywhere and make our lives easier.

However, anything you download from the internet – may it be an EXE file or a simple Word document – is a potential threat. Files can be altered easily to contain malware or viruses that can infect your computer or mobile device. In these cases, you need a good anti-virus program or your data is fair game. But: viruses and malware develop fast and oftentimes faster than the software that is supposed to protect us from them.

It would be great if such infected files wouldn’t be downloaded in the first place. Luckily, browsers nowadays can detect some infections and thus cancel the download before your computer can become infected. In case you are still suspicious of a file, you can easily gain access to many different virus scanners all at once. How? Let us show you!


70+ Antivirus Scanners At Once

No, of course, we do not suggest that you install every antivirus program there is on your computer or every antivirus app on your phone. There is one simple, online solution that undertakes this task for you:


On VirusTotal, you can upload a file you are suspicious of in a few different ways:

  • desktop upload
  • URL upload
  • URL check
  • Browser extension

They even provide an API with which you can protect your own software or apps from virus-infected files. The fact that you can check a URL comes particularly in handy because it allows you to check a file for malware before downloading it to your system.

Once uploaded, the file (or URL) is checked by different antivirus scanners as well as blacklist services that provide a list of untrusted URLs and domains. While you get the information of your file after the scan, the result is also shared among the services used for checking, training them and thus making them even better in detecting newly developed malware, trojans or viruses. The information you get is very detailed, even stating the level of threat, e.g., in URLs, distinguishing between malware, suspicious sites, phishing, etc.

In addition, a hash is also created for the file, making the scan even faster in case several people have checked the exact same file or URL before you.


Next to detecting viruses, using VirusTotal can also eliminate false positives. Browsers and conventional virus scanners might falsely mark certain files as malicious even though they are harmless.


Trusted sites will make sure that files you download from them are safe., as an online service, already limits the risks of downloading malicious files. There is no downloading (or installation) of any program needed. All you get, in the end, is your converted file.

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