eBook Publishing Tips – Get It Right From Day One

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Publishing an eBook is a great way to get your work to public eyes as the shift towards full digital publishing is getting clearer by the day. The lower cost of publishing an eBook compared to a printed one has indeed attracted many writers, but is it simpler to do?

Here we’ll discuss some tips that can help first-time publishers to get things right from the get-go.


How Long Should Your First eBook Be?

As long as it needs to be, but no more.

Some writers are concerned that if their work is too long, people will abandon the book halfway. The truth is, people are more than willing to read a really long book through the end as long as it’s interesting. Your goal should be to deliver the story or information the best that you could. The length of the book should never be a factor to consider.

You’re not writing an essay here.

That said, a shorter eBook will take less time to write, edit, and publish compared to a longer one. So if you can realistically split your long eBook into smaller parts, that may be a better choice.


What Format Should You Choose?

Learning about the popular eBook formats before you publish one is a wise thing to do. However, whatever format you choose initially, it will be easy to convert it to any eBook format using the conversion tool at ebook.online-convert.com.

Since this will be your first time, we highly suggest you go with EPUB and AZW Kindle books. EPUB is an open standard and supported by a huge number of e-Readers. Kindle, which is Amazon’s proprietary, is simply the most widely used e-Readers to this date, supporting AZW eBooks.


Pricing Your eBook

You may hate this, but people tend to expect an eBook to be priced lower than a printed one. If you’re an unknown entity it will be prudent to keep your price reasonable. And in reasonable, we mean less than $10.

“That’s way too cheap!!!”

Is it really? Do a research in your niche or genre. Find out what other writers are charging. Those who have made a name for themselves and have established their audience have more freedom in charging more. You, on the other hand, had better stick to what’s normal.


Promoting Your eBook

Frankly, the most sensible first step in promoting your eBook is to get it listed on Amazon. You don’t want to miss out being listed on the biggest shopping website on this planet. Think about those thousands of people searching daily for something worthy to read. Do you really think you can afford not being in the search result?

Once you get listed, then you can continue with promoting your eBook on social media. Do giveaways and contests. Reach out to influential bloggers and have them mention your work.


Is DRM Necessary?

Finding pirated eBooks are too easy these days. You can employ the most intricate method to protect your work, but pirates will always be one step ahead of you.

We still suggest protecting your work but don’t pull your hair out when you find your book in one of the pirated eBook websites. Most people who pirate will never spend their money on buying your work anyway. You don’t really lose much there.


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