How To Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Free Downloads

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People had always loved free stuff even before the rise of the internet. Now, there are so many free stuff flying around on the interwebs for you to grab at no cost. Or is it really?

“There ain’t  no such thing as a free lunch”

This adage as true when it was first coined as it is now. You either pay stuff with your money, your time, or something intangible that you just don’t realize. This applies every time you’re downloading something free from the internet

How To Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Free Downloads

Here, we’ll discuss some measures that you can do to avoid the dangers that come with downloading free stuff on the internet. Viruses, Trojans, and malware are getting nastier by the day, so you better take the following advice seriously.

Never download browser toolbars

You may have seen ads for browser toolbars promising a multitude of functions that supposed to enhance your browsing experience. Well, nine out of ten, they won’t.

Shady browser toolbars have been around for ages. Some incentives you by giving a minuscule amount of money every time you use their integrated search function. Whatever they promised, they made much more by bombarding you with ads and selling your data.

Stay away from extra browser toolbars if you know what’s good for you.

Be extra careful when downloading extensions and add-ons

The danger of browser extensions and add-ons is that they have more privileges than what a normal webpage has.

Extensions run in your web browser. They can capture every keyboard stroke, log every website you visit, and alter the web page you’re viewing. While browsers have several layers of security to prevent any harmful behavior, the bad guys always find a way around them.

Should you need to install any extension or add-on, google the reviews for them. If you spot anything suspicious, stay away. Use as few extensions as possible. Also, check your browser from time to time if you’re not the only one using the computer. Your spouse or children may accidentally install one nasty add-on while you’re away.

Download trial software from the official website

Avoid downloading trial software from aggregate websites. In the past, such websites had taken the extra mile to ensure that every piece of software they put in their database was safe. It’s not so much these days. Some will even modify the trial software and slip malware in it. “Profits over integrity” is now their motto.

Even when you download a software from the official website, spend a minute or two to scan it.

Don’t download an app if you can help it

These days, downloading apps is starting to become unnecessary with new web-based tools popping up almost daily. One of them is, of course, the online file converting tool. This tool covers file conversion for various types of files; Document, images, audio, video, archive, and more.


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