Here’s How To Make Great Home Videos

These days, it seems like everyone enjoys making videos. However, most people end up with so-so quality video. If you feel you’re one of them, here are some simple tips to make your next home video looks professional.

By the way, all the tips below are applicable whether you’re using a digital SLR camera or a phone. That’s right. Even when all you have is a smartphone, you can still make professional-looking home videos.

Simple Tips to Make Your Home Video Looks Professional

Always shoot in landscape

Take a good look at your computer monitor and TV. They’re in landscape orientation, right? That’s the main reason why you should always shoot in landscape mode.

When you shoot in portrait while the display is in landscape, the left and right side of the video will be empty. That’s a waste of valuable display space.

Use the grid

A grid that divides the camera display with a series of vertical and horizontal lines helps you take videos that are straight instead of tilted. It also helps you with composition using the rule of thirds.

“What’s the rule of thirds?”

The rule of thirds is a basic rule of composition — the specific arrangements of objects in a frame. By dividing the image into nine equal grids, you create control points of where to put the objects. The rule said that placing the objects within the one-third of the image creates a more dynamic image.

In summary, don’t always put the objects at the center of the image. Place them off-center for more aesthetic perception.

Pay attention to lighting

Both photography and videography take advantage of lighting to produce a work of art. When you shoot indoors, make sure there’s ample lighting to light your subjects. Multiple light sources from various angles can give more dramatic results than just one lighting source. Play around with the lighting to see what works best for you.

Never use digital zoom

When you need to get close to the subjects, walk closer or use the optical zoom. Digital zoom will make the video filled with artifacts. Manufacturers can claim whatever they want about the quality of their digital zoom. However, those annoying pixelated scenes will make your video look like garbage no matter what their claims are.

Add effects and filters sparingly

Editing is a natural part of video-making. However, you need to practice moderation when it comes to adding effects and filters.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the effects are so excessive, making it almost unwatchable? That’s what happened when the editor went overboard and act like each effect and filter in existence must be used at least once for a video. In practice, you only need to add a few effects like transition, zoom, or fade to enhance a movie.

Add background music

Not all home videos need music, but for some that do, music can add even more drama. If you don’t have any intention to put your videos online, you can go wild and use any kind of music you want. But if you do want to publish it one day on any kind of online platform, make sure the music is royalty-free.

OK, that’s all for our simple tips to make great home videos. Please remember that picture-perfect home videos go beyond gear selection and technicalities. Pay more attention to having fun and finding the right moment and mood. And when you’re finally happy with the result, leave the technical stuff like converting the home videos to various formats to online tools from Focus your energy on capturing the fun stuff instead.

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