Can We Convert It? The Search Function Unveiled! 2016-07-11 09-42-32What can you do on
This online service allows you to convert many different file formats into more common formats. This way, files that can not be opened by your media player or image viewer can be easily converted and used, edited, viewed or played afterwards.

You can easily see into which formats you can convert your audio or document files by looking at the single categories on the webpage. But what files can you convert from using this online converter?

The answer is: many! How many exactly would be a way too large list to put on the page. If you want to find out if we can convert your file, you can look for the conversion you want to do in our search function!


Can Convert My File?

If you want to know whether that peculiar file on your computer can be converted by us, you can use the practical search function right on the main page of the online converter: 2016-07-11 10-06-41


In the first box, type in the extension of the file you want to convert into a more common format. The file extension is a code of letters and sometimes numbers at the end of your file, separated by a dot. Typically, it’s one to 3 or even 4 characters long. For example:


In the second box, type the extension of a file format (or one related to it) into which you want your file to be converted. For images you could, for example, use JPG and for audio MP3. If you have a very specific conversion in mind, for example from PDF to SVG, put the exact file extensions into the boxes.

Then, all you have to do is click on “Go”. We tried this on the example of converting a RAW image file from a Nikon camera (NEF) to the most popular image format JPG. 2016-07-11 10-14-41


When supports your desired conversion, you will see a window like the following: 2016-07-11 09-42-32

Yes, is indeed able to convert from Nikon RAW to JPG image. Next to the message that this is possible, you will also find the link to the converter where you can start the conversion right away. Want to check another conversion first? You can do so underneath the text.


In case a conversion is not supported by, the message you will get looks like this: 2016-07-11 10-17-30

In our example, we have searched for the conversion from AA (Audible Audio Book) to MP3. This conversion is not supported by yet since AA files are in most cases DRM protected. Again, if you want to check another possible conversion, you can do so underneath the text.