5 Tips to Attract More Instagram Followers

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Instagram’s popularity is on the rise and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon. From the looks of it, Instagram will still be a great place to show off your work for the whole world to see.

Now, we all know followers are pretty much the lifeblood of any social media. The question is: how do you get followers to your account? Well, here’s how:

1. Stick to a theme

A good Instagram account caters to a single theme. Being the jack of all trades won’t pay off on this platform.

If you wish to create and share original funny videos, do just that and refrain from vlogging about food and places. That’s not what your audience looking from you.

But those celebrities are posting whatever they want and they still have millions of followers!”

Well, they’re already famous to begin with. They can post the most mundane stuff and their fans will frantically be loving and sharing those posts. You don’t have that kind of luxury. Yet!

2. Post regularly

The best celebgrams regularly post interesting content to their account. Once you slack off and go days or weeks without anything new, your audience will just forget about you.

Some marketers may suggest you post once a day. This is certainly not set in stone. Not all quality content can be made daily. For instance, many cartoonists post once or twice a week. However, they mentioned the schedule upfront so their followers know what to expect.

3. Post at the right time

Should you post in the morning, afternoon, or midnight? The general consensus is you should post between 9AM – 6PM.

The perfect time for you, however, will vary depending on the audience demographics. If your audience is mostly comprised of night owls, then you’ll do well posting at late hours.

The nature of your content matters too. If you write scary stories on Instagram, then posting them during the day is certainly not a good idea. It’s best to post your content at night for extra scary points.

If you only have a vague idea about when is the best time, do a little test. For one week, schedule your post in the morning, day, and night. See which one is the fastest to get comments and likes. Once you get a good idea, you can schedule your content so they are always posted at the best time possible.

4. Get the hashtags right

The easiest way to know what hashtags to use is by checking out the competitors. Jump into the trending wave and see what other similar accounts are using. If the hashtags are relevant to yours, use them.

Be sure to keep a list of your most effective hashtags. That way you won’t have to scrap for new tags each time you post.

Don’t turn your post into a wall of hashtags, though. Some accounts abuse hashtags to the max but you don’t need to follow that path. Using 5 to 10 hashtags in one post is enough.

5. Make your posts shareable

People just love sharing interesting stuff they find online. Often times, the content is shared among different social media platforms. That’s a huge opportunity to widen your follower base.

To make your content shareable, keep your audience in mind. What do they love about you and your content? Keep giving them that and they’ll share before you ask them too.

Remember to keep watermarks as unobtrusive as possible. Watermarks are great to protect your content and ensure proper credit. However, watermarks may deter people from sharing your content when done obnoxiously.

Try to incorporate different media too. Post images, animated GIFs, text, videos, and whatever it is Instagram will allow you in the future.

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