PowerPoint AI: Supercharge Your Skills

PowerPoint AI: Supercharge Your Skills

Today, we will explore how PowerPoint AI can skyrocket your presentation skills, enabling you to create content that leaves a lasting impact. If you have ever struggled with lackluster presentations, don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

With the incredible power of AI, your slides can transform into something truly stunning! And the best part? It only takes a few simple clicks. AI isn’t just about making your slides visually appealing. It goes beyond aesthetics. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can not only design like a pro. Enhance your public speaking and presentation delivery as well!

So, keep on reading. It’s time to discover how PowerPoint AI can elevate your presentation game to unprecedented heights!

1 AI-powered Designer feature

You are gazing at your boring first slide, wondering how to give it a boost. Try the AI-powered: Designer.

To access it, simply click on the home tab in PowerPoint, and on the right-hand side, you’ll spot the Designer feature. Clicking on it opens up the Designer pane, revealing a plethora of slide suggestions tailored to your content.

Suppose you have a company event slide. The Designer swiftly analyzes your content and proposes various designs to choose from. Just pick your favorite design, and presto – your slide undergoes a professional makeover!

The best part is Designer maintains a consistent look throughout your entire presentation. So, as you add more slides, the design elements remain cohesive, ensuring a polished and unified deck.

The Designer doesn’t stop at visuals

It’s a multi-talented assistant! It even helps you convey ideas more effectively. For example, when discussing customer feedback, the Designer offers relevant slide designs and icons that perfectly match the text, creating visually compelling slides.

With PowerPoint AI, crafting timelines becomes effortless – the Designer feature provides attractive timeline options that save you time and effort.

You don’t have to close the Designer pane after selecting a design. It stays open, continuously suggesting more designs for your subsequent slides.

2 OpenAI & PowerPoint: Simplifying Complex Text

If one of your slides contains a dense block of text, this can quickly disengage your audience. However, there’s an ingenious solution: AI-powered summarization.

Head over to OpenAI’s website and choose the DaVinci three text model. Paste the text from your slide and add an instruction to summarize it into three bullet points. With a click on ‘submit,’ the AI generates three bullet points at the bottom, perfectly capturing the essence of the lengthy paragraph.

A man is making a PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint's AI features.
Image by Canva.

Now, bring those concise points back into PowerPoint. After pasting them, your slide should look much cleaner. But why stop there? On the home tab, click on ‘Designer’ – and voilà! You are presented with beautiful design options. Select the best design, and incorporate the bullet points seamlessly. The result is simply impressive – a visually appealing slide that conveys the most crucial information concisely.

3 Cameo & Live Video: Bringing Presentations to Life

If your goal is to include a powerful message in your presentation, what better way to do it than with a live video?

To get started, head up to the top and click on ‘Insert.’ There, you will find an exciting new option called ‘Cameo.’ Once you insert a cameo, something magical happens – you become part of your slide in real time! But that’s not all. The Designer pane takes this to another level by incorporating different live video feeds into various designs.

Simply, choose the design that speaks to you. Your slide now features your live video, making your presentation truly epic!

Cameo and live video bring a dynamic and engaging dimension to your presentations, ensuring your audience is captivated and connected throughout the entire experience. So, why settle for static slides when you can bring your slides to life with the power of PowerPoint AI’s Cameo and live video features?

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4 Presentation Coach: Refining Your Delivery with AI

Now that AI has transformed the slides into stunning visuals, let’s explore how it can enhance presentation and speaking abilities.

In PowerPoint on the web, utilize a valuable tool called “Rehearse with Coach”. Located under the Slideshow tab, the “Rehearse with Coach” option is your personal AI coach for presentations. With real-time feedback enabled, you are ready to get started. Clicking on “Start Rehearsing,” you’re greeted by a warm welcome message from the AI coach.

As you progress through the presentation, the coach provides continuous feedback, guiding you to become a better speaker. It reminds you to avoid filler words and maintain eye contact with the audience, ensuring an engaging delivery.

With the coach’s support, rehearse confidently. Once the rehearsal is complete, exit the presentation and receive a rehearsal report. The report offers a valuable summary of your performance. See the usage of filler words, pacing, pitch, and even feedback on body language. It provides specific examples of instances where you might improve, helping you refine your skills effectively.

A woman is presenting a presentation, PowerPoint AI.
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5 Subtitles: Enhancing Accessibility

In PowerPoint on the Web, AI offers more than just design improvements. You can also use it to make your presentations more accessible.

Under the Slideshow tab, select “Always Use Subtitles” and choose the spoken language. Additionally, you can select a different language for the subtitles, even if you’re speaking in English.

Once you start your presentation, click on the option to show subtitles. It’s remarkable how AI can detect your speech and translate it in real time into another language, making your presentations more accessible and inclusive to a global audience.

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In Conclusion: PowerPoint AI for Powerful Presentations

Armed with the AI-powered Designer feature, we can effortlessly transform the slides into captivating works of art that leave a lasting impact on our audience.

Let’s bid farewell to boring PowerPoint presentations and welcome a new era of engaging and transformative communication, all thanks to the magic of PowerPoint AI.